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>slavery and famine
>economic and social prosperity

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Communism doesn't even look good in theory desu.

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>200 years of blah blah
And yet there will still never be a stateless, classless society

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>comparing ecelebs and boomshit meme idols with legitimate thinkers

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>very little practice compared to theory
>literally all practice went to shit

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who will win:
>2000 years of theology
>"why evil??"

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It does at the tribal scale but at numbers over ~150 people it falls to shit

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well, why?

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2000 years of theology and they still can't deal with this

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not even christian but the problem of evil is laughably childish

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>laughably childish
so is believing in god desu

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Are you saying capitalism is slavery and famine? Well, I would agree, seeing where it's taken us in the past, where it has placed us currently, and where it seems to be leading us to.

You know, with Nestle saying it'd be "too expensive" to map out all the slavery within their supply-chain, and 20 million people dying annually from preventable, yet unaffordable reasons...

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Literally every theologian ever has addressed this question.
You may not like the answers but don’t lie and say they haven’t been tackled.
>what is free will
>what is the permission of evil to bring about a good that is only accessible through such means
>what is the fall of man

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>200 years of multidisciplinary theory and practice

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>three digits

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The average transsexual has very high IQ

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lmao. Marx world be disgusted if he were alive to see the philosopher who identifies with him.
The truth is zizek is an entertainer. And he knows how to get peoples attention. he says something radical for the shock value and then waters it down as he elaborates to the point where he sounds like the average liberal.

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>>what is the fall of man
some made up bullshit

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Why do commies always engage with the lowest hanging fruit?

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lol. kind of unfortunate when others base their most foundational worldview around a short tale found in one cultural (or regional) mythology of the world. believing it a literal explanation of the world and simultaneously denying it such a status when pressed by those of scientific backgrounds. it then becomes claimed as merely allegory, yet still maintained as somehow being causally relevant to the world we live under. when you grow up in a culture that grants mythological episodes which in most places cannot be verified to be more than such as being more real than what observation or reasoning can itself know, it results in the mind of said individual no longer being able to distinguish fact and fiction in daily practice, both becoming seen as equal. and this results in any debates with such individuals as being hopeless and pointless, since the categories of "historical" and "fictional" are indistinguishable to them, and any discussion therefore doomed to be nonsensical.

god is consciousness, in my view. amazes me how many people are more interested in basing their most foundational worldview around what some external book says rather than through through the direct experience of their own Being

i also believe the Annunaki created modern homo sapiens, which is what Genesis depicts

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well I believe that youre a gay faggot, how's that?

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so, just larping as a pagan?

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Who would win ? 99 % of economists, backed by studies, tens of thousands of papers, hundreds of models and theories confirmed by econometrics or Marx and a bunch of dudes who know nothing about economics ?

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14 year old pseud cringe

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that's completely fine. but you should still try and understand your own nature directly before you let an external scripture dictate your view on such. in my opinion, at least

not a pagan, but an ancient ayyliums believer. i think it's possible that many pagan gods originated as real, extraterrestrial species who our ancestors had interaction with. the many pantheons of the world being originally based around historical entities

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I have a master in economics.

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Sorry, comrade, we're going to have to confiscate those digits for the good of the Party.

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>99% of economists, backed by studies, tens of thousands of papers, hundreds of models and theories confirmed by econometrics
The same economists who support
>central banking
>rapidly inflating fiat currency
>artificial interest rates
>progressive income tax
>socialized healthcare, education, etc.
I'll take Keynesian science over Marxian mythology, but that's like saying I'll take pneumonia over ringworm.

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go be retarded on /x/ or something, this is embarrassing

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explain why or look stupid

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It's because their goal is economic growth. But economically they make much more sense than marxists. However, it is true that studying economics has made me disgusted by it.

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If your ideology can be turned into a joke by the average normalfag making a observation, maybe it wasn't very well thought out in the first place.

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You idiot larper I am literally preparing my fucking Phd program app for economics

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legendary cope

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sure thing kiddy

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those do not look much better

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God doesn't care

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marx was doing meta-economics. economics has no authority on him

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wtf guys just post your fucking memes and get out. I don’t give a shit about who’s right. I’m going through a lot and I need a laugh from hyper-ironic pretentious content. For Christ’s sake, contain your autism. If you don’t like a meme, post a funnier one.

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>social prosperity
As in?
Destroyed family unit?
Commercialised culture?

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>I’m going through a lot
fuck off

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How can you consider yourself "well read" and be a Marxist?

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He meant it like "well done"; his intellectual flavor is burned through and lacks palatability.

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i hope ur okay fren

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>/int/ 120
This must be a very old graph.

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why isn't /his/ on there?

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It's a meme graph, how the fuck do you think such a stat could be made on this site

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Who is the black guy with the red beret?

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>118 IQ

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What a terrible way to start a thread.

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>200 years of terrorists, mass murderers and autists sperging on ideology
>200 years of the actually prevailing system
yeah, who would.

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Thomas Sankara

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Kony Twennytwelv

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Even the failure of capitalism is better than the success of socialism

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some examples?

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What’s wrong with commercialized culture?

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If youre intelligent, then you understand that as population increases, right wing ideology must also increase if you wish to produce a powerful state and still maintain a high quality of living.

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It's disingenuous and destroys love of the craft it "commercialises". Money becomes the metric of success instead of artistic ability.
Essentially it leads us down to a degenerated evolutionary path of the arts and crafts.

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We unironically had a pretty good discussion of Spengler in one of the repression threads a few weeks ago

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Lmao get the fuck outta here with that ”artistic ability” faggotry. Money is based and should be the goal of every honest man

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Thats only because the people are ignorant. This fact has nothing to do with capitalism itself.

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Capitalism or communism?

I dunno guys. If you compare South Korea to North Korea, or Chile to Venezuela, or Canada/US to Soviet Union/Maoist China... its kinda hard to decide which system I’d rather live in. Maybe the one that actually ducking works.

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See >>14003445

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Have you ever heard of a little country called China?

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china is at most 'socialist' in a very meme way in which the workers don't control much of anything, it's not communist, and most people would still rather live in the western democracies than china

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What the people want is irrelevant you ignorant cuck. I dont mean to say this to demonstrate that communism is viable, though. The people are STUPID. Their brains are SOFT and easily molded. This is exactly why people even have this argument to begin with. Tbis is also why people enjoy pop music. Theyre highly suggestable. Look from the outside in, examine things critically, and go try to find some IQ enhancing pills.

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unironically the most based meme ever made

>> No.14003657

Guide to theory for leftists:
I have a theory x, I put this theory into practice, and I repeat the experiment multiple times in different contexts. If by the end of this experiment my theory does not stand, I scrap it. I don’t go back to the theory and cling onto it because I view the alternative as morally repulsive — no, I scrap it.

We have tried leftism in the 20th century, in different cultures, different nations, in different time periods, headed by different leaders. It is still being tried in the 21st century. Despite this, the result is always the same: catastrophic failure with millions dead and starving, civil unrest and the rise of a totalitarian regime. You have to face it: leftism does not work, it’s time to scrap it and move on.

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South korea has the highest suicide rate in the world by a wide margin.

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Much obliged.

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China reaches communism by 2030.

>> No.14003693

>:( That is not true >:(

>> No.14003696

China isn’t communist, retard.

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serious question. Why put Liechtenstein in there?
Just because it is an obscure flag?
I mean yeah, the politics in Liechtenstein are most in the right spectrum, but there still is the "Freie Liste" and has been for years. It's a minority but one that stood the of time

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>OP makes a /lit/ memes thread
>Everyone is seething at one post
You're a faggot for posting a political instead of a /lit/ meme OP, but why the fuck is everyone in this board so ass blasted

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Monarchy, limited government, constitution allows for unlimited secession, etc. Hans-Adam II is apparently friends with Hoppe.

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That's a cute boy.

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Yes they are lmao

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>he doesnt know about big brain AGPs

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>if a theory fails, you scrap it
Nope. You revise it by learning from past mistakes. You think right wing ideology isnt constantly revising and changing itself? How about the great depression? World war 1? World war 2? All of the other recessions? All of the famines and death caused by right wing policies, such as the irish potato famine. How do you simply ignore and apologize for these? How does your logic not dictate that right wing ideology is not completely bogus then?
>we have tried leftism it didnt work
No, leftism works better than rightist ideology. Western european nations used to have many socialist programs that provided much better lives to their people. The soviet union provided a better life to its people compared to the russian federation. Communist Cuba provides a much better life to its people than it did as America's brothel.

The reason why right wing ideology prevails, is because it is more productive. It is better at enslaving. The fundamentally retarded thing about a rightist is that they believe this is a good thing. They believe because the capitalist machine is more powerful, it is better, from a moral perspective. They believe that this power, no matter to what end, is better, because it is larger. This is wrong. You do not get the benefits of this power, its power comes from forcing longer hours, forcing you to do shitty jobs because they create the most value to the machine. It rapes your culture, it defaces your cities, it destroys your environment. And you believe it deserves to because it has the most power.

Right wing ideology believes that what produces the most GDP is what is best. But why? To what end? Why is productivity good, in and of itself, despite the fact that men have lived happier and freer lives in lower productivity economies?

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It might be

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this but ironically

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>Right wing ideology believes that what produces the most GDP is what is best

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>[s4s] is too smart to even be on the chart

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In South Korea, specifically in the K-pop scene, there's a culture of people being commodified; born, grown, educated, groomed, and exploited as non-autonomous flesh-puppets contractually bound to follow a tightly regimented manuscript based on what's sexy and what sells, only to be discarded once the stress of the inhuman treatment gets to them, or their ratings don't keep up to the demands higher-ups.
Jesus fuck! Read about things next time before you go flinging you shit about, please.

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A scientist will weigh the cost of experiment. You dont understand science, yet youre posturing as a woke af le self taught bigbrain. In reality, youre just a retard.

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>scientific fact
There are no facts within the realm of science. Nothing escapes theory. If you dont understand this, then you are uneducated.

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What real difference is there between envy and greed? The communist hates what is owned because they do not own it. The capitalist loves what is owned because the believe they can acquire it. Each is jealous and angry and deceitful, but one drinks blood while the other drinks wine.

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so you're a nobody with a masters degree, cool

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File: 2.67 MB, 1000x510, Beton on Seton down the Carmichael.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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lmao, think again lierbal arts cuyck

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the duality of man

>> No.14004076

> /x/
> not the highest
Shig. /lit/ is one of the dumber boards by far.

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You posses basic recall of improper citation. So youre basically unintelligent. Im not going to argue with you, asi have a very firm understanding of science, and you do not. I am an enviornmental scientist, and you are a NEET, or retail clerk or what ever you are. Youre wrong, get over it.

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theyre both gay and for faggots, embrace fascism

>> No.14004137

None of this is even remotely true.

>> No.14004138

this cant be real

>> No.14004149

2000 years of tradition
200 years of ' multidisciplinary theory ' theorycels lol

>> No.14004165

20 years of imagined neolib traditions maybe

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I'm pretty sure you can meme any ideology into looking banal. "Alienation," "real wages have been static since the 70s," "the vanishing middle class," etc. It doesn't mean shit. All the critiques of communism in OP's pic are legit.

>> No.14004208

im talking about christianity not capitalism
not a fan of capitalism

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Always makes me smile when I see this, because it's one of only OC I've made that I gets reposted.

>> No.14004246

Nobody gives a fuck. Claiming OC on an anonymous forum is beyond autistic.

>> No.14004265

kek underrated

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>> No.14004313

be nice to him

>> No.14004324

it's literally the dumbest board

>> No.14004449


I'm just appreciative that there's another anon who saw enough of the humor in it to save it, Jesus. You think your anonymous vitriol is somehow insightful?

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You just picked the gayest copes in all of theology. Read a book, there's plenty of much bigger IQ copes.

>> No.14004683

Same argument every retard red uses lmao but its true. The only way to avoid this sort of shit is to create small communities of people that can do their own thing. Whether it be ethnostates or communes, you just have to remove yourself from the cancer as best you can. /pol/tards that think whereing a suit and tie and defending the "american way of life" are cucked retards that have fallen for the same bugman lifestyle as the people who think that electing Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren is going to set us on a path to social utopia.

>> No.14004689

I'm a retard.

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Based and logicpilled

>> No.14005054

I love Guenon's memes

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Why are you here new fag

>> No.14005154

Nice, also because lase part seems really nicely thought out. Reminds me of Theilhard de Chardin heretic development about spiritualisation thanks to science and of the critic of papism by seraphim rose like this one :

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>meme thread
>150 replies
>less than 20 memes
good job asshats

>> No.14005227

You're a cute boy

>> No.14005233

It's interesting.

>> No.14005352

best post

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communism arguments fail as soon as you ask the simple question of whether they are willing to work in a field and forgo working in non essential professions like most arts. Everyone likes free shit until they realize that they have to put in their share, working more than you need to account for the elite, disabled, and elderly. Unless they support genocide of non-working individuals in order for them to work less.

>> No.14005401

Also I don't see how Communism is supposed to prevent all of these since it failed to do so in the past

>> No.14005410

I'd rather have money and be lonely than be poor and in good company.

>> No.14005433

>the cult of familly
>social cohesion possible

>> No.14005457

You'll never be a real woman

>> No.14005475

>cmon guys, we have robots

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>> No.14005645

Less than 1% of the population needs to do agriculture full time right now.

>> No.14005703

okay then what will the other 99% of people do? You cant build new structures without business to occupy them, meaning that loggers, stoneworkers, and people who make other misc. stuff exclusively for construction will be dormant most of the time. Will the other 99% of people who dont have to work live off the labour of 1%

>> No.14005707

not a commie, just wanted to point out that most of our economy is non-essential jobs.

>> No.14005774

And it’s destroying the Earth.

>> No.14005800


>> No.14006089

what book is this from?

>> No.14006549

I always think of this when I see liberals ralliyng around any manufactured movement and thinking it was their achievement when it gets implemented

>> No.14006604

something something working class what the fuck is this?

>> No.14006658

Yanggang 2020

>> No.14006746



>> No.14006752

this is some respectable pot stirring and I feel it deserved more bites

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my diary desu

>> No.14006760

Fuck every iphone thread but

>calling your opponents short-witted in a board where they can only give you up maximally 3k word comments or so
I guess linking to elsewhere (hopefully a citation) is an option, but that aside you're really rigging the game here.

>> No.14006774

Graph is old. Honestly, if you want to know which boards are the smartest just pick the ones who take themselves the least seriously.

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Can you cucks at least post memes while arguing

>> No.14007021

its a cozy feeling, anon, enjoy it

>> No.14007036

Find me an economic system that doesn't work under conditions of no scarcity

>> No.14007062

Hahaha underrated

>> No.14007242

The weak must fear the strong.

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Hoes mad cause the ancestral wisdom of little sayings (memes) are wiser than their NEET "theories" about work.

>> No.14007744


This is all Zummi's fault.

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