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Who or what got you into reading anon?

My memory is kind of fuzzy but I remember being interested in the book fairs at my school. As well as when an author or two spoke at our elementary school library.

There was one author who wrote a series that was actively following that came to the school. I still remember the car ride home and trying to come up with a story in my head based on the things she said about writing.

This warms my heart, but I just remembered that my parent's told me that if I ever wanted a book that they would pay. Would never have to do chores or anything. That was actually really cool.

What about.you?

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I had no friends or internet

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I read under my desk during class because class was boring. I was smart enough to pull it off until I got to college.

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I honestly became a reader to become a better writer.

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Both my parents were writers and I grew up in a house full of books.

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I was sad and lonely.

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sadly this, books did not fix it though

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we were supposed to have a book report on any book we chose (approved by the teacher) in 6th grade

i chose book thief because it was a popular choice at the time and i wasnt interested in books

at some point during reading it i got hooked

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i used to wag a lot of school because I would get beaten up most days. Mum had her spies all around the area so I would often get caught. so, one day I went into the local library because it was a nice hang out. I can't remember what I picked up first, but I read and read.

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jordan peterson
yes im based

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Unironically when I started browsing /lit/ at the age of 18.

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My parents kept gifting me books instead of consoles and toys.

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I taught myself to read at age 3.

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My dad brought down his old Belgariad books from the attic. Was totally hooked after that.

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when i was a kid, i used to love stories, but was a lazy fucking shit
my jam was my dad reading me bedtime stories
just enjoy that sweet book without having to do any work to read it
so he read me the hobbit as a bedtime story over many weeks and i fucking loved that shit
and then he read me the first chapter of fellowship of the rings and then was like "if you want to know what happens next you'll have to read it yourself lolol'
so i did
i was 7 years old and those books are fucking burned into my soul these days

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Guessing your dad is a gen x dork. I would be very hesitant to introduce kids to sci-fi/fantasy stuff.

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i was bored and just picked some random book at 14. it, eventually, brought me more joy than I thought it would

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My father is a somewhat renowned sci-fi author so the story kind of writes itself.

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Soon after learning to read I began to devour Hardy Boys books and I've been reading ever since

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I honestly don't remember. I have always read books since I was a child and no one else in my family reads. There were books in the house but no one except me read them. Mostly books about ancient civilizations and religions.
I would always be chastised for sitting in my room reading or drawing and not playing sports or something.

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dad was a writer so i was encouraged that way. in elementary school, for whatever reason, i thought it was really cool to read long ass books and the kids who read harry potter and redwall were respected and popular. In middle school/ early high school i still thought i looked smart to have a book so i was always reading something. dad introduced me to kurt vonnegut so i read every one of his novels they had at the barnes and noble near my house. Late high school i decided reading was for nerds and kinda stopped. In college started reading again cus no gf or friends.

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I was playing Civ 5 and the quotes of great works of writing made me think "well shit looks like I'm missing some great shit out there by not reading books".

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My schizophrenic aunt read bible stories for kids (the very distorted adventist version) to me before going to bed since i was a little kid,also when i was four or five years old my mom was working as a biology professor and i had this hobby of scribbling all her books and reading the outcome figuring the words.Shortly after i picked real books for kids,probably Tintin or Spirou et Fantasio.

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When i was a child i would read shell silverstein. Never really read anything else other than for book projects and what not all that bullshit. One day i read a quote on some dudes blog and it really struck me so i looked up the author and boom hadnt looked back.
>tfw some tumblr dude unknowingly changed my life.

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I had an AP Literature teacher who wasn't flowery and told people their opinions were wrong and that certain authors sucked.
He was adamant that Hemingway was the greatest writer ever.
He got drunk all the time and smoked till death; smoked so much his moustache was yellow and classroom stunk.
On graduation day he went to a pub downtown where all the graduates went and I got in a fist fight with him. A 60+ year old boomer vs an arrogant 18 year old.
Really made me appreciate literature though.

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it was the one thing i could do in my high school classes instead of working

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I was into STEM in high school and early in college and hated reading. Then I tried writing for some reason and realized I sucked ass at it. I knew I needed to read to get better and there was this copy of Catch 22 at the place I was living. Nine years later I am an engineer who reads poetry, philosophy and some fiction everyday.

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Started because I thought it would make me more "intellectual" but all I read was fiction anyway.
I did get genuine enjoyment out of some books which sparked me to read more though.

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I was redpilled by kafka. And started to dig for more

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Lol what? You’re going to throw down Seneca to a 7 year old?

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Life. You could say it started when I was a kid. Like most folks, I've always been different. But not like the others. Other kids could be cruel, they'd call me names: dweeb, chimp, honky, dweeby-chimp, honky-dweeb, and worst of all: chomsky-honk. Did you know there's over eighty-seven combinations of those soul-scalding words? I found out the hard way. Life! Adolescence was better: went to the prom with a model, but she left with some jock. Dyke!

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