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>Guénon didn't delineate exactly what's wrong with the modern worl-

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Jewish vermin

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Shut the fuck up, you absolute troglodyte. Every one of you stupid nazi fucks should be strung up and beat in the streets

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>good people do this, bad people do this

Always a tell for garbage philosophy

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>being anti-nazi in 2019

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And yet he's at a table surrounded by friends, while you're here on 4chan

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>believing in any ideology in 2019
Stop believing bullshit and get to work, there's a fucking climate crisis

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>Stop believing bullshit
>there's a fucking climate crisis
there is nothing wrong with being a nazi

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No one at the table is "friends" with one another. They are kike rats. Their friendliness is a facade to trick people into lowering their defenses. They would stab and maul one another's brains out if they weren't bound to societal expectations.

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>there's a fucking climate crisis
Doesn't matter how much you repeat your deranged prolefeed propaganda I will always be here to tell you:
No Such Thing.

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>get to work, there's a fucking climate crisis
isn't the answer to this to stop economic activity, meaning do no work

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The earth and pollution isn't actually real, it's only an appearance caused by maya. Humanity and earth are temporary, only liberation is eternal. You've been brainwashed by the agents of the Kali Yuga i.e. the Jews to value the temporary and illusory over the Real.

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"Around heebs, never let yourself feel relieved"

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>rationalism corresponds to a lessening of intellectuality

Look at him and laugh.

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>he doesn't intuit the ultimate truth of the Absolute via transcendental spiritual realization
never gunna make it

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Finally you dipshits post a quote. Thats based. But if his cure is "my favourite old god is real" as ive been lead to believe thats gay

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Nah it's more like 'there is an eternal metaphysical divine truth underlying the revealed traditional religions, and that while studying the metaphysics of multiple traditions as an autodidact can lead to wisdom; ultimately the final goal of the spiritual path is only reachable through a meaningful and serious participation in one of the traditional paths to it'

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So he's a really ace religious studies student. A quaint life.

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Brainlet dork detected

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>Friends are the highest good

Who the fuck are you, Aristotle writing the "friendship book" in "The Ethics"? Lmao

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read shit

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Sick reference bro.

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What does this conversation actually look like? Do they just talk about money? Does Joe pretend to be smart?

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based AND redpilled

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What did Guenon write about the jews?

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me no likey other sand tribey

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Come on anon. Jews are just better than everyone else. They've led the West against racism whilst systematically ensuring they take over the elite in every Western country.

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He is talking about a type of moralizing and status signaling bourgeois white people engage in. This served a purpose in older evolutionary environments but jews have been taking advantage of this aspect of our nature for a very, very long time and diverting through Christianity and now us giving all our stuff to shitskins because we wuz rayciss.

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an absolute genius...nothing triggers the midwits like guenon being right about literally everything

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So the entire branch of ethics then?

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Eric Weinstein > Guenon

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They settle who gets to fuck who's mom/sister next

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>rationalists are passionate and debate what they don't agree with therefore they're anti intellectual sentimentalists, just trust me on this
>sentimentalism and rationalism are actually one in the same, don't get tricked goy
>the public shifts between popular ideologies and disagrees with my fringe ideology therefore theyve been tricked by the progressive jew
does he actually try to support his claims elsewhere or is it all like this?

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Sounds like you need to read up on the jewish problem.

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sounds like you need to read up on some iq statistics, but either way how does muh jews explain sentimentalism and rationalism being one in the same?

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Retroactively refuted by Peirce
>The economists accuse those, to whom the enunciation of their atrocious villainies communicates a thrill of horror, of being sentimentalists. It may be so: I willingly confess to having some tincture of sentimentalism in me, God be thanked! Ever since the French Revolution brought this leaning of thought into ill repute -- and not altogether undeservedly, I must admit, true, beautiful, and good as that great movement was -- it has been the tradition to picture sentimentalists as persons incapable of logical thought and unwilling to look facts in the eyes. This tradition may be classed with the French tradition that an Englishman says godam at every second sentence, the English tradition that an American talks about "Britishers," and the American tradition that a Frenchman carries forms of etiquette to an inconvenient extreme; in short, with all those traditions which survive simply because the men who use their eyes and ears are few and far between. Doubtless some excuse there was for all those opinions in days gone by; and sentimentalism, when it was the fashionable amusement to spend one's evenings in a flood of tears over a woeful performance on a candle-litten stage, sometimes made itself a little ridiculous. But what after all is sentimentalism? It is an ism, a doctrine, namely, the doctrine that great respect should be paid to the natural judgments of the sensible heart. This is what sentimentalism precisely is; and I entreat the reader to consider whether to contemn it is not of all blasphemies the most degrading.

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Can anyone clarify what Guenon means by sentimentalism and sentimentalism-type rationalism, since that picture is mostly hot air with little infomation content?

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Having a high verbal IQ doesn't give a semite white characteristics or make it less subversive. It's just dated and currently imprecise language explaining the phenomenon here >>13967215

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>4 Jews and 2 drug addicts go to dinner

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>You have different software in your bioprocessor, one that favors your own kind over the jewish kind; you should be killed on spot!

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jews have a higher iq in general, making it easier to contribute more to academia in general and traditionally value education way more than whites, stop blaming everybody else for being a 102 iq brainlet

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Jews have high verbal IQs and low spatial IQs, and the latter is a proxy for creativity. There are far more high IQ whites than high IQ jews as well, jews just have no in-group class distribution, which is why they're forced to live as a race of parasitic swindlers in other people's countries. Their contributions are almost entirely negative.

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>jews giving in their own country
>cities sacked by romans, temples destroyed
>fully integrated into empire, no country to call their own
>move around europe and mena
>start only being allowed to do jobs considered sinful and a drain on society yet everybody needs them
>get kicked out every time a plague hits or a king doesn't want to pay denbt
>fund industrial revolution which takes europe from a barbarian horde who could only conquer people through smallpox to real colonial powers

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No one believes these excuses and justifications for your sick, parasitic tribe's behavior anymore. Do you think you're on r*ddit, rabbi?

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It's not as if Guénon alone became to that conclusion of in the quote picture you posted.

Benjamin Disraeli wrote 100 years earlier than Guénon this observation:
>The public does not realize that in all the conflicts within nations and in the conflicts between nations there are, besides the people apparently responsible for them, hidden agitators who with their selfish plans make these conflicts unavoidable. . . . Everything that happens in the confused evolution of peoples is secretly prepared in order to ensure the dominion of certain people: it is these people, known and unknown, that we must find behind every public event.
>"The world is governed by people entirely different from the ones imagined by those who are unable to see behind the scenes."

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>yeah here's your counter culture bro

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>mfw when (((they))) speak about another ((them))) behing (((them)))
Should we call it [[[them]]] ?

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based and hindupilled

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>Benjamin Disraeli

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>based and hindupilled

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>4chan is any less of a circlejerking race to get the most (you)s
the only difference is people on here are sometimes contrarian

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This is an amazing display of both chutzpah and irony. But jews actually had to say shit like this to fool the goyim into trusting them back then. Marx did the same thing, and still you have no shortage of people who don't understand the jew and believe Marx was an "anti-semite" because he called some other kike a "jewish nigger" to keep the European elite from scrutinizing his plans too much.

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remember, less than three months until they become a superpower

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>superpooper 2020

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So try it then, soja boy.

No, there's a consumption crisis. Pollution is increasing and the diversity of Earth's biomass is decreasing. Good luck convincing the eastern world to get their population growth under control, but in the meanwhile we don't have to add to the problem with policies like mass-immigration and foreign aid.

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Yo dis some lit ass post my nigga

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Shrek took this picture.

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This is the most incel thing I think I have read today, and I've been browsing all day.

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Amazing display of ignorance and typical /pol/ anti-intellectualism to recognize from which point Disraeli was speaking from, even though he was of Hebrew descent himself.

Benjamin Disraeli repeatedly warned Christendom against the world-revolution. Like Alexander Hamilton or Edmund Burke fifty years before, he saw "the design" behind it; unlike Lord Acton, who fifty years later spoke only of anonymous "managers" and did not name them; Disraeli identified these organizers in fact as Jews themselves.

Disraeli's two most significant warnings preceded and followed the revolutionary outbreaks which occurred in many parts of Europe in 1848. Based on the experience gained in France a half-century before, these represented the second of the "eruptions, concocted as occasion shall permit", and "the periodical explosions" which (as de Luchet and Alexander Hamilton had foretold) the world-revolutionary organization was to bring about. They failed everywhere, possibly because the memory of the French revolution was recent enough for governments and peoples to deal resolutely with them. Their suppression left Disraeli in no illusion about the future

So what exactly was the motivation of Disraeli or "chutzpah" to reveal such hidden motives or agitators?

Disraeli added, "The most skilful manipulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen people touch the hands of all the scum and low castes of Europe". This, he said, was because they wished to destroy Christianity. Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely "a baptised Jew".

Disraeli was the product both of Sephardic Jewry and of England at that period; he could not, without both of these influences, have achieved that "absolute freedom from prejudice". His father, Isaac D'Israeli, wrote, "A religion which admits not toleration cannot be safely tolerated, if there is any chance of its obtaining a political ascendancy", and the Encyclopaedia Britannica says Isaac's reason for withdrawing from the synagogue was that Talmudic Judaism with its rigid laws "cuts off the Jews from the great family of mankind". His son's biographer, Mr. Hesketh Pearson, says the elders fined Isaac D'Israeli forty pounds when he declined election as Warden of the Congregation stating that he could never take part in their public worship "because, as now conducted, it disturbs, instead of exciting religious emotions".

Keep browsing /pol/, buddy. Leave /lit/

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>It's not as if Guénon alone became to that conclusion of in the quote picture you posted
Guénon repeats ad nauseam that ideas are independent of individualities and that ideas can't be new, that's the premise of metaphysics and traditionalism. Also the quote you posted has nothing to do with what Guénon was getting at. Guénon talks about a metaphysical intellectual elite, while Disraeli points to mere political agitator. The intellectual elites do nothing but inquire, while political agitators work backwards. If you are interested read East&West.

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>Disraeli which half compel the thought that, after all, he was writing to warn the world of Jewish ambition for power:
"You never observe a great intellectual movement in Europe in which the Jews do not greatly participate. The first Jesuits were Jews. That mysterious Russian Diplomacy which so alarms western Europe is organized and principally carried on by Jews. That mighty revolution which is at this moment preparing in Germany, and which will be, in fact, a second and greater Reformation, and of which so little is yet known in England, is entirely developing under the auspices of Jews."
-Benjamin Disraeli

So yes, Disraeli, despite himself of being of Jewish descent: did name the Jews multiple times in his letters and other documents, as being the main cause or agitator for such revolutionary activities.

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>Guénon talks about a metaphysical intellectual elite

I do not know how bluepilled person I am actually talking to. You think these "metaphysical elite" are not behind these very same ideas of rationalism and the so-called "enlightenment"? I don't know what kind of limited worldview you have when reading Guénon if you think the metaphysics are some sort of disconnected phenomenon from the real world we, and Guénon did observe now and back then.

Even Guénon talks how the same influences degraded modern Masonry, which prepared ideologically for and supported the advent of the so called "metaphysical intellectual elite". Freemasonry still presents itself today as the custodian of the principles of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution and "brotherhood", its doctrines acting as a kind of secular religion of modern democracy and what it developed to.

The fact that you treat global subversion (i.e., liberalism, socialism, scientism, and rationalism) as disconnected events in regards these matters is concerning, because it is also evident that these ideas would have never arisen and triumphed without historical antecedents, such as the Reformation, Humanism, the naturalism and individualism of the Renaissance.

Perhaps Guénon was referring to you when he spoke of the stupidity of the masses in the quote that was posted above.

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>The first Jesuits were Jews.

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>The fact that you treat global subversion as disconnected events
I don't. You extrapolated a whole work out of my post, I won't reply since it is not relevant to what I think or said. You seem agitated.

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>I don't.

But you did. Did you even read the post you wrote?

Your claim:
>Guénon talks about a metaphysical intellectual elite, while Disraeli points to mere political agitator.

You cannot separate the two, as you cannot separate the tripumh of scientism or rationalism without the influence of certain historical revolutions or reformations, that do have a strictly political, observable and historical character, even if they do have a metaphysical reality behind them.

The fact that you cannot see the big picture and reply things like "That quote has nothing to do with it" is just a display of your ignorance and arrogance.

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I'm sorry but if you ever address me like this in real life, it's a straight hook to the liver. Now that the formalities are behind us;

In fact, you're the one who can't see the big picture, as you seem to mistake actors of the material realm (divisive) for metaphysicians (unifying). They have to be separated since they are in ESSENCE. One negates the other. The whole premise lies on this particularity.

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There were internal feuds for command 'converted' jews vs Christians.

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>You seem to mistake actors of the material realm (divisive) for metaphysicians (unifying). They have to be separated since they are in ESSENCE. One negates the other. The whole premise lies on this particularity.

The deeper causes of history here can refer to both those that act in a negative sense and those that may act in a positive or unifying sense— operate chiefly through what can be called "imponderable factors," to use an image borrowed from natural science. These causes are responsible for almost undetectable ideological, social, and political changes, which eventually produce effects observable in the material realm: These causes almost never act in a direct manner, but instead bestow to some existing processes an adequate direction that leads to the designated goal and they truly can have a metaphysical character to them and a secret influence.

Even if the work of actors is not taking place in a World of Causes fluid and not solid one could even argue by theology: "God Himself is not found to interfere arbitrarily with the course of Nature, but to work within His laws." The whole premise lies on this particularity. Even Guénon would agree. You do not seem to agree with this fact.

Unlike what happens in the domain of physical phenomena: person with an insight into history (or someone who would write a book called East & West ) encounters several instances where the "causal" explanation (in the deterministic, physical sense) is unsatisfactory, because things do not add up and the total does not equal the sum of the apparent historical factors—almost as if someone adding five, three, and two ended up not with ten, but with fifteen or seven. This differential, especially when it appears as a differential between what is willed and what has really happened, or between ideas, principles, and programs on the one hand and their effective consequences in history and it's apparent causes be they fluid or materia secunda.

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what do you talk about with your friends?

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Interesting but from what I read (in your own source) they were ousted in a matter of decades. And the founders were Basque soldiers. This "the first Jesuits were Jews therefore Jesuitism is a Jew revolutionary movement" that Disraeli was hinting at seem like such a gross exaggeration it veers into straight falsehood.

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>trusts Disraeli
He litteraly sold his people for a peace he knew wouldn't come.

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Litteral protty smearjob
They're just seething because they know Luther actively let the Jews decide which books were in his Canon and which weren't.

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That's assuming an esoteric subjectivism that is "hidden" behind all the "world religions". The Law of Noncontradiction must be maintained, and all attempts to reconcile say, Islam with Christianity, are futile because they diametrically oppose each other. Either Christ is God or He isn't; there is no middle way. You either submit to the Catholic religion and Church or you don't; you either admit the full Faith or recind the entire Faith. "Those who are not with me are against me" and "I am the way, the truth and the life" are exclusionary to the highest degree.

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>Darwinian evolution

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Peter Thiel > Eric Weinstein

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>712 March, TOLEDO (Spain)

>The Jewish inhabitants opened the gates for the Moslem invaders under Tarik ibn Zayid marking the end of Visigothic rule in Spain
Oh yeah, the based j*ws willingly cooperating with invading forces in order that they may continue swindling the populace without fear.

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>The earth and pollution isn't actually real, it's only an appearance caused by maya
literal nonsense
maya doesn't mean 'isn't actually real'

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they usually just talk to each other and occasionally remark or ask why i don't talk much to which i usually say idk

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>Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely "a baptised Jew".
Better known as a "crypto-kike," rabbi. Off our board, jew - now.

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They are tribalistic proponents of Zionism.

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Rene Girard>Peter Thiel

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4 jews there

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And what would that work consist of? Not using plastic straws and inviting 4 Somalis into my home?

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Bunch of subhuman kikes

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>Disraeli practised the teaching of Christianity; he was not merely "a baptised Jew".
What's a marrano?

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Come at me, limp-wristed faggot

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nice use of the word "delineate"

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intermediate quality bait

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Oh boy am I glad for pleb filters lol

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