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I spend my free time playing different romantic scenarios in my head. My social media activity almost entirely comprises browsing through wholesome romantic memes and pages. I bask in strange, intense happiness when I read romantic books.
Are these normal for a man? I always had the idea that this obsession with love and relationship are feminine traits. Does this happen to you too?

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Grow up

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Replace "romantic" with "erotic" and yeah, I can relate.

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this is the problem. Having erotic daydreams would have been more manly, But the nature of my dreams are more like kissing a woman on her forehead than fucking two holes at the same time.

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Sometimes I'll fantasize about becoming a hivemind of 2-8 niggers and then gangbanging people's wives and I don't feel very manly about it

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Madame Bovary, all Jane Austen and Virginia Wolf Novels, Safo...
Maybe you want to be a gentlemen of the era instead of dreaming about romantic scenarios

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>I spend my free time playing different romantic scenarios in my head.

i do this all the time, constantly actually, but i also do this with other scenarios

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