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>In a recent study from The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at the University of Indiana, researchers found that adults who use emoji had more romantic and sexual interactions in the previous year and were more likely to get beyond a first date with a new partner. This link nods to two important things that emoji can add to short, text-based conversations: emotional texture and a sense of fun. Seeing joyful cartoon faces and colorful hearts is a different experience than reading “congratulations,” and a row of perfectly round peaches is different than a friend telling you that your new dress looks nice.

Heh. CHAD emoji users vs. VIRGIN "writers": When will you incels learn that an eggplant emoji says more than a whole book of poetry?

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>stupidity correlates with promiscuity
Who knew

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My emoji game is strong, but I do wish we could go back to writing letters

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>emotional intelligence and communicative ability correlates sexual and romantic prowess
Reminder: thinking emojis are ‘stupid’ doesn’t make you smart, it just makes you autistic

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That shits gay bro

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I want it for the sole purpose that it will get saved as some sort of a physical memoir. All those text messages will be lost in the nether.

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Lmao, it's an American worships his pornographic slave masters episode

God I hate your faggot mutt country

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This nigga watched the notebook

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First I hear about it. Is it good?

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Emojis are just a good way of contextualising statements in a digital sentence, providing them with more emotional meaning than be communicated solely by text. There’s nothing ‘pornographic’ about the fact that being good at communicating makes you better at romancing someone, you fat deluded fuck. I’m not even American, either.

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correlation != causation
while obviously you can't go wrong using emojis with a girl under 30, you also have to consider that the type of guy who uses emojis is probably more likely to be adjusted, sociable, and in college/highschool, and that type of guy has more sex. You would need a more involved study to accurately conclude the effect using emojis has on your chances with any given girl.

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Yeah, my gf made me watch it in theaters last valentine's day. It's formulaic but hits the correct points. (Poor boy, rich girl, daddy hate, girl follow heart) If you've had grandparents die of age related diseases it will make you have feels.

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Right. It's not that using emojis gets you laid, it's that guys who are likely to get laid are more likely to use emojis. Emojis in and of themselves are not a deciding factor.

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I’m volcel so I really don’t care.

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It’s not an either/or situation, it’s a bit of both. Guys that get laid are more likely to use emojis, but equally using emojis does help with getting laid due to the warmth and emotional depth they can add to a message. Emojis are the digital equivalent to saying something with either a smile or a straight face, and that makes all the difference.

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Lmao an eggplant emoji has never been a deciding factor for sex dude. Come on.

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I believe the important purpose emojis serve can be just as adequately fulfilled by better writing.
For example saying "okay I'll see you there" is eh, saying that with some kind of smile or heart at the end is good, and saying "great I'm looking forward to seeing you there" is good too. I'm hoping that some maladjusted loners don't see this article and go on to blame their problems on the fact that they don't like emojis. You can very much get by just as well without them as long as you write in a personable way. Emojis are just a really easy way to make anything you write personable.

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>using emojis does help with getting laid due to the warmth and emotional depth

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>normie get laid
>normies do thing x
>"oh my god doing thing x gets you laid"
The state of the human sciences

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The findings don’t suggest using eggplant emojis gets you laid you autists, just that emojis in general help with communication, which in turn helps with getting laid.

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>correlation != causation
Go back to plebbit you fucking faggot.

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Women more likely to use emoji, women more likely to get sex if she want
damn, no way?

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>it doesn't say that emojis get you laid, just that emojis get you laid

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Lmao no it DOESN'T you autistic retard. Want to know how I know you've never chatted up a girl? It's just an effect of the attraction that's already there, it's not the basis of that attraction. Fuck.

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This. It doesn't matter how well you communicate if you're ugly. Physical attraction is #1. Chad can smash rocks together while mumbling like a caveman and he'll be more attractive than some /lit/cel reciting Shakespeare.

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What about people who solely communicate with memes?

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Lol okay, thanks for that Mr. Bodycount of 2. Both the findings and my own testimony agrees with the fact that emojis help you get laid, so why are you so pressed?

Yeah bro, sending an eggplant emoji to someone and adding a simple smiley to the end of your message are exactly the same thing.

See, these replies are why I know you’re all virgins, or at the very least have a bodycount well below double figures.

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incelhood confirmed

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>unironically using the term “body count“
You can you always spot the incels immediately

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You’re on the wrong board faggot

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I don't think anyone here cares how much you've had sex, buddy :3

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Shut the fuck up you faggots, I’ve still fucked more than you, cry harder

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The conversation we’re having is directly about sex, so having had more of it puts you in a more authoritative position, buddy :3

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Holy shit. Why do virgins like to pretend they know anything about having a sex life on the internet?

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>call him an incel and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

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I’m quite literally, by definition, not an incel.
>Holy shit.
Please fuck off incel

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>Dude sex is everything!!
Cumbrains leave

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>OP post says emoji use is linked to having sex
>half the responses are brainless puritans arguing about how ‘sex is dumb!!’
>the other half are calling an anon offering why he thinks emojis get you laid an incel and a virgin

I see /lit/‘s best and brightest are out in force today

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>I’m quite literally, by definition, not an incel.
Finishing early in whore doesn't count anon.

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Thank god we've got a genuine retard like you here to balance things out

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>quite literally, by definition
You’re a fag

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>brainless puritans

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>OP posts shit bait gathered from meme institute
>rest of thread consists of shitposts
How ever did this happen?

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>hurr hurr you’re a genuine regard
Why? Because I pointed out how stupid you sound?

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No, because you're coming across as retarded

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>Seeing joyful cartoon faces and colorful hearts is a different experience than reading “congratulations,”
no scientific study say joyful cartoon faces and colourful hearts. this is a stupid journalist saying stupid shit without knowing shit.
if you say bro when you talk with somebody you are more likely to get laid. fucking shit of premise.
and here we have a faggot defending this nonsense.

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I actually lost my virginity at 16 to a girlfriend who I was in love with.
No, you are.

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>why are you retarded
>uuuhh hurr because you come across as retarded
A devastating intellect at work

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>in love with.

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How else could I say it? When a sperg spergs out, like you're doing now, his spergdom is self-evident.

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Yes, it’s unsurprising that you’ve never had the pleasure of feeling teenage love. It probably explains why you’re so sexually frustrated now.

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recent study shows that anons who checked these trips get laid more often

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>it's a mutt worships a developmental milestone that didn't exist before the advent of 1950s teen movies

oh no no no

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>hear something I don’t like
>call the guy a sperg
>he asks why you call him a sperg
>uuuhh idk just you’re a sperg man :)

See, we’re not really getting anywhere here. You’re just insulting me for no reason.

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Teenage love is literally a myth peddled by incels anon.

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>it’s a strange autist assumes I’m american because I thought I was in love with my girlfriend when I was 16
I can see the Ivy Leagues lining up for you anon

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‘Teenage love’ as some kind of advertising-based concept, yes, but feeling in love with your girlfriend at 16 isn’t (even if you aren’t really in love).

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Can you provide a source on that? I mean the fact that America has been corrupted by pornography. I agree but I've only read Sheila Jeffrey's (australian radical feminist) points about the sexual revolution and the beauty industry but there must be something better to quote.

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You're literally sperging out about being called a retard on 4channel my friend. If we didn't know for sure you were a retard from your first post, you've all but confirmed it now.

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No it is. Anyone who's actually had sex in their teens and then in their twenties and thirties would recognize this.

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I am willing to bet 10 dollars that the study is badly done with clear influence of idiocy by retards who come up with retarded ideas to "study" things like this, but that the results are correct.

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Just look at 4chan. Everyone worships a model of social and sexual prowess that only exists in teen movies. I'm not saying be a simping soft nerd who watches cat videos all day, I'm saying rise above this culture that tells you you're only worth the notches on your belt. It's just the sexualization of the rat race.

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And you’re doing it too. You can’t actually offer a reason why I’m a sperg, you’re just all ‘stop sperging out dude!’ - and now you’ve started pretending to be another anon rather than the one I was just talking to, for some reason.

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This used to be a stronghold of 'okay' 4chan.
Now it's almost as shit as /mu/

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Are you wilfully being this ignorant? You’re telling me that not a single teenager has ever felt that they were in love with their girl/boyfriend? That somehow they all have some magical foresight about what sex and love is like in their 20s and 30s and so they know that what they’ve got now isn’t ‘real’ love?

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Kek'd at this.

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It’s a real shame. /lit/ used to be a chilled out place even only 2-3 years ago. Now it’s populated by theee neurotic teenagers and /pol/tards who just screech at everything for no apparent reason.

>> No.14129491

>speaking in the second person means you're pretending to be another anon
Mr Thin-Skinned Big Brain over here.

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No, anyone who has had sex and isn't underage would ever say they were in love with their teenage girlfriend.

>> No.14129505

Okay autist, I thought I was in love with her. Does that make you happy?

>> No.14129513

Even if you’re not pretending to be a second person, you’re still trying to pretend you have some authority to speak on behalf of all other anons. Why not just say that ‘you’ think I’m a retard, rather than feeling the need to bolster you point with the imagined support of others? Are you scared?

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Success is #1 factor, not looks

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>You can’t actually offer a reason why I’m a sperg,
Let me help you with that
>gets triggered about being called a retard
>complains about quality of thread but spends the rest of it getting baited into a pointless argument with a blatant shit poster in order to reclaim lost pride on an anonymous internet forum
>complains about quality of reactions to a literal bait thread about fucking emojis
I'm beginning to see where he's coming from.

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Nope. Poorfag Chad is more attractive than a rich beta. She'll use the beta for money and pretend to like him, but fuck Chad on the side. Are you new here? AFBB

>> No.14129563

It's a rhetorical flourish anon, no need to be such a sperg about it.

>> No.14129580

>someone calls you a retard
>ask why
I don’t see your point

>> No.14129626

Bothering to ask why in the first place is why you're a retard. Anyone with a slight degree of social intelligence would recognize it as a shitpost and ignore it. But you got triggered and now here we are and this shit thread is still on page 1.

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As expected OP. Only an autist would prefer "muh words" to the emotional purity of images. When will /lit/ get with the times and allow emojis to be posted?

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>moans about the lack of images on an imageboard

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>ask why I’m a retard
>because you asked why you’re a retard, obviously bro duuuh!!
You’re the real retard here

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this is trivial. to avoid emoji this side of the decade is like avoiding punctuation in any decade before the internet--it betrays ineptitude.

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>/lit/ - Literature

>> No.14129838

Sincerely and aggressively responding to an obvious shitpost as you did is very much retarded, yes. I don't know why this is bothering you so much.

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>> No.14129862

Yeah no.

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Isn't this old news? I feel like I saw this almost a year ago.

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i have had a lot of sex and can say you are a faggot, fuck you, degenerate

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No it doesn't. Sex is between two people who love each other. If you are engaging in such a thing willy nilly you are simply a brute: no amount of sensitivity will make you whole again.

It's why in the past people WANTED others to be virgins: because sexual intercourse is supposed to mean something more than just mindless pleasure. :3

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>losing virginity to a literal fat skank you didn't even love

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Sup intellectual /b/. I come here from /tv/. I hear I can post anything I want regardless of it's relevancy or quality as long as I am able to put an 'intellectual' spin on it or ask for a book recommendation.
I have a few questions for you guys, intellectual /b/.
>What is the philosophy behind COOOOMING!!?
>Are there any books that will teach me to COOM BUCKETS!?
>Are there any quotes or aphorisms on how often one should wash one's cumsock?
>What religion is best for me? Should I LARP as a catholic? I don't go to church and I masturbate to tranny porn daily, but I still want to shame other people for being degenerates.
>What is the epistemological ontological explanation for the existence of trannies with fat dicks? Has tranny idealism been written about yet?
>I'm an incel who hates women. I've never had a girlfriend in my life. I am fucking furious and feel the need to blogpost about my life. Any books for this feel? Don't actually give me book recommendations though, just respond with more incel blogposting.
>Are there any books that explore the ethical question of whether or not it is alright to fill the literature board with off-topic filth? Is it alright to post my incel woes here when /r9k/ exists? Is it alright to post off-topic politics here when /pol/ exists? Theology outside of /his/? Can I spam about Kanye West here when /mu/ exists? Is it really morally apprehendable to take advantage of the ineptitude of the mods?

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This is a reddit comment if I've ever seen one. Kill yourself low IQ emoji user. You wouldn't have been able to write letters either.

>> No.14130210

>no mention of her weight or her skankiness
Cringing at the projection, bro

>> No.14130220

>m-muh projection

>> No.14130571

I saw that like a year ago and have since intentionally used emojis when talking to women

>> No.14130633

>m-muh cope

>> No.14130657

This is one of the most autistic things I've witnessed all day

>> No.14130675

>hurr anything I don’t understand is autism
I’m not autistic, fuck off

>> No.14130691

I understand it, it's just an extremely bizarre argument to have desu. You're trying to argue semantics with a shitposter who called you a retard and is trying to have a giggle at your expense. I just hope you don't do this every time because it's bound to happen a lot here

>> No.14130704

Emojis are an attack against national sovereignty. It tries to replace local languages and makes so that people don't need to learn to write properly, for they are able to communicate through drawings, like a child does.

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here's an emoji that accurately describes this thread lol

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>go to response is repeating whatever the other person said with "hurr durr" in front
>cannot help but get triggered by the most innocuous of jibes
Yeah, you're an autist dude.

>> No.14130741

Shut the fuck up, autist. I’m not the autist here.

>> No.14130747

It's because it's the only way to give simple texts a sense of tone, and hence flirtatious tone. Gifs work just as well.

People like >>14129008 are just butthurt that logic does get chicks and the text in an entirely logical business like fashion. The fact is logic has never caused arousal, you have to flirt and using silly emojis is no different to irl flirt, it's about how you convey your intentions, not what they are.

I'll add I hate flirting by text, so if you are like me try to transition to calls and face to face when possible. Bold flirting is a million times more effective through a call than a text.

>> No.14130766

>the autist recoils when found out

>> No.14130832

I use plenty of emojis with women, but it still doesn't get me laid. What a stupid study. What a stupid out look on life.

>> No.14130834

He's ironically just pointing out how vague and meaningless a correlation it is

>> No.14130950

>communicative ability
funny newspeak for lowering yourself to plebs.

>> No.14131007

Remain a virgin then, oh great and mighty intellect that you are. I’m sure you’ll eventually find someone willing to listen to you ramble about The Great Gatsby.

>> No.14131128

>he needs emojis to get laid

>> No.14131134


>> No.14131180

>le literature board
>muh body count
>must use emojis to get laid
>what you dislike doesn't matter
>no personality or preferences only a number
>muh virginity
At this point I just feel sorry for you guys, virgins or otherwise. You talk like kids but you're probably above 20. There is no way to fix this collective psychosis.

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