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Do you guys read one book at a time or read multiple books at once? What I like to do is keep three books on my nightstand. I'll read one chapter from each book every morning and before bed. It's a great way to not get bored or lose focus.

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Multiple at once for sure.

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One; I actually retain what I read that way.

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Reading multiple books at once is an interesting experience, it magically forces you to read more, but i have shit memory for that.

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I'm reading 4 right now, but I usually only read one. Several years ago I would try to read crazy amounts like 10-12 at once and I would always feel like I wasn't reading enough because it took me longer to finish books, even though I was reading at least about 3-4 hours a day back then and now I only read for about 3 at most, but finish books much quicker.

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Rarely now but I used to do that a lot about 10 years ago. I found the only time I felt good about it was if I was reading a nonfiction civil war book, a fantasy series and like Mark Twain or something. I can hop between the three no problem. But if its similar styles or authors or genres I don't think I am big brained enough to handle that and enjoy the book at the same time.

I like one nowadays. Its slower in the grand scheme of things but I like to really soak-in one book at a time.If I was reading multiple at a time it would be to get through them as quickly as possible but I don't like that because
>I don't mind having a large backlog of books
>I'm almost never happy with endings

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I could see it being harder to read multiple books at once if you're reading stuff like novels and biographies. Reading as described in the OP with every book being a different subject is pretty fun. It makes reading feel more like surfing the internet.

I'm currently doing it with a political history book, a psychology book, and a book on religion. I got some free architecture books at the library, as well as a biography of a politician, that I'd like to read, but I'm worried that 50+ pages will feel like too much of a chore for before bed. Maybe what I can do is have 3 morning books and 3 evening books.

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one fiction at a time
no cap on non fiction

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Multiple. Not sure if it’s better or worse that way. It can get hellish and slow at times, and I’m in the middle of a book now that I’ve been reading for about a year. That said, the book’s massive and I have read easily 20 or 30 others in the meantime. I dunno, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me because most of the time I make really slow reading progress, until I just get in the mood to tear through a particular book in a couple of days.

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it's a great way to never finish a book. got at least a dozen on the go

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My zoomer attention span makes it difficult to pay attention to a book long enough to finish it at a normal pace. (unless it's a college textbook) The speed at which I go through a book isn't too mitigated by reading multiple books at once, because you head into each one feeling refreshed.

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Same, only one at a time, though I might read a few lines of Wordsworth while in the middle of a novel every now and again.

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