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How do we make reading cool and popular

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Create well edited and insightful video reviews. Include 4chan memes.

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You don't

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By reading in public with an aesthetic book edition.

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Say radical to describe your reading experience, and urban youths(africans) will have no choice but to join you

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But I don't like black people

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Making reading popular is what has killed literature.

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Is it ded?
I didn't know
who killed it?

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It already is.
You mean you want to make reading well cool and popular, right?

End capitalism

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Shut the fuck up hole

Your opinion as a women makes you worthless

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Ma’am, you have a penis on your hat

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What do you suggest as a replacement?

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Democracy in the workplace
Non accumulative currency

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Just read and stay based. Leave "cool" and "popular" to the sheeple

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if this happened you goofballs would pretend to hate books

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>Democracy in the workplace
How democratic are we talking? Elect a CEO?
>Non accumulative currency
So all units of currency would have an expiry date?

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But I like books

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Nah, CEOs don’t do anything. Challenge all unjustifiable hierarchies. If a task or department needs a supervisor, some places can rotate the position, others may stick with one, but all decisions, democratic.

I believe so. But not an unreasonable one.

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This is a worthless alternative. The solution is a modern conception on Ancient-Greece.

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A child's conception of how things get done. Expected more.

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Both good ideas. All there is to do is prevail and hold fast.

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but africans are illiterate?

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That can make some books popular but the activity of reading itself it's still tiring to a lot of people
I recommend just encouraging the reading of trash people may be interested
Comics/Manga, light novels, fanfics, etc
I thought of reading as draining until I just let myself go and gorgeous interested in reading trash like that, then reading became second nature and a effortless activity
Don Quixote was basically about how a nerd indulged fully into his autism and would create stories based on characters he read and would think of autistic situations, self inserting into his stories, etc.

Tl;dr: let autism take over

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Kinda of what I'm advocating. Actual democracy works best on a smaller scale. How many people are there in NYC?

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Why does reading need to be made popular? Why not just let it drift in and out of public opinion naturally? Maybe it's just because I am hyper-introverted but I don't see the hyping up of my hobby as a worthwhile end.

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Mostly for big communities perks like archives, recommendation lists, leaks for future releases of books, etc.
Only big commie authors and pop novels (Harry Potter, GoT, etc) tend to get this

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Unironically, reading in public is basically reminding people of how long it's been since they last read a book
Since I started reading books at college I started noticing another autists started bringing books and reading, kek
95% doesn't give a fuck but a few people actually like reading but procrastinate indeterminately (I too used to be in a rut until a few months ago)

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I don't want to make reading cool or popular. Let the plebs roll in their own shit. Elitism is a good thing.
Sheer hatred for you has driven me further to the right. I was an anarchist, now I think people like you need to be controlled somehow and kept out of my way.

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How will the end of capitalism turn people into good readers? I doubt the masses were well-read in non-capitalist societies

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absolutely based.

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>that quotation
I don't want stinky ugly crazy homeless people making decisions for all of us, they can't even make decisions for themselves

The best society is authoritarian rule by an incorruptible AI with the aim of maximizing the freedom of every individual within the confines of not allowing them to harm the larger social order and infringing on the freedom of others

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Butterfly is a midwit, don't take her too seriously. I'm a leftist myself but she has a middle-schooler's understanding of the ideology

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you don't want to make reading cool and popular

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All because I keep a name on your safespace. Weak

Nonprofit schooling, more free time on people’s hands, etc. the quality of our lives shoot up when you remove this profit motive from life. Everyone profits when value is found in each other.

>I don't want stinky ugly crazy homeless people
Then you want them making decisions where they get homes and proper healthcare, you absolute degenerate.

You’re a liberal twit

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Man thinks he’s invented reading, more at 10

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No one wants to, you fucking normie.

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not him but tripfagging on 4chan is possibly the pettiest act of vanity on the internet and people who do it disgust me to no end

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And yet it’s not vanity.
But who cares what you think?

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By having girls exclusively fuck well read people. But that will probably result in an increase of school of life viewers

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why would I read when we have the technology to watch movies and shows

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Why should "we"?, faggot

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>Non accumulative currency
So you're just butthurt that some people inherited shit from their grandparents and you didn't?

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Camus did it for a while.

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If you want it to be popular, be nice to people like this. Or we could make literature good again by just acknowledging it should be esoteric and have a high barrier for entry like philosophy. I cringe imagining youtubers being allowed to penetrate Phil the way they have film criticism and literature for retard “autodidacts”

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*reads The Trial and Anna Karenina*
>welcome to the club, kid

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I’m “butthurt” at slavery and elitism
Book for you. After that read Thomas Paine.

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More boobs. There should be more boobs on the covers. More pictures of boobs in books.

Maybe some boobs advertising for books. Some boobs in like reading videos for books. All booktubers should have boobs. You should have to suck a nipple to open a book. It should be the locking mechanism. Books should be locked for people who don't have the will to suck a nipple to open them. Books are an act of will, you know, sexy will. So this will make them more popular to the right crowd.

Boob headphones for noise cancelling. For reading, your head is hugged by boobs.

You grow boobs. Take hormones. You can play with your titties while you're reading. It's a literary activity, boobs. They look cozy, right? You can bundle up with your boobs. Cuddle with your boobs. Normal stuff. Stuff normies do. This'll make reading more appealing. Boobs.

Just. Boobs.

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1. Make instagram account.
2. Get followers.
3. Create beautiful instagram pictures with hipsters reading.
4. ???
5. Profit

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