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>High school: "Like, EW! What an ugly creep!"
>College: *completely ignores you while fucking Chads every week*
>Working life: "I, like, don't think that this candidate displayed enough of our Core Values in his interview. He got the technical questions right but he didn't show Excellent Enthusiasm or Majestic Motivation in his teamwork examples. We should reject him."

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This assumes you'd even get an interview and not be screened out by an algorithm beforehand.

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Good, the world was never meant for nerds.

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Normally they hire attractive girls to be recruiters if the job is really really horrible, but you are right that attractive girls didn't give a shit about tech or "nerdy" stuff until it started generating hellacious revenue.

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What the fuck even are these jobs? Every roastie I went to highschool school with is now in recruiting, marketing, HR etc.

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Why are incels shitting up this board?
What does this have to do with /lit/?
Why do incels think life is like high school?

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I don’t know pal, but I’d appreciate a hug right about now.

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>Why do incels think life is like high school
I would be legitimately surprised if the average age on this site is over 19.

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Nerds literally founded all these companies and crowd the programming departments.

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On the real I find it easier to get the pass from female recruiters than male recruiters. Just act go lucky, happy, and a bit naive. Steer the conversation towards quality of life like things and display empathy when anything is described related to her emotions.
>Yeah, the time off is really great and even on the occasional overnight shift you have to do not many people call in so you can just watch Netflix the whole time. We just watched the Office all night last time haha
>Haha wow that sounds like a lot of fun. I love the Office!
>Yeah! Same here haha its like my favorite show
I don't even watch the Office. Smashed that interview. Y'all need to learn how to fake it.
Btw I didn't get the job I failed the next interview where I was interviewed by a man/woman team and had a panic attack when I sat down at the table, so don't take advice from me, you don't want to be me.

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Report all low effort posts, and sage goes in options.

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Good advice. When dealing with women you mirror their energy but hold back a little. So when she gets excited, get excited too but not as excited. When she gets sad, get a little sad too but not as sad. This shows that you're empathic and not a weird robot but also you're more stable than her which women want to see in men.

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>I raised my wife’s son, that makes me the real dad!

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>I find it easier to get the pass from female recruiters
I've always found this to be true as well. I always knew I wasn't going to get the job when the female recruiter I was supposed to be interviewed by was substituted for a male one while growing up

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>Be a literal autist or schizoid
>fail the automated interview due to not adhering to facial recognition cues
Just think, Stephen Hawking would never get hired anywhere and be a nobody.

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theyre sinecures for dumb bitches. ultiamtely the idiot men who allow these sinecures to exist are to blame.

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What does that have to do with anything?

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>Why do incels think life is like high school?
In what ways does life *not* play out like high school, minus the added responsibilities and suffering?

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Justice at last, Then.

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High school is an imitation of life not the other way around

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It’s a microcosm of life.

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You can any two things the same if you're vague enough

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Hard to explain since im a little drunk but youre making universal aspects of human nature into some kafkaesque conspiracy. No shit a multibillion dollar tech company would have physically attractive female recruiters w/ basic emotional intelligence. Sex sells and it always will. High schook is over. College is over. Live your life and realize that you will die and you dont know when

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Google and Amazon used AI to filter out candidates and it overwhelmingly let through college educated white and Asian men before they got rid of it for being racist.

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Life is literally like high school. You're the type of beta who would brown nose to the Chads and Stacys but ultimately never made it into their click because your ugly and weird. You probably only got laid to some whale in your senior year of high school and are studying journalism at a mediocre no name college.

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I'm in college and women are all over me and I'm not really super attractive and I don't date since I'm a Muslim. The idea that women in college ignore males seems blatantly at odds with reality, they all dress very provicatively and constantly make googoo eyes at you while fiddling with their bras. The trick isn't getting women in college, it's not falling

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And you better watch your fucking mouth unless you want to get #metoo'd despite never being anywhere close to touching her. Just look at those bitches and tell me that they're not the kind who'd pull shit like that.

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