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general thoughts on saramago

>> No.13966821

Brilliant, gospel according to Jesus Christ is one of my all time favorite books

>> No.13967453

Communist so big yikes

>> No.13967477

He’s based if communist. I wasn’t that impressed by Blindness, tho.

>> No.13967504

Very good story-teller in the old sense of the world. In Portuguese he's also very funny.

>> No.13968213

i have memorial do convento waiting to be read but i have never picked it up from my shelf. should i read it?

>> No.13968333

Absolutely, it's a great novel

>> No.13968385

Only read All the Names, but really enjoyed it. I love how he writes without dash and apostrophe, and basically never uses verbum dicendi.

>> No.13968437

The stuff he wrote for the newspaper after the Carnation Revolution is just as bad as what Celine wrote for Vichy

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