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ITT: times you got BTFO at university

>pic related

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historicised persons isn't overwriting or impressive what the fuck, this person is full of shit

you might have deserved the btfoing anyway but the fact that you accepted the btfoing like this instead of getting triggered makes you seem humble so im not sure

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>One day in the cafeteria, friends seem more talkative than usual.
>Showing some papers to one another
>I start to pick up on the conversation
>It's their acceptance letters from the State U
>Me: "oh, were we supposed to apply already?"
>Them: "yeah, like months ago"

never went.

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Hard to say without the context, it could come off as passive aggressive.

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>what does teleoplexy mean?

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Wtf kinda school did you go to? I had staff members all up my arse because I was dithering on my final uni of choice (UK). Even had my deputy head of year pull me out of class and loudly tell me off, despite it being a huge decision and my having months before the deadline arrived.

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>always planned on going to state school
>deadlines start coming up
>too lazy to do all the paper work
>too afraid of rejection to apply
>just go to community college

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Shit you went to a better school than me. I had no advice or help about university whatsoever. It was never mentioned and I had to take complete initiative myself.

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Our junior year, we all had to see the counselor one by one. She put my report card in front of me and asked if I saw the trend. I'd gone from near straight-A to a B average (having gotten a few C's)

I said yeah and she basically told me to be more careful about letting my grades slip. This was the full extent of the help I got from my school.

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Can see this thread descending into the four yorkshiremen.
>a counsellor? You were lucky. We had to see the school bully

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>should be
the subjunctive tense was a mistake

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>school bully? All we had was the penis inspector

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>grading someone down because their writing style is not plebeian enough
based modern prof

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in case y'all are wondering, the marker was a marxist

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>had A going into final
>good relation with teacher
>gives final schedule on 16x16 grid
>pick the wrong grid box and show up at 1230 instead of 9
>fails me outright
>tells me she is doing this to teach me life lessons

i understand I was in the wrong, but she strode up to me next semester to talk about a paper like we were best buddies.

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>Historians should be encouraged to write in accessible language.
Why? People who need accessible language don't read history books.

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>prof calls me out on my pretentious usage of semicolons
>turn in next paper with two semicolons per paragraph
>failed without comment

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It's a test of wills. He's trying to assert dominance on you. Turn the tables by submitting a paper which contains only semicolons

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You say you were in the wrong but you still act as if she should feel at least somewhat guilty

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I sent him an email containing several semicolons questioning my grade and next time I checked my grade was changed to a C

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>lit teacher said reading my exam was a delight
>got a 6

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Maybe your ideas were interesting, but your presentation of them were lacking.

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I was never BTFO at university. My writing style is hopelessly academic and antiquarian, which I suspect lends itself to essay writing.

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I once had a simple ‘?’ written next to an entire paragraph that I was convinced was perfectly legible and understandable. To this day I don’t know what the question the examiner had was.

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i think what bugged me was that she tried to be friends next semester. lesson learned and all, but she failed me for the course (incomplete with no opportunity to make up which converts to an F for the course in 2 months, even though I would have gotten a C if she just let the 0 stand), and I retook at my expense next year for an A. Tone aside, I felt that I was truly BTFO, as per OP

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Hello autist

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I understand you entirely. Having a laugh is fine and all, but you are paying a lot of money per course, plus building a resume. An F looks fucking abysmal on a transcript. I would have been livid in your situation.

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>final year of undergraduate
>in last seminar for 1930's lit module with head of department
>he asks us if we're struggling with anything regarding the essay
>nobody really says anything
>I speak up, which is strange for me, usually barely speaking because I haven't read the set texts that week.
>I guess since it's the last seminar I want to leave my mark somehow.
>how do I do that
>I know, get them to laugh at my incompetence, that usually endears people me
>"yeah, I struggle with starting," I say somewhat jokingly
>"what do you mean?"
>"like I just never start in time, I always do it the night before, I kind of leave it the last minute, hahaha, every essay, haha"
>I look round to the rest of the seminar room in an "amiriteguys?" manner
>they're all looking at the floor
>I turn to my friend sitting next to me
>he's ignoring me, looking mortally embarrassed
>I look up at the professor
>he's glaring at me like I just shat myself and threatened to spread it over his wife's face
>"s-so I was erm, just y'know l-like haha wondering i-if you h-had any erm yeah"
>he's still glaring at me
>"that's really bad anon, (getting my name wrong), you need to get a grip in future."
I never did. I did two 1500 essays in one night, one for that module, and got a 2:2 in that module and a first for the other one. I was so disappointed and angry with the 2:2 I threw away the results in a rage and then accidentally walked into the girl's toilets where I was trapped for three hours for fear of someone seeing me walk out of the girl's toilets
But that's another story.

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>tells me she is doing this
Of course it was a woman. Not surprised at all.

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'historicised persons' is no more overwriting than 'affronting example'

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You need to stop pretending you live in a film

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anon's life is a sitcom

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Without the laughs

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Nothing of this kind happened to me in college, but regarding preparatory classes... Huh huh, ya know

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Whover you are, at least you aren't the infinite jest guy

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I once had a marker write in the comments not to waste his time with my work in future if this was the quality I was capable of.

In truth the essay I submitted was absolute fucking high school politics tier garbage (I wrote it in a few hours two days after it was due, and it was low effort even considering that).

I was so BTFO that I couldn't muster up the nerve to submit anything else in that course (not that I could have salvaged my grade) and I failed it. Never re-took it either, I just got the credits elsewhere.

I've since graduated and even now it makes me seethe.

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you never got him back for it?

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You know, I don't think I've ever actually been btfo'd, other than one time during the Arab Spring when I went with the naive liberal interpretation that it was about democracy, rather than democracy + Islamism. But even then, the person doing the btfoing was also going too hard on the "they're Islamists" narrative.
I have been given a 50% on two seperate essays, however.
One, for medical anthropology, was for an essay where I argued that health and illness are constructions like good and evil that vary globally. I think the doctor marking my paper just couldn't accept that and marked me down to 50% with the rationalisation that I'm a bad writer. (I usually got 80%+ for my essays.)
I also got a 50% for an international relations essay on why Southeast Asia faces so many "non traditional security threats". I went deep into Chinese, European, and geological history, as well as like soil analysis and I think the marker basically went "well, all this is almost certainly right, but I don't have any of the background to verify these claims, so 50".
I guess I got btfo in introductory physics by getting 49%, then taking a makeup test where if I'd just entered "0" for every answer I would have passed, actually trying to make a proper attempt, and not passing.
I btfo'd myself by being oversensitive about people making dismissive comments or laughing at me when I asked brainlet tier mathematics questions. It shut me down and put me into seething to the point where I felt the need to leave the room. I had to develop a better attitude, and passed on my third attempt. Currently on 100% for the subsequent math subject.
I've learned that humanities subjects are just about flattering the ego of the professor and making sure not to go outside their bumpers. And STEM, at least at the level I'm at, is almost pure heuristics, with basically no marks awarded for understanding the "why" of things.

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Wear a white shirt with a giant, black semicolon on it to class. I use semicolons in all my works whenever I want to as well, so stay strong anon; you can't let them defeat you.

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>One, for medical anthropology, was for an essay where I argued that health and illness are constructions like good and evil that vary globally. I think the doctor marking my paper just couldn't accept that and marked me down to 50% with the rationalisation that I'm a bad writer.
That's the good one, I hope you used homosexuality being officially an illness in the 50s as an example so that you can flag that doctor as an homophobe just for free keks.

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There are have been attempts to BTFO but I always imagine to overcome them. Strange that I'm an autistic pussy in real life yet I used to regularly have it out with lecturers and professors at Uni often in the middle of seminars.

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I wrote an essay on my little pony and got near perfect marks for it.
Bitch loved it.

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>I used to regularly have it out with lecturers and professors at Uni often in the middle of seminars.
One thing I learned from studying STEM is that you have to be ruthless with the staff. Just interject ruthlessly if you don't understand anything. Use the lectures as a private tutoring session. People will literally thank you for it, and the professors will either bond with you over it or offer more time to you to get you to stop derailing the lectures. Other students will jump in to explain things, including after class.
Even tell them to write larger. STEMlords often are just phoning the lecture in (as are, I suppose, plenty of humanities lecturers - although I've never had trouble following humanities like STEM). You've got to personally pull them up on things like assuming too much knowledge, not checking the knowledge level of the audience etc.
I'm getting better at it.
Also don't be afraid to bring binoculars to class if the professor's handwriting is unclear. You can literally be as obnoxious as you want as long as you aren't yelling. If people around you are talking to a distracting amount, you can just loudly tell them to shut up or leave, and the lecturer will take your side. Honestly, you can get away with a lot of chimping with a basic understanding of which lines aren't allowed to be crossed.

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As someone who used to be TA in mathematics I agree with you. Us mathfags usually have no idea of how confused the students are about the material, we can't help unwittingly assuming they know things they don't. Don't let us get away with it, as tiresome as it is, this is what we are here for.

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>have great understanding of content
>write excellent essays
>hand everything in late
>fail an entire semester
>professors baffled at why I would do this
I btfod myself

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math professor kept returning my homework because he wasn't able to understand it
argued with him several times and now he's failing me out of spite

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wow. makes me feel really grateful about the professors i had
>ask professor if i can just skip submission of a major paper
>make up some sob story about parents fighting
>says okay and i get a C

>miss major exam for a lecture course in biology because i never take notes on anything
>just gut feel for exam schedules
>tell professor i got the times mixed up with my lab exam
>hands me the questionnaire

>miss oral defense for philosophy because i slept through an alarm
>make up another sob story about parents
>gives me a a 0 instead of an incomplete so i get a C

>teacher is announcing exam scores for each student's ID number
>laugh out loud at the idiot who gets 35/100
>my number is up
>mini existential crisis where i genuinely wonder if i am actually retarded and everyone is just playing along
>ask professor if he can look at my paper again
>turns out i wrote down a different questionnaire set from the one i actually took
>put in the right one
>score turns around and i get the highest marks
>wipe the sweat off my forehead when i realize i'm not actually retarded

i was a complete ass in college but i'd be happy to go back to school and take classes on audit if i ever get the time and/or money

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You think you can brush through life as a main character, all your idiosyncratic behaviour just something done to entertain an unseen audience.

>Oh look! He’s hiding in the girls bathroom! Classic anon!
>Oh how funny, he’s made a blunder in the tutorial!

In reality, nobody cares. All you’re doing is perpetuating this constant charade for the benefit of nobody, and you use it to justify your actions when you really need to follow your professors advice and just get a grip.

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>I’ve never been btfo!
>proceeds to write about the several times he’s been btfo

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heh heh hooo

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What charade? Genuinely flummoxed at what you're gabbling on about here. Am I witnessing projection?

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what are you going on about? this is how people retell personal stories to one another, you bitter midwit.

have you never had anyone to tell about an event in your life?

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Why; I must say; that this here comment I see; It is Based; undeniably; and extrinsically redpilled!

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Had a co-worker English Teacher who had a semicolon tattooed to his wrist. Incidentally he didn't know how to use one.

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Never got BTFO post-high school when it comes to writing. However, being in a STEM field, had to give a couple of presentations in front a large class on different topics like the Ebola Outbreak and Stem Cells. Looking back they were all pretentious as fuck and I cringe thinking I saw them like giving a big TED talk.

There was even one presentation on "Extending Life through medicine", and half of the presentation I spent talking about Plato's argument on immortality of the soul, and the Philosopher Stone. Teacher was like "mkay, that was interesting, but what does it have to do with medicine?"

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The idea that one would willingly spend three hours hiding in a girls bathroom is absurd. The only reason I can imagine anybody would do it is for the pure spectacle of witnessing themselves doing it - some kind of weird performative social machoism precisely concocted to relate to an unseen audience (or alternatively, your friends on 4chan who think it’s ever so endearing).

This isn’t how people retell stories. This is the story in-itself, the actual subject. It’s a nonsense entirely created to fill a serious void in anon’s life where normal interaction and drive should be. It’s the epitome of ‘haha I’m so random’, but taken to an extreme and actually becoming a lived-philosophy. He can tell it anyway he likes, it’s the subject of the retelling that’s the problem.

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Reminds me that I don't take classes from female professors if there is a male offering the same course.

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>The idea that one would willingly spend three hours hiding in a girls bathroom is absurd
Yeah I know but I had to wait for the crowds to die down outside or someone might have seen me coming out of the girl's bathroom and assumed I was perving in the girl's bathroom when I had in fact gone in there by mistake because I hadn't been looking where I was going. I had a shit for the first half an hour, then two girls came in, then I got confused, then I had a panic attack then I spent the rest of the time feeling very sorry for myself and trying to figure out how to get myself out without anybody seeing me because if anyone saw me leaving the girl's toilets they might think upon me negatively. Then I had another shit which was inadvisable because it was super soft and I bled a lot after wiping so much to clear it off, which was another half an hour gone. I knew there was usually nobody in the canteen after 5 so I just waited until then and ran for it to the men's toilets so I could wash my hands then I went home and never told a soul for seven years and had almost completely forgot about it until now.
The rest of your post is just boxing shadows. I'm occasionally autistic anon, there's nothing more to armchair psychoanalyze.

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SAME and she also said i used the word platitude wrong even though i patently didnt. semicolon gang wont back down

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Two shits?

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>had a ten minute lecture
>my professor started interrupting me around two minutes into it: "get to the point!", "come ooon!"
>start shaking and breathing heavily, anxiety attack about to come
>his female colleague smiles in Schadenfreude
>i turn around to point at something in my presentation
>"speak to the audience!"
>finish my presentation, sweating and shaking in front of my whole class
>"well that was really bad anon."

gave me PTSD for a while. had i been Chad i would have punched the shit out of that fucker, quit college and gone into STEM

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Yeah, I think I have IBS

>> No.13968397

Should have called him a cunt

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pretty good. Recently we went over a subject in class, teacher says to make sure we get the right answers on our assignment. I turn in the work later and get a grading comment from the teacher: I have to give you a zero because we went over this in class. wtf.

relax you dip, this thread is for literature laughs

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>highly specialized literature class
>everyone in class is forced to give a 20 minute lecture
>two presenters per day
>professor assigns the days
>forced to be the second presenter on the first day
>spend tens of hours preparing lecture
>give lecture
>feel like i did a good job
>sit down
>professor: "for future reference i'm looking for something less like anon's lecture and more like the first presenter's"
>ego destroyed
>apparently everyone in the class had taken their lower level courses with this professor before so they knew what she wanted
>the entire semester everyone is hanging out with their preformed friend groups while no one talks to me

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Underground Man-pilled

>> No.13968446

it’s because you’re depressed anon

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based and accurate

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Take care of your intestinal flora

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>it was good but the presentation was too professional.

What did he mean by this?

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>It was good, but so good it made me feel insecure. You don't want me to feel insecure Mr Anderson, trust me, you really don't.

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There is a motion in Finland where the word bullying is going to be removed from use; instead the legal terms will be as follows: assault, libel, fraud...

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Can't recall anything really, got one shitty grade for my final paper in my medieval philosophy class, still ended up with a good grade overall though.

Logic class is btfoing me atm, just like it did last time I took it (gave up halfway in, didn't affect any of my grades)

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Tattoos of semicolons are a trendy thing people get that symbolises that they were suicidal but got over it. Hence the semicolon, the sentence could end but it continues
It's pretty dumb

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you're right. i apologize for being the midwit.

perhaps there's more comfort in fitting the peg of the socially bungled than there is in being alone with yourself in the moment. token weirdos have shared culture that acts as an audience, a conscience even. but being alone means laughing alone, to which i say a little company every once in a while does some good.

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>It was good but needlessly complex, you don't have to obfuscate your point you pseud

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>phil professor scribbled illegible shit all over paper on the allegory of the cave
>only can read ending remark- "shows you are familiar with material, but unsatisfactory thesis"
>gradebook says 9.25/10
>visit office hours hoping to clarify comments
>prof says he thought my args/counterargs were well presented
>week later gradebook says FUCKING 6/10
I'm going to shit on his desk

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En ole kuullut tuollaisesta. Linkkiä?

>> No.13968907

>go to professor to clarify reason behind grade drop
>prof says he realized he gave me the wrong grade
>week later gradebook says 4/10
>see professor again, tells me he gave me the wrong grade on accident again
>week later grade is a FUCKING 0/10
>send professor an email, turns out he made a few mistakes while grading
>tomorrow my grade is a -6/10

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I will never understand how native English speakers think that using long, mispronounced foreign words will make their text better. Is it just the fact that English has the depth of a puddle and the usability of a square wheel that gives anglophones the endless need to forcibly complicate the frankensteinian horror they call a language?

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Did you do this shit on purpose?

>> No.13968971

>I will never understand
Sounds like a problem on your end

>> No.13968975

Name a writer from your native language who can do something equivalent to what Carlyle or Shakespeare do

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holy shit kek

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In my first year methods seminar in grad school the Hispanic professor demanded weekly response papers from us. The very first week had one, even though we hadn't convened yet. Several people (including me) of course didn't read the syllabus until that first day, so several people didn't know they there was a paper due. He scolded everyone. When I missed a second paper later in the semester, he emailed me and three or four other people who had also missed a second paper with a long paragraph haranguing us for being unprofessional. Halfway through the paragraph he transitioned to writing in Spanish and basically started calling us dipshits who don't take our studies seriously, saying this isn't high school and we're not here to be coddled. I had to google translate it from Spanish.

I thought it was pretty funny. I didn't miss any more papers after that.

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Or the opposite. It was a delight to read but had no content.

>> No.13969049

Some professors are just bullshit. Had one women with a PhD for American history, and for a midterm essay I wrote about the gulf war and underlying reasons for it and how it worked with the American economy. Worked very hard on that essay. Ended up with a C- and felt like I got robbed because nothing was actually written on the paper that was handed back. When I asked about how there was no comments she simply said "Do you know how hard it is to be a teacher? We do not have time to write comments." Decided to ask her why she gave me a bad mark, and she had to re read the entire paper. Then finally she said it was a well researched and written piece but she didnt like how I acted in class and that hopefully giving me a bad grade would make be behave better in class. Dropped the class right there. Some professors man, they got an ego that is out of this world.

>> No.13969052

What life lesson? That you can't make a mistake?

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>Be me, in Ancient Greek class, translating a selection from Lysias

>"I don't have the translation for this passage.."
The professor responds:
>I didn't think you did.


>> No.13969067

>do you know how hard it is to be a teacher?
It's like she's never been a student.

>> No.13969074

based and redpilled

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>> No.13969130

Had a comment on one of my essays
>Shows little to no understanding of the subject matter
Gave me a 2:1

Had a comment on my dissertation
>First time I've ever seen an abstract shorter than the title.

I hated studying STEM but it's the only set of subjects with job prospects.

>> No.13969131

Shut up, faggot. I’m phoneposting.

>> No.13969143

This can't be true. That's academic misconduct if you're even partly telling the truth.

No one would give a grade that low in any class unless you submitted a paper half the required length that wasn't doing the work properly. I'm at a "notoriously grade deflating" university which has a reputation for suicides, and even then it's a joke, the lowest grade you can get is maybe a C, and that's if you effectively submit nothing. If you try whatsoever you're getting a B- minimum, and if you put actual effort into your paper and can read and write at an adult level you are probably getting B or B+ minimum.

It's not just fairness or whatever, it's that students complain like crazy. There's no way she would give a grade that bad and not write comments unless it was a very short paper or you completely didn't do the assignment. If she did, she's probably nuts, because that's inviting the student to complain. Professors always cover their tracks when giving a shit grade like that. Her responses to you don't make much sense either. She would be much cagier than that, having experienced students complaining about their grades before. Every year there is at least one completely insane student melting down about the B+ they got and how it's going to destroy their entire life etc.

>> No.13969146

>Shut up faggot, I'm a retard

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Had a genuine chuckle.

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This is the kind of story I expect to hear from a murderer during his trial.

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Why do these people think they're allowed to be such dicks?

>> No.13969321

Reacting with such full fledged autism to a quirky story is absurd.
You just like to over-analyze and call out other people to fill out the void in your life by making yourself seem hyper rational and intellectually superior instead of having a normal interaction and drive.

>> No.13969357

Your imagination is almost as elaborate as the anon you're accusing.

>> No.13969360

over writing got me through college nobody reads those papers

>> No.13969364

Your are all just figments of the colossal imagination of some transcendent Anon, anon.

>> No.13969399

How old were they? If that happened to me and they were under 40, I would've choked both of them

>> No.13969414

I had to study Frankenstein in about three different English classes and I was sick of the professors insisting that the monster be called "the creature" and insisting that he wasn't evil, and that Victor was the true villain of the story. So, in my last experience with it, I wrote an essay comparing Frankenstein's monster to Elliot Rodger, drawing a close comparison between lashing out for being an ugly incel against god's creation and lashing out for being an ugly incel against the family of one's creator. My professor gave me a good grade, but he wrote a fucking novel himself in response.

I didn't read any of his comments.

>> No.13969437

That's rude as fuck as deserves to be reported. A teacher is not there to be a tyrant, they are being paid to improve you.

>> No.13969461

I’m a university instructor and you’re the reason I tell my students “no” when they miss an exam

>> No.13969468

>professor said he checked my work from the previous semester and I actually failed
>also I failed to enrol at the start of the year, so technically I don't even go here

>> No.13969471

I teach college, just ask him you autist. We make mistakes all the time

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based hardass

>> No.13969492

>even then it's a joke, the lowest grade you can get is maybe a C
I got an E on a few papers when I was at uni, when I didnt attend any lectures or seminars, just bashed something out the night before the deadline so they couldn't expel me

>> No.13969518

oh i don't disagree and knew completely that it would be more than fair if i was turned down. would still take that chance every time though. i'm only riding on the belief that even if 99 out of 100 people are lying, the 1 person who's telling the truth deserves to be saved. it's a mix of acting in bad faith but also trying to cut more slack for myself at the time as some dumb kid who knew he had no way of figuring things out for himself until he got out of uni and saw what the 'real' world was about. maladaptive behavior is much harder to root yourself out of when you aren't paying your own bills

>> No.13969546

based and good old neon-pilled

>> No.13969590

Bro, maybe you just have only gone to good schools? I've gotten plenty of C- on papers I have submitted. Not everywhere is magical land where people get perfect marks and teachers are saints. From my experience most teachers are alcoholic bygones who hate that they haven't attributed anything substantial to their field and take it out on upstart students.

>> No.13969608

Is this all something that you recognize in yourselves? Doesn't make much sense to me.

>> No.13969647

Going straight to university is a retarded meme. All you do is spend more money for the same shit

>> No.13969653

reminds me of playing a joke on someone that no one laughs at so i have to justify it with some kind of audience in my head. saves you from the rawness of being unaccepted in a given moment. do enough of that and the resentment from being disliked by real people forces you to create an in-group you identify with that serves both as police and crutch.

better to just course correct to suit the company you're with than calcify with a slave morality

>> No.13969665

I don't remember what I was on about, but I asserted during a discussion section that the Women's March in Washington was not a political act because it did not demand particular political outcomes; rather, that it was a performance of a liberal ideology. I was contrasting it with LGBT rights protests in Central America. A sound which can only be described as pure, distilled contempt came from the corner of the room.

I felt so BTFO that I became confounded and completely lost whatever point I was attempting to make. To this day I don't remember, really.

>> No.13969667

Wait, who are you talking about here

>> No.13969680

I thought this as well. I think the blatant hypocrisy might be the reason OP posted this, fishing for affirmation against the criticism.

>> No.13969684

Based keep-the-poor-ignorant poster

>> No.13969693

i-i don't get it... why is this snarky?

>> No.13969698

I've done this but not for three hours

>> No.13969707

don't encourage the christfags

>> No.13969725

>The only reason I can imagine anybody would do it is for the pure spectacle of witnessing themselves doing it
This is so massively revealing about you. I Iove it when people unwittingly reveal their neuroses

>> No.13969728

trying to rephrase what i took away from the anon who read into the storyposter. as for who, just talking about myself as one who can understand how storyposter anon could be read in that light. repeated social failures can make it seem sensible to find an alternate social group to identify with, even at the cost of acting in bungled servitude to its imagined eye. for them, it is better to be laughed at and join in on the laughter than to be given the silence of rejection.

>> No.13969733

I dont know, I am story poster and though I understand what you're saying, I find it utterly alien as a mentality.

>> No.13969758

Why are you so angry at "christfags?"

>> No.13969763

>I didn't read any of his comments.

Bucking fased. There's nothing that feels better than doing an irl "lol didn't read" dance to give yourself the last word.

>> No.13969802

You were being a Chad for defending yourself but then you Virgin'd when the fatty shut you up. Although wait...you're retarded for even trying to rationalize with leftists.

>> No.13969816

How were you using clandestine?

>> No.13969832

based and e unibus pluram pilled

>> No.13969834

i can only imagine this leads to an endless regress of finger-pointing, but i'd still like to hear this expounded

i find the use in psychologizing to be exactly in that it reveals nothing about the person, rather than revealing anything about them at all. it has its purchase in ideas, not really in identifying some deep and ulterior motive. whether you actually have that mentality is besides the point. on any anonymous imageboard, you're more just the canvas of the next person's projections - which may or may not lead to generative ideas. the latin truth of veritas is trumped by the greek truth of aletheia

>> No.13969851

>i can only imagine this leads to an endless regress of finger-pointing, but i'd still like to hear this expounded
It's called projection

>> No.13969898

how else do you think conversation is even possible at all? you miss the deeper point of the psychoanalytic vocabulary in that it actually is the same vocabulary for human language. in the same way we don't in fact see the physical objects in front of us but instead diffuse reflections from a primary source of light, so too do we not say anything about anyone else other than we do of ourselves. to listen is to allow a projection of the other to take over some aspect of yourself, and to speak is to let your projection cast over them. a pro-ject is a forward trajectory nonetheless. and even though it can be used to trace back, it is the only way forward

>> No.13969933

>there are several instances of overwriting, presumably with the intention of impressing the reader. A particularly affronting example is "a pro-ject is a forward trajectory nonetheless." The central analogy regarding light is confused and weak at best. Anons should be encouraged to write their masturbations in accessible language

>> No.13969957

>he is unable to analyse anybody's behaviour because he is an autist who cannot empathise
>he struggles to understand the analyses of others unless they also apply to him and his behaviours
>instead of admitting failure he simply accuses the theorist of projecting

now who's projecting

>> No.13969959

>I've been thinking my whole life that the P isn't silent
looks like I was the pseud all along
at least I won't embarrass myself in public

>> No.13969982

You are clearly. There's nothing in storyposter's autism to justify all this garbled attempt at psychoanalysis besides the insecurity in the minds of the anon I quoted and you. You're wrestling with your own shadows.

>> No.13970000

>freshman history class
>final exam is an in-class essay
>"remember, you're on a strict time limit so only include absolutely necessary information!"
>bang out a great autistic 5x5 essay
>get it back
>"not enough detail" scrawled over the words, no indication of what it's referring to, no other comments
Fuck TAs and fuck colleges for making you take stupid 400-person meat grinder lectures for the first two years.

>> No.13970027

Soren Kierkegaard was pretty based
And H.C Andersen

>> No.13970035

>freshman calculus class
>professor is a Korean woman who barely speaks a word of English
>get test back
>minor corrections written in red pen if we got close enough for half-credit
>completely fucked up one problem
>"WHY???" written so large it takes up half the page

>> No.13970046

>Publish an article in the school paper criticizing the college's politicization of everything and oversensitive political correctness
>This was before Trump and 2016
>Vilified by many, held up as a hero by some
>receive all kinds of harassment and ostrcization from sjws
>2016 rolls around
>completely vindicated and my words proved absolutely prophetic; the canary in the coal mine

>> No.13970052

That's the most retarded thing I've heard today

>> No.13970058

No he genuinely did it because he wanted an English related tattoo

>> No.13970105

I think this is true to some extent.
Anon was afraid of going out, because "what will others think of me being in here". The others can be an audience, spectators or as most people call it strangers. The ultimate truth is nobody fucking cares. It's a moment that might be embarrassing right now, but is forgotten very soon by everyone except you. Your life is not so interesting that others follow it and think "what is anon going to do now", especially if you're not calling attention to yourself.
And the way these stories are written it is sort of a " I did this whacky thing once, but I'm not gonna tell you now hehe" hints at the anon using the story as entertainment. Your life is not entertainment for others, and you shouldn't do or not do something based on what others think of it, and on whether or not it will make a good story for others to hear.

>> No.13970141

>The ultimate truth is nobody fucking care
I don't know if that's true in the case of me being in the girl's toilets , I doubt most people would have shrugged their shoulders and said whatever about that.
> I did this whacky thing once, but I'm not gonna tell you now hehe
That was more of a stream of consciousness rambling and fear of hitting the character limit
>hints at the anon using the story as entertainment
I mean it happened and in hindsight seems mildly amusing to me, what else am I going to do with the memory besides as a warning to always look where I'm going

This whole thread is "slightly embarrassing anecdotes blown out if proportion by retards for comic effect," so I don't really see what the problem is.

>> No.13970190

>you're retarded for even trying to rationalize with leftists.
This is my conclusion, but I appreciate when a Chad stands up to them and do offer limited support.

>> No.13970195

If you ignore the derision and plow through anyway, that is the most powerful flex.

>> No.13970200

Walk out of the toilet. That's it.
If someone looks at you say "oh sorry, I went in the wrong one", smile awkwardly and go out.
Sitting for 3 hours because of embarrassment is pointless and stupid. Doing it because it's funny or quirky means you only bring value by being a clown.
I agreed with the anon to some extent, it's not for an audience per se, but you're placing too big importance on small things, worrying about other''s opinion.

>> No.13970223

t. brainlet

>> No.13970248

Embarrassment isn't the main issue here, though I have done stupid shit to avoid that too, more the potential for total social and professional ruin. I have to walk out of the cubicle into the general hand washing area where I could well bump into a girl walking in. In that scenario, an awkward smile and a "whoops, wrong toilet," isn't really going to cut it. She's going to leg it, she'll certainly tell somebody and it's not unlikely that it finds its way back to me in a disciplinary fashion. I'd rather wait for three hours 'til I know nobody will be coming in or walking past.

>> No.13970279

If you believe this you're delusional or autistic. I have done this by accident, walked out of the toilet and seen a woman looked at me a little shocked. I just said oh sorry, and walked past her.
It's not embarrasing, and it's not worth spending 3 hours of your life over. And don't believe 4chan stories of how women think everything is rape, it's Incels imagining the world they're shutting themselves off from.

>> No.13970280

There's nothing I hate more than professors who claim to have strict policies with no exceptions about things like missing class, submitting late work, etc, but they'll actually let people off pretty easily if they come to them individually. Why would I want to make myself look like an idiot who can't accept consequences in front of the teacher? In the end they're hypocrites only rewarding the liars and the shameless.

>> No.13970303

I doubt that. Was it just a general public toilet? I could see how you could get away with that

>> No.13970311


>> No.13970329

I've always been waiting to be btfo for writing all of my essays and writings lazily and at the last second, but it never happens no matter how far I get in the system. The emphatic praise just feels weird because I know I did a lazy shit. I want to be btfo and taught that things like effort and time management are important for success, I really do.

>> No.13970335

I get the feeling you've never meaningfully interacted with a woman

>> No.13970343
File: 47 KB, 500x500, 1508149328489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon you already know what you need to know so why do you keep stealing success from yourself?

>> No.13970344

I fucking hate this shit. Similarly, I once had a paragraph circled with the comment "maybe".

>> No.13970360

I'm betting your idiot prof's texts are plagued by run-on sentences

>> No.13970389

>first semester of grad school
>write a paper for one class
>teacher comments: This doesn't meet standard of a graduate level paper
>whatever she still gave me a B
>get this comment for every paper for rest of semester
>later check out one of her academic papers
>it's undecipherable jargon
Due to my major I was basically guaranteed a pass for any class, so I didn't really care and got a B on all the papers
This bitch was straight out of her doctorate and in her late 20's/early 30's, and if it is any indication on the average of teachers for the next generation of professors, the future of education is very bleak
Worst teacher I ever had
lmao I just remembered, a year later, she also did a presentation on the medieval age and the alt right

>> No.13970395
File: 15 KB, 300x223, 1522547783984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she also did a presentation on the medieval age and the alt right

>> No.13970405

Lmfao fucking based

>> No.13970411

>First time I've ever seen an abstract shorter than the title.

>> No.13970486

Other anons are right. You think you can get away with your posturing bullshit? You think you’re funny with your stupid little joke about writing your papers at the last moment? “Hahahah, I procrastinate so much!!! I always end up writing my papers at the last moment while drinking SOOO MUCH coffee!!!” I bet you’re one of those based-boy faggots who can’t go without your fucking coffee.

Have you ever read Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation”? I haven’t, either, but I can definitively say that you’re just a fucking simulacrum. A social mask covering up a fucking vacuity. You’re fucking NOTHING, kiddo. You should be strung up by the testicles and roasted over a bonfire made of the bodies of your children. Then we’ll see how funny your stupid fucking stories are.

“Tehehehehe!! Me spend 3 hours in girl’s bathroom! Soooo randumb and quirky!!!”

This ain’t Reddit, you fucking little bitch, and it’s sure as fucking hell not 9gag either. This is fucking 4CHANNEL. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.

>> No.13970497

>Intro to Ancient Greece
>First two weeks is learning exclusively about pots
>"Okay class, for your first assignment you'll be writing a blog post from the perspective of the leader of a city-state of your choosing"
Then I dropped the course.

>> No.13970507

you definitely need to get a grip around a dick fag

>> No.13970517

I had a professor in grad school ask us to make up tweets about a certain topic

>> No.13970531

>Other anons are right. You think you can get away with your posturing bullshit? You think you’re funny with your stupid little joke about writing your papers at the last moment? “Hahahah, I procrastinate so much!!! I always end up writing my papers at the last moment while drinking SOOO MUCH coffee!!!” I bet you’re one of those based-boy faggots who can’t go without your fucking coffee.
I don't drink coffee or any other caffeine based substance, I find it gives me palpitations and curiously makes me feel more tired.
>Have you ever read Baudrillard’s “Simulacra and Simulation”? I haven’t, either
Haha, very nicely done
>Tehehehehe!! Me spend 3 hours in girl’s bathroom! Soooo randumb and quirky!!!”
People keep saying this, like I stayed as an affection. It's hardly quirky, nor was it an attempt to be, I just didn't want to get done for being a perv
>This ain’t Reddit, you fucking little bitch, and it’s sure as fucking hell not 9gag either. This is fucking 4CHANNEL. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words
I feel you went too hard here, it spoils the ambiguity.

>> No.13970535


>> No.13970549
File: 161 KB, 600x599, .....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what if a student didn´t have a twitter account?

>> No.13970584

instant expulsion and a shame parade on the way out

>> No.13970591

Don’t respond to me, faggot.

>> No.13970593


>> No.13970633
File: 122 KB, 1080x232, Screenshot_20191011-081314_Blackboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every time, bros.

>> No.13970635
File: 136 KB, 889x456, 1570515552674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13970645

>I haven’t, either, but I can definitively say that you’re just a fucking simulacrum.

>> No.13970652
File: 8 KB, 228x221, academicpaperswrittenafterthe50s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh shit I found a picture of you

>> No.13970682

Based teacher BTFOing stupid ass undergrads

>> No.13970692

The virgin commie versus the chad ideology shamer

>> No.13970698

>STEM being pretentious
99% of my lectures have just been my professors giving ted style speeches about the importance of science and I'm starting to go insane.
They had us digitally submit what makes a good worker today for projection onto the whiteboard and I seriously considered writing "eating ass real good" just to break the monotony of the day.

>> No.13970709

To the Anon who shared the story about being stuck in a toilet, don't listen to the fags giving you shit for it and especially don't listen to their stupid ass advice.

You have a fucking bit and it doesn't work among autists, what a fucking tragedy.

"Oh wow, Anon tried to be funny." Of course he tried to be funny. You have stories that work most of the time. Stories that are experimental. Stories that never work but you tell them anyway. And you tell those stories to other people over a beer or two. You might land a laugh and you all go back to your miserable lives.

It's like this fucking place has zero social sense.

>> No.13970727

>high school ancient history, sophomore year
>teacher is sort of my mentor, by far the best teacher I’ve ever had, pretentious but down to earth
>gives us assignment about linking myths through ancient history to the together different cultures
>completely misunderstand the prompt
>write a 7 paragraph essay about how the ‘fossil record’ and ‘physics’ prove Noah’s Ark never happened
>write that, since Mesopotamia and the Israelites has similar creation myths, they’re by default false and god isn’t real
>write like 3 long sentences about how Abraham was abusive to his son, tying it to my own struggles with my parents
>handwritten with no sources
>he keeps me after class and screams at me for 10 minutes before writing down ‘69’, one point above an F, on my paper

Never been so embarrassed

>> No.13970733

The story was bad and unfunny though, plus it came off as forced quirkiness so no it's not bad to call people out on it.
Its awkward and they learn the lesson on how to not be an unfunny dweeb with no self awareness.

>> No.13970734

It's weird autists don't like it because it's the most autistic thing I've ever read

>> No.13970737

Should have done it pussy

>> No.13970742

You should have. Sounds boring as fuck.

>> No.13970743

I laughed. I don't really see what's so quirky about it. Do you find the autism triggering or something?

>> No.13970747

Based lecturer

>> No.13970748

>It's like this fucking place has zero social sense.
You're aware of where you are right?

>> No.13970755

so you always get a laugh? your stories are always on point?

>> No.13970762

Do you realistically believe that anon literally walked into the female bathroom without noticing and seriously waited there three hours to leave unnoticed ?
I don't, I know he's making it up just like the "then everyone clapped" people.
I admit I get irrationally angry over this and I don't quite know why.

>> No.13970770

I don't make them up to get validation from strangers on the internet

>> No.13970777
File: 45 KB, 165x180, 1525634298387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>professor asks to talk me after class
>great job on the last paper anon
>my mom helped me write it

>> No.13970779

it's the thread topic

>> No.13970782

this is me except i have no friend

>> No.13970787
File: 60 KB, 188x210, 1547188627299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tying it to my own struggles with my parents

>> No.13970789

And I don't mind them if they're funny and non fictitious, which anons clearly wasn't

>> No.13970792

haha I literally did though

>> No.13970801

dunno, doesn't seem implausible to me, I've nearly done it myself a few times.

>> No.13970804

Either way it wasn't funny

>> No.13970809
File: 282 KB, 922x715, IMG_6756.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Historians should be encouraged to write in accessible language
Please provide me this professor's information so I can call him a nigger.

>> No.13970816

And apparently so are you.

>> No.13970822

to the undeveloped mind

>> No.13970827

I give this thread a 72

>> No.13970833
File: 52 KB, 800x596, IMG_5165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13970848


>> No.13970867

goodbye anon, I'm sorry no one liked your story but it wasn't funny, see ya

>> No.13970876

where you going?

>> No.13970885

Why is Anglo academia trying so hard to dumb down and niggerize everything?

>> No.13970902

how do I stop doing this to myself

>> No.13970911

>I don't quite know why.
you're autistic

>> No.13970914


>> No.13970932

cringe and pseudpilled

>> No.13970940
File: 55 KB, 394x374, 1543022404420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to university
>get btfo
>go to 4channel
>get btfo

>> No.13970954

>>handwritten with no sources

>> No.13971007

All fedoralords deserve this.

>> No.13971014

new atheism was an amusing time for teenagers

>> No.13971023

I'd give you a swirlie then pull your pants down and fuck you in the arse while your head is in the toilet bowl.

>> No.13971067

> math final
> need c- in class to graduate
> gets a d on a test where the class average was an a
> emails asking just for a c-
> professor says no and says I’m lucky I didn’t get a f
> have to retake the class in the fall
> studies two weeks for the first test
> gets a d on the test when the class average is an a
> if I get a d again I have to retake it in the spring, but have a job lined up upon graduation, so if I fail I lose the job

>> No.13971083

Go on then

>> No.13971087

>when the class average is an a
I hate this feel, just today got 47% on an assignment when the class average is in the 70s.

>> No.13971095

Based anon

>> No.13971098
File: 13 KB, 657x527, apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>take class on Plato taught by knowledgeable professor who has written a book on the lad
>slack off on first couple papers out of laziness but try really hard on one of the last ones
>get a 90/100
>comments say "content was okay but the prose is riddled with errors and the pompous tone is off putting"
Legitimately hurt my feelings desu although she probably isn't wrong. Still haunts my memories.

>> No.13971102

what math class is this? if it's less than calc iii i don't think you have much of an excuse for not studying.

>> No.13971108

Get a tutor dipshit.

>> No.13971110

I did study. It’s complex analysis

>> No.13971112

Fuck are you me? I'm in the exact same situation aside from the job thing. Just got my first exam score and scored a low D, one point lower and it would've been an F. I'm a brainlet and I despise math.

>> No.13971117

don't worry anon
she meant that the prose was so immaculate that it was distracting her from her job of grading it

>> No.13971118

>hen I had another shit which was inadvisable because it was super soft and I bled a lot after wiping so much to clear it off, which was another half an hour gone
I'll admit, I laughed at this.

>> No.13971120

I’m one of the tutors in the math department, I can’t ask for someone to tutor a tutor

>> No.13971190

Lel based.

>> No.13971235

you're a girl, right?

>> No.13971237

This can't possibly be real. And with no sources, none the less.

>> No.13971267


>have asthma
>class is taking place is a poorly oxygenated room
>can't get enough air, start hyperventilating, lean on my knees, sweating
>eyelids feel extremely heavy
>the exact moment they shut, teacher (I happened to be sitting right in front of him) reprimands me for falling asleep in front of 200 people
>try my best to stay awake but they keep closing
>teacher scolds me again
>"What's wrong with you?"
>I can't even conjure up a response, half-unconscious
>"Guess anon is lost in Limbo", whole class laughs
>keeps rebuking me every time I half-close my eyes, struggling to remain conscious
>this exchange keeps happening another 15 times within the span of one hour until end of lesson
>never follow teacher's class again

Fuck him.

>> No.13971292

jesus christ you dumb pussy why didn't you confront him or complain or something. How could you be so weak?

>> No.13971317


I was too embarassed to confront him later. I didn't tell him outright as I felt the response "I have asthma" too awkward, or even something more simple as "I don't have enough air" did not warrant interrupting the lesson for the hundred other students there...

>> No.13971336
File: 18 KB, 287x400, Alfred_Baeumler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My brain is dying
>I don't want to cause a scene though

>> No.13971348

Diversity is Strength
Whitoid is Slavery
Black is Freedom

>> No.13971369
File: 1.89 MB, 200x200, 1524153941071.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>poorly oxygenated room

>> No.13971383

Good post

>> No.13971394

>normal interaction and drive should be.
what the fuck is this even supposed to mean?

>> No.13971454

where is this from, i've always wondered

>> No.13971461

I don't get it, the greentext part of your comment is fine, nothing great but passable. I don't know why the rest of your comment overwhelms me with rage, maybe it's the whole 'us autistic 4channers amirite?' tone, taken to its most mainstream and safe conclusion (a man getting stuck in the girls bathroom? Never in all my years!) that makes me want to rip off your cock and shove it down your throat.

>> No.13971478

it's from my reactions folder, confusion sub-folder.

>> No.13971509

Despite my confusion regarding it's source, I'm actually quite pleased at the autistic rage I've been able to unwittingly engender over the past few hours, maybe there's some hope for me yet.

>> No.13971524

>I haven’t, either,

>> No.13971529

It's like that man going to his hanging stepping around a puddle so he doesn't get his shoes wet.

>> No.13971557

>taking bio course
>professor begins talking about different vertebrae genitalia
>he says that birds usually have cloacae, and ducks alone have penises
>I tell him that ostriches have 20cm penises
>forgot I'm in a 200 person lecture hall
>the Prof jokingly asks me why I know this and everyone laughs at me

I didn't study birds so much just go be laughed at

>> No.13971561

>high school
As a counterpoint, my high school was extremely lenient. At that time, I had an OCD-like compulsion to repeatedly click my screen in certain areas, inching upward. The text editor I was using let you drag selected text to a different place in the document. Just before submitting my essay, I accidentally shuffled the whole thing to bits without realizing. I think I got a B. I remember the teacher commented that it was a bit confusing.

>> No.13971599

Won't that lower your IQ over time?

>> No.13971619

IQ is a societal construct, intelligence is just a meme.

>> No.13971622

too late anon

>> No.13971735

> Well you see I was in the bathroom and I didn't want to be seen, so I just stayed put. Plus the girl that I have a crush on walked in and I overheard her discussing with her friends that she was going out with Brad tonight and I couldn't help but feel slightly angered "Why do all those guys have all the luck. What's so good about Brad anyways. If only I could talk to her." When suddenly after leaning too hard against the door I felt out and she saw me. Sheepishly I remarked "all out of toilet paper in the men's room," laughed and ran out.
I hope you rot in hell and the teenage sitcom you are living in gets cancelled, so you could grow the fuck up. Fuck you anon your life's a bigger joke than mine.

>> No.13971751

I wish, I just had two shits and read Shakespeare: Invention of the Human for the bulk of it.

>> No.13971803

Fucking hell. Such a common phenomenon. To read a word for years but never hear it being said out loud, only to be humiliated when someone tells you you're pronouncing a simple word incorrectly.

Nowadays I just shrug and go "sorry, I've only ever read it on paper", but when I was a teen, I felt so dumb.

>> No.13971935

>Intro level world history class
>never show up because it’s an 8 am and all the info is in the textbook
>few weeks before final professor emails me saying my attendance is at 40%
>write a long reply about how I’ve had family issues this semester and will make an effort to show up for the remaining classes
>come to class maybe 2 more times
>walk in 20 minutes late on final exam day
>as everyone walks out she gives everyone a heartfelt goodbye, telling them how great they were in class
>even the girl who’s 3rd grade level essay I peer reviewed gets praise
>I stand up to turn in essay
>”Good for you for showing up” in the coldest voice ever
>feel super embarrassed, maybe 30% of class was still in room

Still got an A-. Why is attendance so enforced in classes where you can do just fine without it? Would’ve gotten an A if I didn’t lose 5% of my grade to attendance.

>> No.13971960


>> No.13971967

I probably could have gotten a lot of slack from teachers if I told them how depressed I was, but I'm too shy to even talk to my professors let alone ask them for leniency.

>> No.13972004


>> No.13972019

Open your mind my dude

>> No.13972035

based and shepilled

>> No.13972052

I should’ve said professeusepilled.

>> No.13972064
File: 67 KB, 683x1024, Marie-Kondo-at-92nd-Y-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lit class on african-American literature
>discussion on Harlem renaissance
>Easy just say sorry for racism and the A's fakk upon you
>mid-2016 peak bix nood and ayo hol up memes
> In a group discussion with friends about some dumb YAtier shit
>forget that other people exist
>while fucking with friends speak up a little bit too loudly and say "shieeeeeeeeeeeet" in the most ebonical way possible
>Prof speaks generally to the entire class and remarks about she has black friends that would find some comment she overheard racist and offensive
>prof is white jewish lesbian who assumes offence because of course
> grades for rest of year dont break a C

>> No.13972110

we wuz A-grade students and shieeet

>> No.13972117
File: 678 KB, 654x497, 1537542392736.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Frankenstein's monster wasn't evil

The fuck book did they read? Straight up evil as shit! Fucking idiocy!

>> No.13972144

Are you literally me?

>> No.13972319


>> No.13972324

Humanities teachers need to feel like they're contributing something. They get extremely narcissistically wounded and upset when they have to offer value rather than get captive audiences.

>> No.13972415


Brutal. Ow

>> No.13972468

Based semicolon gang protecting our brothers. It's the only /lit/ can universally agree upon.

>> No.13972497

you are doing the same cunt lol

>> No.13972573

I hope this is true.

>> No.13972598

I’m doing no one’s cunt DD:

>> No.13972599

>math class
>we're going over exercices we had to prepare
>prof calls me infront of the class to solve the one exercice I didn't bother doing
>stand there like a clueless retard

>> No.13972605

In what way does this self congratulatory shit relate to the thread?

>> No.13972633

>n-no you're projecting

>> No.13972639

>we are sorry but you have been academically excluded

>> No.13972647

whatever you want me to be, baby.

>> No.13972655

>take mandatory gender studies class
>write final paper on homoeroticism in männerbünde and the SS
>feminist prof sends my GPA to the shadow dimension

>> No.13972770
File: 18 KB, 500x334, 2ea266f1287736e9b195dfeb3cbc9c7a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your text was too long and your writing is too complicated and hard to understand. you are supposed to write as if you are explaining to your old grandmother and your explanation should follow a clear linear path including only the relevant information
>you oversimplified many key points and you didn't include many other important parts
what the fuck do they want? i thought this shit would stop after high school.

>> No.13972789

What are some other litcore words you probably should not throw in college?

>> No.13972802

Cringe, let him bring the joy nobody but himself can give him.

>> No.13972815

Why do you think he's so defensive?

>> No.13972819
File: 39 KB, 489x1022, 1568132749205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>received an email 10 days ago from uni
>it's from the administration
>it said that they had been trying to reach me on my phone for a while
>i never pick up the phone, especially if the number isn't someone i know
>they said that i have fallen behind, and am being offered special classes to catch up a bit
>mfw started a 5 year study exactly 4 years ago
>mfw i have only finished 2 years so far
>mfw i have still not answered the email

>> No.13972826

Oh no, I remember now. Oh no.

In my freshman year I walked in on a group reading of Eliot's The Waste Land which my best friend was participating in. Having been introduced to his work a few weeks before, I felt confident accepting the invitation to join in on it.
>Everyone reading with gravity l, so I follow
>Mein Irisch Kind,
>Wo weilest du?
>You gave me hyca-ninths first a year ago...
>Sniggering, people stealing glances
>"Uh, anon, its hyacinths. You... you do know that word, right?"
>Best friend flashes me this bizarre, contorted face of amusement and disgust
>Excuse myself and go sit in the graveyard for an hour
I wouldn't have felt so fucking embarrassed if it didn't have the weird gravity that it did

>> No.13972830

Enjoy hating your life you sad fucker

>> No.13972846
File: 53 KB, 667x684, 5FEB672B-E3F9-44D3-AB0B-449B0AC89E06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m in an almost identical situation. Stay strong, brother. We can make it.

>> No.13972849

You on spot, they are bigger pussies.

>> No.13972857

every year, i fuck up and fail half my classes. i never go to lectures, i buy the books and never open them, and i dont even know whats wrong with me. right now, the semester is like halfway, and i have only gone to one lecture. i feel like slitting my wrists

>> No.13972866

Why are we like that?

>> No.13972922

No that anon but I'm in the same boat, I got kicked out in 2017. We just play too much games and we don't really want to go to uni anyway

>> No.13972996

could be ADD, maybe try talking about it to a health specialist.

>> No.13973034

if you don't know by now, then...

>> No.13973036

Joe Weller

>> No.13973044

Attendance is enforced because it's rude not to attend. Even if you are capable of achieving an A without attending, the courteous thing to do is attend the lectures. Being smart isn't an excuse for being autistic.

>> No.13973059

Based and same :/
This is when meds are justified

>> No.13973103

My God that's fucking funny

>> No.13973119

This is just more polite way of saying 'historicized persons' sounds faggoty

>> No.13973125

my dad graduated at 20 and I’m forever in his shadow

>> No.13973139

>english has no depth
>english has an excessive amalgam of words taken from other languages and culture
Well which one is it faggot?

>> No.13973145

It's ok Anon, you'll meet a special someone that enjoys your bird facts

>> No.13973156


>> No.13973161
File: 13 KB, 180x219, unimpressed maritain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13973170

Nigger just fall over

>> No.13973171

At least we're not slaves to inflection like you eurocucks

>> No.13973180

>Penis inspector? We just had the janitorial staff jab us in the crotch and face with sharpened pencils for an hour.

>> No.13973225

Poor post construction, unclear

>> No.13973228

I once had my lecturer describe my thesis as
>"Like a card player who has all the aces but never plays them"

If it was truly like a card player withholding his aces then surely I would have to play them in order for one to even know I had those aces in the first place.

>> No.13973317

"Veritable" and "absolutely" or "positively"

>> No.13973397

Holy shit. That might just be the most retarded thing I’ve read today.

>> No.13973401

That’s not depth lmao. Any language can do that, but in most other languges it’s frowned upon. The reason English needs to resort to it is that it has lost its own productive derivation.

>> No.13973408

>y-your language is too hard for my anglobrain!!
We’re not slaves to it. Only a dumb monoglot like you could think so. In reality, inflection is what makes languages like German, French, Russian, and Latin so much better for literature than English.

>> No.13973483


>> No.13973536

Have you ever actually played cards?

>> No.13973629
File: 133 KB, 827x1406, 1570220670019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck them, better to know a word from reading and pronounce it wrong, than not at all. Mark of pretentious cunt to care about pronunciation - as if being able to say every needlessly verbose word they use in their drivel makes it not drivel.
Pursue understanding and prose, not social-standing and pronunciation

>> No.13973631


>> No.13973657

Consider suicide

>> No.13973775

/lit/ continues its trend toward /tv/

>> No.13974031

>the girl who’s 3rd grade level essay

i hope you realize what a dunce you are

>> No.13974065

Wow that is one ugly woman

>> No.13974108

Sounds like you just don't know how to read

>> No.13974113

I'm not even an anglo, but that is the stupidest thing is this entire thread

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