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>suck your guests dick because he might be sent by zeus
>zeus will be angry if you don't accept refugess
don't read this, it's a SJW propaganda.

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>reads the Emily Wilson translation once

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I'm reading the Fitzgerald one, I'm basically paraphrasing what the swineherd says.

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>tfw studying the Wilson translation for English Lit at uni
it hurts more and more every day bros

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It was a different time, and you failed to understand why these customs developed. I guess your copy had a shitty preface or you didn’t read it. This book explains it and then some

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The custom is still alive in my country actually, seems nothing but pathological xenophilia to me.

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Its literally a goof you gaf.

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>let's check out this island, those one eyed giants would never refuse us hospitality lmao

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gather a group of rebellious students and start reading Lattimore while skipping class and smoking cigs in the bathroom.

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