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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

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The anon
He posted a bad thread
The anon has (you)s

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this is lit af. Mostly because it comes from the mind of a child. I know this isn't some psuedo intellectual garbage because 6yr old Nael dgaf about sounding smart.

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

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>/lit/tards misinterpreting a psycho for a genius

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neat to be honest.

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I would appreciate this from anyone of any age besides environmentalist extremists.

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this shit hittin deep

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The penis
He destroyed his cage
The penis is out

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Not to sound like a millennial boomer but this poem always makes me think of that Soundgarden song.


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Deep thinkers only (this is from 2002 highschool booklet)

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there’s a new sheriff in town

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>tfw will never destroy my cage
make that kid the sage-king, that's someone to fight and die for.

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Bethany takes the slip of paper and unfolds it. "Read it," I urge enthusiastically.
She looks it over quizzically, puzzled, squinting, then she turns the page over to see if there's anything on the back. Something in her understands it's short and she looks back at the words written, scrawled in red, on the front of the page.
"It's like haiku, you know?" I say. "Read it. Go on."
She clears her throat and hesitantly begins reading, slowly, stopping often. " 'The tiger...' " She pauses and squints again at the paper, then hesitantly resumes. " 'He destroyed his cage... Yes..' " She stops again, faltering, looks at me, confused, then back at the paper.
"Go on," I say, looking around for a waiter. "Finish it."
She clears her throat and staring steadily at the paper tries to read the rest of it in a voice below a whisper. " 'Yes... The tiger...' " She falters again, then reads the last sentence, sighing. " 'The tiger... is out?' "
The couple at the next table have slowly turned to gaze over at us. The man looks aghast, the woman has an equally horrified expression on her face. I stare her down, glaring, until she looks back at her fucking salad.
"Well, Nael," Bethany says, clearing her throat, trying to smile, handing the paper back to me.
"Yes?" I ask. "Well?"
"I can see that" – she stops, thinking – "that your sense of... animal rights is" – she clears her throat again and looks down – "still intact."

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lol took me a sec

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Forgot pic

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Yoooo this is actually based af.

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Fucking nice.

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i dont get it

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He actually does look like Paul Allen

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they’re great!!

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What philosophers say:
It's sophisticated commentary about the nature of slavery and liberation.

What academia says:
It's about environmentalism and the impact on the natural world.

What the bourgeois say:
It's about man vs. nature

What the plebeians say:
It's about the nature of animals

What Nael says:
It's about Tigers.

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Shid is falling from my butt
I wipe but there is only more shid
I wipe again
More shid
There wasn't more shid when I was kid
When I was kid shid wiped away?
Or maybe I just cared less

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based and cutepilled

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Children's poetry is among some of the best I've read. They have an uncanny ability to capture and transmit emotion. Somehow they manage to use exactly the right words, something that experienced writers struggle with.

I'll post two (translated) ones I like. All these are written by children refugees fleeing war. Unfortunately I don't have the book that collects these, so I'm limited to the ones I can find.

We need your help, dove!
Come to us, we need your help.
Dove, we need help
You have to help us
Otherwise we'll die.

Into my little bag I put the watch
that I bought in Aleppo
I'll keep track of time
until I return to you

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why is bourgeois man v nature? this is a concept that greatly interests me, am i bourgeois?

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Based, it’s about time he got out

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I watched a movie about a teacher pushing a kid to write poetry on international flight. What was that called again?

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Shut up bitch motherfucker

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When you let your little cucky hubby out of his cage for a handjob

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2 hit me so hard idk why

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So much based in this thread. Leaves is still the greatest though.

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Nael fully realizes the Nietzschean will to power, as embodied by the eponymous tiger. The hyper masculine imagery compounds this with worship of the human body as divine or close to it, hearkening back to Grecian hero worship as he masterfully incorporates the rich eastern metaphysical symbology behind the tiger to branch western philosophical tradition with that of eastern spirituality. The famous yes/YES line is the epitome of the human struggle, wherein raw emotion ultimately sanctifies the individual and breaks the chains of over-conceptualized thought as developed in a high or post-industrial society.
On the other hand, Galko makes a pessimistic return to nature, wherein man falls into self destructive and cyclical sin (I blow on the lead/ And it hits me back). His egoist stance rejects the traditional family structure, and embraces absurdist reality by acknowledging true knowledge or meaning is ultimately beyond our comprehension (kids don't know everything). Ultimately, his Gothic, anti-transcendentalist stance was already covered comprehensively in the late 19th century, and doesn't do much to rival the revelatory synthesis of his contemporary Nael. If Galko can reorganize his thoughts in a more emotive and powerful form, perhaps he can create a post-gothic school behind him, but I doubt he will become a legitimate match for Nael even then.

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This is an unironic fucking masterpiece.

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How long this take you

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Yes. Don't listen to the commies though, bourgeoisie is based.

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inb4 anon wrote these himself

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Based shidposter

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Nice post

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Tfw the most famous contemporary poets today get btfo by literal 7 yr olds. Fuck you Rupi

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It's my favorite poem. I always imagine the child raising his arms in victory while the tiger is free. I remember Antonio Ligabue's paintings with it.

And >>13914432 it is also gold.

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I don't get it.

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It's written straight from the soul. That poem has more humanity in it than 99% of what's written today. What's not to get?

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What are the implications of the mother not wanting to see the child?

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The kid can sense the distance between them. It doesn't understand why.

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>The author is part of the work

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That's some deep shit right there my negro

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This was the last thing the 7-year old said before he was eaten by the tiger.

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this is more promasing than most modern age writers

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This is actually really smart, holy shit

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I knew this would be posted and it's the only reason I came to the thread. I changed phones and need a new save of it

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And people say university is useless

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this is actually good

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>the author is kill

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Not mine, but it would take me 1 hour (week) of mental gymnastics
gulags with books

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Brainlet here. I never got poetry but these few sentences make me feels things that compounds of pages of praised fiction works don't. Is there a more concrete book of others poems like the ones in this thread?

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Surely not, but that would be the most based epitaph in mankind's history

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An instrumentalized handjob for which you have to knee down on the kitchen floor and perform it yourself. And clean up immediately afterwards.

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>this thread
Ah, so this is what the Tao masters meant when saying true sages remind you of children

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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is still in it.

wow, took me like 5 fucking seconds to think up something 10 times better, and I'm not even saying it's good.

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Afraid to say that the greatest poem to have ever been written was by a woman?

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this is some serious cringe

thanks anon, I needed that. Now I actually don't feel like I'm totally trash because at least I'm not as dumb as you ;)

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Imagine going to school for 20+ years to get a PhD in poetry and a fucking toddler has more inherent talent than you

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Way better than anything that fucking street shitter ever shat out of her cunt

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honestly didn't know which gender the name js for.

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“For appetizers I have the sun-dried tomatoes and golden caviar with poblano chilies and I also have a fresh endive soup—” “Wait a minute, wait a minute,” I say, holding up a hand, stopping him. “Hold on a minute.” “Yes sir?” the waiter asks, confused. “You have? You mean the restaurant has,” I correct him. “You don’t have any sun-dried tomatoes. The restaurant does. You don’t have the poblano chilies. The restaurant does. Just, you know, clarify.” The waiter, stunned, looks at Bethany, who handles the situation deftly by asking him, “So how is the endive soup served?” “Er… cold,” the waiter says, not fully recovered from my outburst, sensing he’s dealing with someone very, very on edge.

To think I didn't enjoy the book when I first read it, reading it now it's hilarious, so electric.

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These children see so clearly

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Cringe lol

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The anon
He bumped his thread
The thread is saved

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I'm listening to this as an audiobook, and I can't tell if it's just not for me, or if it'd be funnier in text.

The whole scene with Bethany was awkward, and not in a funny way for me.

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Based Nael walks among us

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Based and YESpilled

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It's true minimalism. They're working with what they've got, because that's all they HAVE to work with. They can find potential in the words we pass over because of our larger vocabularies.

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