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You did read the best book ever written, right?

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Yes but then I read infinite jest which was kind of a disappointment

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Pic unrelated

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I did actually get meme'd into reading IJ cover to cover. Pretty good but not the best.

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You mean Ulysses? yes, twice

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post feet

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Yes. It’s called The Holy Bible.

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Step aside, cis scum

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AOC? Are you here officially?

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you're cute..

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unironically what is the purpose of the wardine chapter? am I a brainlet or is it just pointless?

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It is back story and ties Clennette (narrator of the chapter) to Roy Tony.

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She be cry

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Is it hard to read? Not a native speaker, but I usually don't have much problem reading books in english. Lolita was kinda tough, but simply because I had to look up words on almost every page.

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I'm working up to it. Reading some of his essays right now. Some of them are making me bust up laughing while others are kind of irritatingly twee (the John McCain one mostly). I really like the way that he uses footnotes as a kind of 'punchline delivery' method. That's some of the best 'timing' I've seen in text-based comedy.

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I am a native speaker and I found it hard to read because it's a shitty book.

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ESL here. It's an easy read in terms of language. The author uses slang sometimes (like "D.T.s" instead of "the shakes"), but everything is explained either in the main text or the end-notes

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You'll probably need a dictionary handy to look up the occasional "maxillofacial" or "hypophalangial", but otherwise it's not a difficult text.

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>Editora 34
The only right way to right the Russians in our God forsaken land

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True, anon.

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based paulista

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As if "the shakes" isn't a slang term?

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I'm reading it right now. I read the first 200 pages very quickly, but now I'm stalled. It's very good, but not even close to something like The Recognitions or even Tristram Shandy.

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>(like "D.T.s" instead of "the shakes")
The D.T.s and the shakes are two different things. The D.T.s often include shakes but also include things like confusion, delusion, outright hallucination, seizures and death. Shakes are often just a mental thing caused by the stress of being without, D.T.s are a whole different level and are caused by the physical withdrawal from alcohol.

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you can't compare poor dfw to Gaddis. Gaddis was a genius.

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Yes. I haven't been able to feel the same way ever since.

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Yes but only the king James version.

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It was only cool when you shilled House of Leaves the first time.

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alienate people who aren't racist

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I wish it were true.

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I love DFWs essays and short stories, but something about IJ felt too 'american' for me to really get into.

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>but something about IJ felt too 'american' for me to really get into.
He was American, writing about American culture, what the fuck did you expect?

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Why so mad? Never said I didn't expect it
I tend to like DFWs American-ness and his insights on life and anxieties there (the state fair one is one of my favorites), but IJ in particular seemed to double down on that and became too much for me

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Not mad at all, it was just one of the most idiotic things I have seen said about it. It is like complaining about a history book having too much history.

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How old are you? Can't believe I have to explain so basic. Nothing I said is meant as a detriment on DFW or his writing, more so an explanation on why I personally wasn't able to get into Infinite Jest.

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I get that completely, It is just that a big part of what the book is about is, American culture.

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I measure my dick everyday

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Maxilofacial is known to any blue blooded incel.

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