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where do I start with his body of work?
and if I can read it in English, German, or Russian, which should I go for

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I don’t know who that is, but his writer’s aesthetic is nice.

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>Krasznahorkai was born in Gyula, Hungary, on 5 January 1954,[1][4] to a middle-class Jewish family

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So he belongs to the smartest race. I'll definitely be reading him now.

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are you dyslexic or new or both

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Doesn’t matter as long as you start in the next hour or so, so you can say you read him before he got the Nobel.

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Once he said that throughout his life he just wrote one single book, the one composed by:
Satantango -> Melancholy of Resistance -> War and War -> Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming (published recently)

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What about siebo there below?

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Seiobo There Below

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seeing as he didn't win, can you tell me now

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it doesn't really matter which of those languages you read him in since they're all info Euro and hungarian isn't, so just read a few pages and then choose whichever one you think lends itself to his prose best.

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