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It's always fascinating to me the fact that French people could write great literature in this god-forsaken horrible tongue. Seriously, while the written form looks and feels cool, the spoken form is absolute DOGSHIT and belongs to a past form of the language. All the cool looking words (e.g. Bordeaux) sound totally reggin tier when spoken. And then only 40% of what you see is actually pronounced. If French was a type of food it'd be a bag of Lays: half nothing, half content. French writers write in spite of their subhuman tongue, not thanks to it. Make no mistake. A total waste of a language. I'm glad it's on its way to the grave, and now that France is Africa 2.0 is even worse. Good riddance, but cool while it lasted!

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I like the way Jacques Brel sounds a lot

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>not a copypasta

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This is some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen. If anything English is much less aesthetic, even in terms of the spoken word.

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Wrong. English looks way better.

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Whew, it's the anon from the other thread about Le Grand Meaulnes. I'm pretty impressed that you took the time to (i) search for an image of the french flag; (ii) saved it to your computer; (iii) wrote this wall of "text"; (iv) clicked on the "browse" button and fetched the picture from your download folder; (v) filled out the captcha; (vi) pressed post; and at no point in this lenghty process did you realize that you were losing your precious time, the only true resource you have. Whew, lad.

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it's a post from the archive, look it up.

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Stay mad muttoid

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>t. African

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Funny for me its the opposite. I can listen* (and trying to speak) for hours in French, but I hate writing it.

*it helps that French music is really awesome

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english is retarded. it's interesting how it has no concrete pronounciation rules (spelling bee contests are still surreal to me), but it sounds soulless and dumb, except in strange accental variations like redneck or scottish dialects, stuff like that

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>english is retarded
Yet here you are, froggie.
>. it's interesting how it has no concrete pronounciation rules (spelling bee contests are still surreal to me)
It's better for English to be anarchist in nature than to have phony orthography rules that don't correspond to the actual spoken language. French spelling from today correponds to an older version of French, you know that, right? Your rules are useless. At least Italian and Spanish have phonemic correspondece. French is quite retarded in this regard, because the rules make it worse, not better.

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I kinda agree with this

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Ok poopskin we get that you are so mad because of you mutt heritage get over it no reason to rage on this mongolian basket weaving forum. In a few years we will end up genociding the pooskins from here. It's a French tradition to murder everyone every 90 or so years.

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>In a few years we will end up genociding the pooskins from here
Now, this is a real Frenchman.

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>Les Français et leur frère Européens vont vaincre les parasites et les sous-espèces de la société.
We gotta remember this, Eurobros

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Why do you keep posting this thread

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what do you mean? it never died

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Have you ever hear a woman talk in French? Is erotic as fuck. I can tell you I got a boner just for listening to my personal teacher speak to me in French.

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French sluts talking sounds like the purrs of a cat to me.

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It’s all African rap bullshit with synths. Awful embarrassment to the county and the world

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