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Really good Islamic article, references Heidegger, Spengler, Benjamin and more

>Basically, what we call a “technologically advanced society” is principally a society which has surrendered to the capitalist economic infrastructure and, more substantially, the neoliberal weltanschauung or paradigmatic superstructure; it reasserts the fact that technology is indeed a form of liturgy and rituality, and its religion might be considered to be (neo)liberalism and (ultra)capitalism, which is served by the perennial advances in technological subtleties of a given society, even if the said society’s body, and more so its soul, are sacrificed on the altar of the said linear progress.


Muslim /lit/ discord

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Stop shilling sandnigger sorcery disguised as phylosophy guenonfag; Islam is more degenerate than Christianity and a lot deeper into It's existential crisis from which it will not recover.

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I am not interested in Guénon, in fact I am hostile to his work

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Why was the original post deleted?

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>notice that he didn't deny that Islam is more degenerate than Christianity

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Thanks for reposting, OP. I didn't have a chance to read this yet, but will today.
Who knows
Using "degenerate" helps intelligent anons understand your posts have no value and can be skipped without consequences

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>he said while fucking a goat

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A passerby might be convinced those opposed to this thread are a bit coarse, sophmorically so, I'm afraid.

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Who died and made you manners police?

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>The modest project of this short essay is to show that the whole 'matter' that is technology is, indeed, a spirit.
When I read about project blue beam, I think it's less a future scheme and more post game notes, with only the alien scenario released. A veritable blue beam of technology worship has cheered and valorized the decades long roll-out of IT infrastructure to every segment of the economy which permits an incredible measure of control, registering all of us, even the informal economies and gray markets. One very much feels and sees through the expansions and gradual consolidations a telltale pyramid being formed before our eyes, the eye of which is completely opaque to us, but we are all feeding the eye and being it's nutritional and nervous tissues, and so we are wedded to it like pasture. It seems defense boffins retooled marketing with some lessons from Scientology and Mormonism and the nation of Islam, namely that you can literally invent a religion here and it has a fighting chance of surviving you, and why not harness this weird New World magic for strategic purposes?

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This thread again. Sage.
Christianity is objectively superior to islam, if only because christians get to keep their foreskins.

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Good read, OP. Lots of new authors and scholarship to check out. I'm heartened to see a thorough argument given for the neglected human soul. There are so many retreats and distractions and the author does not let the reader flee, a swift mounted Saracen always catching our path with the broadside of his alabaster stallion

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I like the dig at Ludism that's being probed for a corporate revival.

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Agree, and that's a good thing. We have to accelerate to the point when AI reaches human level intelligence so we can escape this ridiculous meat vessel.

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>replying to your own posts

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How does the highly conditioned American find a soul? I think it's a total tear down, excavation and reconstruction

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>Christianity is objectively superior to islam, if only because christians get to keep their foreskins.
>goes on to worship a Jew on a cross

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