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Are there any books that reconcile HBD and The Bell Curve kind of stuff with a belief in metaphysics, an eternal soul, eastern philosophy and so on? Other than the answer of Evola who I'm already aware of. I find myself of holding the seeming contradictory position of believing both to be fully true and I'm curious whether anyone has explicitly written on this topic before

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What does HBD stand for?

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human biodiversity


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IQ is contingent and can be increased or decreased with environmental influences such as nutrition, education and selective procreation, in that sense it's not compatible with metaphysics.

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Racialism is plebeian, read some idealism mutt

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Can you validate this argument? To the best of my knowledge, we believe IQ can be raised by mainly environmental and nutritional factors due to the results of a few of economic studies done quite a while ago. They fed and housed poor African children and tested their IQ and monitored their grades in school before and after. Technically, IQ did increase while they lifted off the lower bound, but they flattened at levels that were still far below the global average and about average for the same demographic elsewhere. We’re talking about people increasing their IQ from suppressed levels to at most average levels for their specific group. I’ve never seen anything that suggests IQ can be raised by anyone even a full standard deviation on the bell curve.

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Iq is simply a score to rate how good you are at logical deductions... If a child isn't raised in an environment encouraging this from birth of course they will have a disadvantage. There has been a huge emphasis on public education over the last century and consequently public IQ has been rising steadily, but now it's declining because the function of schools today is less of education centers and more of delinquent day cares. There was a book written about the rise and decline of IQ which i can't remember the name of right now

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There is no contradiction you racist fuck HBD describes empirical reality, metaphysics describe the suprasensible. When Evola, Guenon and the rest of these retards talk about "intelligence" they aren't talking about IQ.

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Remember when /lit/ was not part of the /pol/ collective?

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>muh environment
Wrong. Identical twins raised apart has nullified this argument. They have the same IQ as adults regardless of how or where they are raised. Minnesota twin study, look it up.
Environmental factors that may play a role in adult IQ are stuff like starvation during childhood and hypoxia during birth, which both lowers adult IQ.

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>I carefully examined the facts and it turns out the prejudices I got from the society around me were right all along

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Not the same anon, but that sounded interesting so I looked it up. From the Wikipedia page:
>In 1979, Thomas J. Bouchard began to study twins who were separated at birth and reared in different families. He found that an identical twin reared away from his or her co-twin seems to have about an equal chance of being similar to the co-twin in terms of personality, interests, and attitudes as one who has been reared with his or her co-twin.[3] This leads to the conclusion that the similarities between twins are due to genes, not environment

It doesn't say that the environment doesn't play an important role (the 50% chance of two twins having different interests, personality etc. is due to the environment), it says that the similarities between them are due to genes (as opposed to being raised in the same environment).

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White self-awareness and jew awareness are not products of pol, everyone is waking up to these things now with the internet. You are just pathetic, your life revolves around 4chan, and you're probably not white or jewish.

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