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Can I become fluent in French to native level at age 28 (say yes or you will have blood on your hands)

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Depends on how old you are right now.

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Maybe. Would be hard if you don't move to France or start consuming only French media and only talking to native speakers. Basically you need to make it your life.

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Yes but you will need to move to a Francophone country.

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I doubt that you could get to 'native level' in any language when you start learning at that age, you should've started a lot sooner. I started learning English at 13 and 10 years later I still haven't reached that level

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you shouldn't think about getting to native level in any second language unless you're planning on living the rest of your life there and still studying hard every day. people live for decades in foreign countries and still can't speak the language at any kind of high level.

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No you can either learn a new language by when you're 15 or you'll forever be mediocre at It.

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Op don't listen to well these monolingual weaklings, you can become native level in any language in two years of consistent work. CONSISTENT!

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I'm >>13966943 and I'm quadrilingual.
He's not asking for fluency he's asking for native level.

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What are the pleb languages you speak weakling?

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reading is a lot easier than speaking, so you can reach a high literacy level in a few years

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Not biting.

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No wonder since you say something as stupid as "he's not asking for fluency but native level"

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The brain is capable of becoming fluent in anything it spends 12 hours a day for the rest of its life focusing on

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Play competitive video games with voice comms on French servers

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[citation needed]

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This, get bullied by some 11 years old arab that talks half -french half sandnigger talk

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delete this picture please

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It's never too late to start learning ;)

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You wouldn't be the first OP, but it really depends on how much effort you put in and how much of a knack you have for this. Some people move to a different country as teenagers and still have an accent the rest of their lives, some move much later than that and can (almost) pass for a native.

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Dont listen to the crabs. Anything can be learned at absolutely any age. Never give up.

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Input method - Watch things with french voices and french subtitles. YouTube allows you to switch your country so just switch it to France and check the trending page. You’ll get tons of French videos which all have a high chance of having closed captioning. This helps with understanding

SRS method -Check your local library see if they have audiobooks which teach you phrases. I recommend Pimsleur. This helps with speaking

Shadowing - put on a video of someone speaking French, repeat everything they say. This will help in both speaking and understanding

Understanding and speaking come first then reading and writing. Just like a baby.

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Theres no reason to learn spoken French. Just pick a French for Reading book and read their literature. France is nothing but packs of niggers and cringy zoomer söyboys these days. They have nothing of worth to commuicate.

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Yes, the idea that only children can efficiently learn new languages is bullshit - it's actually faster for adults due to increased cognitive ability. You can learn a new language at 50 if you want, but you might find it hard to get rid of your accent.

don't listen to this guy: go to france and live there a while but you don't need to make it your entire life

t. someone who's lived in france and speaks french

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Don't project your own defiencies onto others - its entirely possible

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Noted. Thenccc

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this is retarded. how can you fully appreciate literature if you don’t know the sound of the language? it’s not just knowing what mon mal vient plus de loin means anon, it’s knowing how it flows. at least for non-prose and for good prose writers

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Yes, but you may as well just demap yourself now, Eric.

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One's ability to mold themselves to fit a language near native level varies depending on the person. However, I would argue that a native level (C2 level plus native accent) isn't the best thing to strive for. C1 to C2 level would be the best, but a slight accent isn't the worst thing, and in fact can make your speech more interesting.

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I wouldn't say native level, but if you move to a french speaking community and interacted with people, I would say you could manage a C1 to C2 level. Make sure to focus on pronunciation, the goal of language is to be understood (don't stress on sounding native though, just make sure you don't have a heavy accent). You can do it though, anon.

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