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>lowest art form
>highest art form
>one underrated book
>one overrated book

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>Infinite Jest

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Music's not even art you idiot

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apologise. I'm waiting

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>Theatre (performative)
>Doctor Faustus (Mann)
>The Master and Margarita

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>The Savage detectives
>Inherent Vice

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>liquid modernity
>everything Fernando Pessoa wrote

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Now search 'is google acceptable to answer all questions'

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more acceptable than your word.

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Sucking off a Black Man
Getting sucked, as a Black Man
Anything written by a Black Man
Anything written by a british man after the soulless white devil oliver cromwell stole Britain from the Africans and whitewashed the history of Our great Celtic Nation.

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>video game
>art form

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That's how low it is

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>lowest art form
>highest art form
>one underrated book
who cares
>one overrated book
who cares

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>lowest art form
why are you on this board?

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Cinema the child of picture, music and literature
Probably the richest form of art, literature might be higher but in no world cinema is the lowest form of art. The lowest form of art would probably be dancing or some shit alike, if there is any case in which it can even be considered art

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Videogames can be considered an art form. A non conventional form of art but art. It's pretty much the same case as cinema but with interactivity.

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It's satire anon, maybe if you'd stop readong steven king you'd get it

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interesting choice. What do you like about it?

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my word is irrelevant to the lack of philosophical justification for music to be considered art

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Pop Music

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>interpretive dance
>On Heroes And Tombs
>The Stranger
bear in mind that my opinions are reviled by almost everyone

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>my diary desu
>the old testament

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>>On Heroes And Tombs

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>lowest art form
Contemporary live action film
>highest art form
Music or expressionist style painting
>one underrated book
Civilization and it's Discontents
>one overrated book
The Communist Manifesto

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>lowest form is dancing
How can you be this pleb? Dance is the highest form of art. The most primordial, the most cerebral, the rawest and truest form there ever was and ever will be. For all of time. Repent.

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>>lowest art form
Performance and architecture (as pragmatism takes from its artistic value)
>>highest art form
Poetry and music. The two most essential, the most opposite, and the ones who lean towards each other and yet never touch.
Music can insinuate anything without ever saying so, nor having to explain anything. Poetry can say and do everything, but never become material.
>>one underrated book
Residencia en la tierra
>>one overrated book
Anything by Octavio Paz, especially his poetry.

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why do I see this pic everywhere

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it is a very accessible starting point if you are interested in buddhist asceticism/hermitage, and re-reading with more knowledge is rewarding. He builds up a comfy image of his hut only to cast it aside as an example of impermanence

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Because it makes peoples peepee's hard almost instantly.

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holy shit i bought that book at a charity shop for £1 to use as a decorative doorstop (without the sleeve it's just a white hardback), didn't think it might actually be worth reading. from the summary it sounded like some lame boomer erotic comedy.

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I'm just interested in the distinct japanese culture. will i like it?

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>Funko Pops
>Milk and Honey
>Beyond Good and Evil

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>conceptual art
>Heart of Darkness

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sure, get the penguin classic edition that comes with essays on idleness which has more discussion on the culture at the time. The contrast between the 2 is itself interesting, and they are both short enough where you won't have wasted much time if you aren't engaged.

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Cave painting (with the blood of your entrails)
>The Transparency of Things
>None, personally

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You know how some people just don't 'get' poetry? That's me with dance. It's just people flailing around to me.

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