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David Icke

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capitalism and schizophrenia jk deleuze hated schizos

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telling someone to read marx

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Nick Land

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Bataille, for sure.

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fanged noumena. here is a fine excerpt from it

"Whatever ultramodernity places under the dominion of signs postmodernity subverts with virus. As culture migrates into partial-machines (lacking an autonomous reproductive system) semiotics subsides into virotechnics. 0010101011011100101101010101001100100010001010 10111010000101011001010010100011001001110010001000000000100111111000100100101010101000010000101010011111100100100010001010010001010010101111000101 001000010001110100 Yes No Yes No Ye s Ye s No longer what does it mean? but how does it spread? Having no proper substance, or sense beyond its re re re replication, yes no no usage of virus is ever metaphorical. The word 'virus' is more re re virus. Postmodern culture re re chatters-out virus virus virus virus virus virus virus virus virus virus 0110001001001 011010010010110010010010010010 'virus' (viroductile, virogenic, immunosuppressor and and or, meta-, or or and or hyper-) virus. 10110010010011101100001001001. hypervirus eats the end of history 0010010010001011110100001001101010101010101000 1001101010010010100100101001011010010010111101000101010101010101001010100101011010100100000010001011101010010010101001010010010101010010001001001001 00100100101001001010110101001001001010110101010101010111101000010011010101010101000100110 11 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 00 11001000100010101011101000010101100101001010001100 1001110010001000000000000100111111100010010010101 0101000010000 K-( coding for cyber)positive processes auto-intensify by occurring. A cultural example is hype: products that AT AT trade on what they will be in the future, vir virtual fashion on off, imminent technical standards, self-fulfilling prophecies and and or and artificial destinies. Anticipating a trend end end end ACC ACC accelerates it (which is in itself are re recursive trend) Hyping collapses SF into CATA CATA catalytic tic efficiency, re-routing tomorrow through what its prospect CT CT CT makes today. Virohyping sweeps through the advertising industry. Everyone will be doing it. Virus is parasitic tic replicator code: an asignifying sequence of machinic data ATA ATA flow-break on/off, 1/0, yang/yin intrinsically destined for war. In place of mess message-content virodata is assembled bled from asignifying materials with CATA catalytic (or positively disproportionate) efficiency: intruder passcode, locational zIP-code, pseudogenomic substitute instructions, muta-60nal junk (complex but latent segments), and garbage (redundant scrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap) . Biovirus TA TA TA targets organisms, hackir:tg and reprogramming."

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that really long post about hyperboreans

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my diary desu

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Seconded. Here's another fine excerpt (forgive if formatting fucks it up):

ReAlh --bAD=shl t--sU D Denh -the Res-hI =QCtAne= nl2v AnAzI s-w heReveR- I Qu -1Q.l2k-megAIQpQwe R =l nteRtRAffrC-fRQm-AII-QveR-the-gAlAXI --tAlkAbQut-r t--AnD-the-shRr nks-get=rQU - fQR-AIAb=AnrmAI---get-QnbQARD-genQCrDe=eXpRess- AnD-eveRlbQD I - -wAnts-tQ- thRQw= mQnlAt- rQU --th en-fu C k = IQU - UnCQn sCIQus- t h r s - ill U s t - b e - A usC h WI t z - f o Re v e R - b r I - t h I s = t I I m - I Qu - - C Qu I D - b e - fe e I I n g - A-lr ttle-tRAumAtr zeD--Qn-A-RAnDQm=wAlkthR!lugh-Anr -AmQunt-of-phAIIQbQIIQX -( -1Q.Q.k-AtthQse-pmCeRs--)---su bh mAuQn-I s-nQ-betteRAs-A-moDel-thAn-I DeQIQgI -pRQbAblr -WQRse-- fuCkfACe-DQesnt-Desublr mAte-AnI thl ng--I tkI C ks=ou t - the - p RQp s - f RQm - the-w hQl e pseuDQpRQblemAtrC---AAAhhhh--ls-It-hungRr- t11e-DeAR-LlliIlg --lQ.Qk-At-l ts-ChubbI -II ttl-II blDI nIzD-muCus=membRAnes--IQu -wAnt-A- fuCk IWUCkl DQntChud ?-uDuuDU -I -CAn-tell-u-UCklW le ssuuDu-U CklW U CkIWUCkl UUUufu CklW U C kl WU Ckl I -AAAAhhhh - -AnD - - I t -keepsseelng-penIses-eveRlwheRed ?-nQses-IQu-sAld ?- pee e n n n I I I ISS n �s e s - A R n t C h u - bAD - nQRu WQRu nQRu WQRtl --well-AuntI es-bQughtI Qu -A-whQl e - bAg- 0 f- sq U I Rm I WQR m 1- penl ses- fRQm-u nklWU nkI S-ChI IDRensC h A R I t I - I n - g u Ate m A I A - the R e s - n Q...-

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What if the wall wails?

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