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>Destroyed philosophy
>Destroyed science
>Destroyed libtards
>Destroyed atheists
>Destroyed commies
>Destroyed the Jews
>Destroyed psychology
>Destroyed materialism
>Destroyed processism
Is he /ourguy/? Why isnt this genius more widely read?

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>Is he /ourguy/?
Yes, more so than any other individual, dead or alive, Guenon is the heart and soul of /lit/
>Why isnt this genius more widely read?
Because if the Jewish-Anglo academic establishment were to promote him than their entire house-of-cards pyramid scheme would come tumbling down and who knows what would happen then

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>>Destroyed processism

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He didnt destroy anything he just gives off hand condescending remarks with no substance in his writing. I read one of this guy's books before the one about quantity and he is boring as fuck not worth memeing at all. He also sounds like a prick when I read his writing as well he is the type of incel to convert to Islam to "mess with the libs." He has no depth or self awareness.
Like read this post. it is literal /pol/ retards that resd this fuck.

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>Destroyed my boipucci
He’s your guy

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You realize there's no evidence of a so-called primordial tradition, right?

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The same trend is noticeable in the scientific realm: research here is for its own sake far more than for the partial and fragmentary results it achieves; here we see an ever more rapid succession of unfounded theories and hypotheses, no sooner set up than crumbling to give way to others that will have an even shorter life— a veritable chaos amid which one would search in vain for anything definitive, unless it be a monstrous accumulation of facts and details incapable of proving or signifying anything. We refer here of course to speculative science, insofar as this still exists; in applied science there are on the contrary undeniable results, and this is easily understandable since these results bear directly on the domain of matter, the only domain in which modern man can boast any real superiority. It is therefore to be expected that discoveries, or rather mechanical and industrial inventions, will go on developing and multiplying more and more rapidly until the end of the present age; and who knows if, given the dangers of destruction they bear in themselves, they will not be one of the chief agents in the ultimate catastrophe, if things reach a point at which this cannot be averted?

Be that as it may, one has the general impression that, in the present state of things, there is no longer any stability; but while there are some who sense the danger and try to react to it, most of our contemporaries are quite at ease amid this confusion, in which they see a kind of exteriorized image of their own mentality. Indeed there is an exact correspondence between a world where everything seems to be in a state of mere ‘becoming’, leaving no place for the changeless and the permanent, and the state of mind of men who find all reality in this ‘becoming’, thus implicitly denying true knowledge as well as the object of that knowledge, namely transcendent and universal principles. One can go even further and say that it amounts to the negation of all real knowledge whatsoever, even of a relative order, since, as we have shown above, the relative is unintelligible and impossible without the absolute, the contingent without the necessary, change without the unchanging, and multiplicity without unity; ‘relativism’ is self-contradictory, for, in seeking to reduce everything to change, one logically arrives at a denial of the very existence of change; this was fundamentally the meaning of the famous arguments of Zeno of Elea.

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However, we have no wish to exaggerate and must add that theories such as these are not exclusively encountered in modern times; examples are to be found in Greek philosophy also, the ‘universal flux’ of Heraclitus being the best known; indeed, it was this that led the school of Elea to combat his conceptions, as well as those of the atomists, by a sort of reductio ad absurdum. Even in India, something comparable can be found, though, of course, considered from a different point of view from that of philosophy, for Buddhism also developed a similar character, one of its essential theses being the ‘dissolubility of all things ’. These theories, however, were then no more than exceptions, and such revolts against the traditional outlook, which may well have occurred from time to time throughout the whole of the Kali-Yuga, were, when all is said and done, without wider influence; what is new is the general acceptance of such conceptions that we see in the West today.

It should be noted too that under the influence of the very recent idea of ‘progress’, ‘philosophies of becoming’ have, in modern times, taken on a special form that theories of the same type never had among the ancients: this form, although it may have multiple varieties, can be covered in general by the name ‘evolutionism’. We need not repeat here what we have already said elsewhere on this subject; we will merely recall the point that any conception allowing for nothing other than ‘becoming’ is thereby necessarily a ‘naturalistic’ conception, and, as such, implies a formal denial of whatever lies beyond nature, in other words the realm of metaphysics— which is the realm of immutable and eternal principles. We may point out also, in speaking of these anti-metaphysical theories, that the Bergonian idea of pure duration’ corresponds exactly with that dispersion in instantaneity to which we alluded above; a pretended intuition modeled on the ceaseless flux of the things of the senses, far from being able to serve as an instrument for obtaining true knowledge, represents in reality the dissolution of all possible knowledge.

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This leads us to repeat an essential point on which not the slightist ambiguity must be allowed to persist: intellectual intuition, by which alone metaphysical knowledge is to be obtained, has absolutely nothing in common with this other ‘intuition’ of which certain contemporary philosophers speak: the latter pertains to the sensible realm and in fact is sub-rational, whereas the former, which is pure intelligence, is on the contrary supra-rational. But the moderns, knowing nothing higher than reason in the order of intelligence, do not even conceive of the possibility of intellectual intuition, whereas the doctrines of the ancient world and of the Middle Ages, even when they were no more than philosophical in character, and therefore incapable of effectively calling this intuition into play, nevertheless explicitly recognized its existence and its supremacy over all the other faculties. This is why there was no rationalism before Descartes, for rationalism is a specifically modern phenomenon, one that is closely connected with individualism, being nothing other than the negation of any faculty of a supra- individual order. As long as Westerners persist in ignoring or denying intellectual intuition, they can have no tradition in the true sense of the word, nor can they reach any understanding with the authentic representatives of the Eastern civilizations, in which everything, so to speak, derives from this intuition, which is immutable and infallible in itself, and the only starting-point for any development in conformity with traditional norms

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Summarize this into 3 words or less

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>he doesn't know

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I think you deeply misunderstood all of his work. To truly get all of it, you have to be initiated. His books are merely the surface, a translation if you will, of the traditional teaching he's trying to explain.

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Did he destroy Christianism?

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Yea i dont care about pseudo mystic mumbo jumbo combined with reactionary talking points. Go read real philosophy.

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Retroactively, kek

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Fuck off and die, scum.

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>. I read one of this guy's books before the one about quantity
Hello Whiteheadfag, I wanted to let you know that if you didn't read Guenon's writing on metaphysics than you have little chance of understanding where his societal critiques are coming from or why they are important, if you read his first book and then read his books on metaphysics (Man and His Becoming, Symbolism of the Cross, Multiple States etc) than all will become clear, heck you may even find that you like it

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>Destroyed the Jews
Wait, when

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His critiques are shallow reactionary talking points that I can get from stefan molyneux. If he cant give a good critique going beyond the superstructure of capitalism than his metaphysics is probably garbage as well.

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what does this inside joke mean

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can guenon's prose be considered to be good?

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"The case of Freud himself, founder of 'psychoanalysis', is quite typical in
this respect, for he never ceased to declare himself a materialist. One further
remark: why is it that the principal representatives of the new tendencies, like Einstein
in physics, Bergson in philosophy, Freud in psychology, and many others of
less importance, are almost all of Jewish origin, unless it he because there is
something involved that is closely hound up with the 'malefic' and dissolving aspect
of nomadism when it is deviated, and because that aspect must inevitably predominate
in Jews detached from their tradition?"
-Rene Guenon, The Misdeeds of Psychoanalysis

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Not sure how I'd feel about him today but The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times made a big difference in the way I saw the world. Should be required reading for anyone serious about understanding the present and reality in general.

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> If he cant give a good critique going beyond the superstructure of capitalism
He does though. That you would frame things from a materialist/marxist lenses suggests that they went or would go over your head

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So he really is a /pol/ retard? Thanks for showing me this I will ignore him now.

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That isn't criticizing Jews in general, it's criticizing Jews who have lost their Jewish tradition. Very typical thing for Guenon to say

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>Why isnt this genius more widely read
because the masses are comparatively stupid and prefer their vidya and sportsball

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What did he think about coprophagy? Was he shit and poop-pilled?

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I enjoy it and find that at times it is elegant and humorous, however some people find it to be too dry, cryptic or haughty. I've heard it reads better in French

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There is actually quite good evidence for it

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Alex Jones tier

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Will someone actually say something non-autistic in this thread?

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Waiting until he was on his deathbed to reconvert to Catholicism was cowardly and has caused a lot of misunderstanding regarding him

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"Science is gay"

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dude his last words were ''Allah''

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He never left the church. His whole thing was trying to reconcile both religions

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1. Yeah, just like every other Muslim sage. What a coincidence! How uninspired and, to be completely honest, what a load of fucking horseshit
2. Christians in Egypt call God "Allah" too, so this is actually of zero significance

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Do you really think Guenon converted back to Catholicism or is this just bait? There doesn't seem to be any reason that he would when he more or less wrote that the eastern traditions have better developed metaphysics; he also wrote in one of his letters that people who understand the unity of traditional forms are really 'unconvertable to anything'

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what did he mean by that

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>Yea i dont care about pseudo mystic mumbo jumbo combined with reactionary talking points. Go read real philosophy.

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>Why isnt this genius more widely read?

because he's a 4chin meemee

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Has anyone here actually converted to an orthodox religion (Islam, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism) after reading Guenon or the other traditionalists?

I’m curious because I’ve never read Guenon specifically but I know he felt it important to convert to an orthodox tradition, and I wonder if he was a true believer in Islam or if he did it simply because he couldn’t conceive of a life that was in agreement with his deeply held philosophical principles outside of that.

Because I am sympathetic to ideas of modernism, the cult of individuality, etc... being detrimental to society but I struggle to believe in and follow orthodox conceptions of morality and ethics. I’m not atheistic but functionally live as one.

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Yea, other larpers.

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If you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, then don't talk about it

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There is a reason Sedgewick subtitles his book 'The secret intellectual history of the 20th century", Guenon was actually very influential but in a low-key way

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>Wrong pic

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Guenon has for all time superseded Stirner in influence and importance on /lit/

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why are we conservatives all of a sudden

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Guenon was not political and had nothing to do with conservatism

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Yea that's bullshit

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he's read and appreciated among intellectuals, circles /lit/ users aren't familiar with

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>t. brainlet

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More like hyper diarrea

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How do I into this guy?

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Such as?

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We aren't. We are traditionalists.

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Start with his first book 'Intro to Hindu Doctrines', which would be more aptly titled 'Intro to Rene Guenon's ideas'. All his books can be found free online here, reading him more or less chronologically is best


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Ah im sorry. Conservatism mixed with mumbo jumbo pseudo mysticism. Have you finished eating out the nigger sperm oit of your wife's pussy for its magical potency fellow traditionalist?

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That evola sperm copypasta was created and spammed by Crowleyfag, nobody ever found it funny or took it seriously for a moment. I don't know why you even think that it's worth posting that as an insult

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Haha you are so funny fellow traditionalist!! Did Jamal fuck you up the ass so you can get initiated fellow traditionalist?

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really? source?

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No, homosexuality is haram

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is bdsm a type of counter initiation? how does he define a counter tradition? how do you know if you're being fooled into one? is there a remedy for it?

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>all of a sudden
/pol/ has infested this board for years. Every single post on this board will eventually, whether sooner or later, be derailed by some /pol/ garbage, which other /pol/tards will reply with either "based" or "cringe" and the thread has effectively come to an end. Save yourself and leave while you still have fond memories of this place.

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because if there's one thing /pol/ loves it's ethnic europeans converting to islam

>> No.13906931

Based and cringe for thinking /pol/ has any sort of coherent beliefs beyond ruining online discourse for the sake of its ruin.

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/pol/ does have a coherent set of beliefs, it's just limited to 'progressives are insane faggots' and they don't agree about anything else. You can dislike /pol/ but they're right about that

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The key word here is coherent. What you described is far from a coherent belief. It is more akin to an old senile boomer screaming at his television. It is all nonsense, and no, not a single /pol/tard has ever been "right" about anything, unless purely by accident.

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You don't sound like you've ever even browsed the board

>> No.13907041

/pol/ is always right

>> No.13907049

Unfortunately I have. Hopefully one day it will be wiped from the internet and the world will become a somewhat better place.
whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.13907054

>Hopefully one day it will be wiped from the internet and the world will become a somewhat better place.
yikes! that's not very liberal of you

>> No.13907056

You're a prog faggot yourself aren't you

>> No.13907065

I'm definitely not a liberal. If you are american and think liberal means anything that isn't explicitly conservative, then yes.

>> No.13907071

T. Chapo fagote bitch

>> No.13907075

how does it feel knowing that your whole worldview was retroactively refuted by Guenon?

>> No.13907085

poltards believe in the racial and cultural superiority of western european people, they believe in nationalism, rationalism, materialism, individualism
there's absolutely no way to reconcile their worldview with guenon, in fact reading his work would probably do them good

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How does it feel knowing "whiteness" (which is itself a misnomer) is progressively dissolving into a nothing but a bad mistake in the history of our species?

>> No.13907106

do you think jewishness and chineseness will similarly dissolve into nothing but bad mistakes too

>> No.13907116

Whiteness is of a different nature than jewishness or chineseness. Those two are more akin to germanness or russianness and so on.

>> No.13907122

There are still something like a billion white people on the planet, even if western Europe and the USA become mutts central and eastern Europe+Russia will still be white, white people are not going to vanish, in fact whites and Asians/Indians are probably going to be the only ones who make it into space colonization and who survive the ruining of the planet

>> No.13907126

according to what? Chinese speak multiple languages and have multiple ethnicities, but they're all chinese. Same thing with Europeans

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Dilate commutrannies

>> No.13907173

"Whiteness" as a concept emerged out of America as a way to differentiate European immigrants from the ethnic slaves. Things like germanness and chineseness with extensive historically foundations are incomparable to whiteness. Whiteness is a very new invention a mechanism of oppression meant to maintain the status quo and nothing more. This is becoming very apparent considering how whiteness is being deconstructed as quickly as it was heedlessly pieced together.

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>Whiteness is a very new invention a mechanism of oppression
>This is becoming very apparent considering how whiteness is being deconstructed as quickly as it was heedlessly pieced together

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Whiteness just means european people and europeans were writing about it centuries ago. Moreover every other race that comes into contact with europeans identifies them as a group, because they look different, and this is further verified by genetics.

Whiteness isn't being deconstructed at all, the very people claiming to do so know exactly and intimately which people have 'white privilege', because again, it's incredibly obvious.

>> No.13907194

The average /pol/tard ladies (male) and gentlemen. I hope you aren't surprised when no one ever takes you seriously.

>> No.13907263

>europeans were writing about it centuries ago
Show me anything written about whiteness before american imperialism first began.
>Moreover every other race that comes into contact with europeans identifies them as a group, because they look different
This is irrelevant to my point since it has nothing to do with whiteness as such. What you are saying is that someone foreign to a place identifies the newlyfound people as an other, no shit sherlock.

Also you fundamentally misunderstand white privilege. People commenting on someone else benefiting from a systematic and historical favoring (as in the case of someone pointing out another's white privilege) are not ontologically committed to the category by which one is favored. In other words, they are not ontologically committed to the concept of "whiteness". They are just recognizing its instantiation as the mechanism of oppression I laid out before.

>> No.13907281

If they can recognize who is white so they can assign to them privilege(as everyone else can because again it's genetic) then the concept is real.

You think the 1 billion chinese count as a category, or the Arabs or Indians, or whatever, but not whites. It's the same thing, it's just genetic clusters.

>> No.13907312

>If they can recognize who is white so they can assign to them privilege(as everyone else can because again it's genetic) then the concept is real.
Like I explained before, them referencing whiteness as you conceptualize it is not them being ontologically committed to its reality as a category.
Also, "white" people are just as genetically diverse from each other as a chinese and indian person. Compare the genetics of a """pure""" slav and anglo and that will be very apparent.

>> No.13907322

slavs and anglos are different, but more similar to each other than either is to a Chinese person. You can create the groups however broadly you like.

>> No.13907775

we aren't, we are reactionaries

>> No.13907808

What the fuck does any of that even mean OP

>> No.13907862

How did a thread about Guenon devolve into unironic accusations of white privilege. Seriously, Anglos/Americans need to get over themselves. The world doesn't revolve around you and your morality play.

>> No.13907880

Good to know you’re the same wojack poster from every other philosophy thread who fails to engage beyond basic citation of the few primary sources he’s read. How’s first year undergrad treating you?

>> No.13907902

Imagine actually believing this

yeah because all the stirner fags grew up, graduated from uni, and went on to live productive lives, or in other words they realized how shit /lit/ is and left the site. all the guenonists are either high schoolers who think they have a leg up on the discipline or undergrads who are easily ensnared by “muh secret knowledge.”

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>or in other words they realized how shit /lit/ is and left the site.
and yet you are still here, how amusing

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tell me about it frogposter

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Stop sharing your porn here.

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Get rekt, scrub

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Nice posts but ocnsider that:
1. Confusion and contradiction has been the hallmark of any intellectual tradition since at least the scholastics, now it only has been made more conspicuous and faster in change through an increase in the size of the intellectual workforce and the frequency of communications. Only a simplistic view of scholarship in older times would led one to believe otherwise.

2. The "applied sciences" as you call them, to the extent that distinction is fully substantial, have no shortage of consequenceless theories. That's even a characteristic of the scientific way of proceeding, that it must allow for failure and even crucially use the necessaity of failure as a kind of epistemic propelling engine.

3. The "speculative sciences" (again to the extent that the label points to a definite area of knowledge) have always constituted of a mighty assemblage of facts where the apparent and professed unity of doctrine only masked the manifold fundamental issues that stood unresolved.

>> No.13908252

>intellectual intuition, by which alone metaphysical knowledge is to be obtained
Question: how is that justified? If sensible intuition is so feeble and error-prone, why is intellectual intuition, itself a human faculty and in practice just as error-prone as the other one, consider so incommensurably above it? What does "pure intelligence" even means?

>inb4 you're still beholden to the sensible, bla
That was certainly also the case of Guénon who still had to process the material world with his senses. Afaik he didn't fly to heaven on a chariot like the prophet Elijah, even after reaching Gnosis. So my question stands.

>> No.13908259

Fun thing I remember this very quote being ascribed to Lacan on /lit/ earlier. Anyway I hope he's not implying Jews are intrinsically nomadic because that'd be retarded (though he does seem to understand that Jewish tradition is not nomadic, that much can be hoped at least).

>> No.13908262

OP here

Just wanted to say that I appreciated your comments but I now see that I was wrong and that Guenon is indeed a talentless hack


Please continue the discussion in the new thread

>> No.13908276

you must be absolutely seething to resort to a ploy like that

>> No.13908278

Cringe & Cope™

>> No.13908291

The dissolution of whiteness doesn't mean there won't be any Swede in the future, it means the concept is becoming increasingly dated and its inconsistencies increasingly obvious.

>> No.13908302

Is that the new version of the "/pol/ raids are ruining our board" memes?

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Post your best retroactive refutations

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>Question: how is that justified? If sensible intuition is so feeble and error-prone, why is intellectual intuition, itself a human faculty and in practice just as error-prone as the other one, consider so incommensurably above it?
It helps to understand Guenon's writings if you are familiar with the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. From Guenon's perspective intellectual intuition is incommensurably above sensible intuition precisely because it is *not* a human faculty. According to Advaita, the ultimate God 'Brahman' underlying everything is actually the inner Self of all beings, the "ear of the ear" and the "mind of the mind" who is the witness of all sensory experience and mental activity as the pure awareness which illuminates these various objects while remaining forever separate from and untouched by them as the transcendent subject. Advaita like Kant is critical idealist in that it accepts that the mind can only present representations of the noumenon to the subject and not offer any sort of direct access, Advaita also identifies Brahman as the absolute reality and underlying basis of everything. As the transcendent subject is essentially the reality responsible for the appearance of the external world the subject is able to detach itself from the mind through intuitive realization or 'intellectual intuition' (with proper instruction) that it is normally identified with and abide in its own state as the ultimate reality, in doing so bypassing sensory intuition and its inherent flaws. It is this that Guenon is referring to when he talks about intellectual intuition, or jnana/gnosis. It is interesting to note that in his first critique Kant wrote that human intuition is sensible only, and that we don't know whether intellectual intuition is possible or not because we have no way of knowing how it could occur; but that if there was a God or primordial being that it would have to have intellectual intuition because any sort of sensory intuition would amount to a limitation of God who is unlimited. Kant seems to have remained unaware of Advaita Vedanta but in positing God as the subject it presents an explanation compatible with his ideas for how humans (or rather their inner Self who is their real identity) could experience intellectual intuition.

>> No.13908905

He considered there to be areas of it in doctrine and practice that were lacking but otherwise in his works hoped for a rejuvenation of the Christian intellectual/mystic tradition (by which he really means Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and the smaller eastern churches) as the best remedy for the issues of the west in the modern era. He makes a concessionary remark in one of his later works that the spiritual practice of hesychasm in Orthodoxy is 'traditional' according to his understanding, but otherwise barely mentions Orthodoxy in the rest of his works for whatever reason.

>> No.13908974

>it means the concept is becoming increasingly dated and its inconsistencies increasingly obvious
That must be why so many chinese and latina women are obsessed with spending thousands of dollars on beauty products that help them look more white

>> No.13909031

Based and cringepill

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File: 1.28 MB, 300x300, eJwNxVEKwyAMANC7eACzqE20txHrrNAuRbOvsruv8ODd5jsOs5pd9ZorwNZnkbHZqTJyq7aJtKPmq09b5ISsmst-1o9OwCX6EDAguYjoYmLwLx854RM78kTsAANHeuBClGzrb_P7A71yInY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frog posting is better then your shit tier drivel

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Interesting answer, I'll definitely check those Advaita guys. Any introductory literature you'd recommend? I only read a commented translation of the Gita like 10 years ago plus a handful of Western philosophers.

>> No.13909132

Nobody can believe than a whitened Asian is white. They only "look white" (that is to say, conventionally attractive according to the standard of their nightmare hyperreal hypercapitalistic society). The fact that whiteness has degenerated into a mere cosmetic standard (in a pretty dystopian way) for foreigners, and a subject of heated contestation in its home country, is evidence enough that it's on the decline. Btw you'll notice that there is a trend of "blackening" in Western societies right now, not only the iconic porn website, but also people darkening their skins (yes that has happened even in Japan, though it is still rare there), building big African-looking butts, etc. That would have been unthinkable only 30 years ago, yet the culture at the time was already very cosmetic and apparence-driven.

>> No.13909218
File: 74 KB, 439x620, Vishnu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Ashtavakra Gita is a lucid introductory Advaita text, you can read a translation of it online in a fairly short time,


If you decide that you want to study Advaita in-depth, the best way to do so is to read through Adi Shankara's commentaries, although if you want to do this you'll have to read at least one book on Advaita or Hindu philosophy in general first or there will probably be a lot that you wouldn't understand. The books on those subjects by Rene Guenon, Eliot Deutsch and Chandradhar Sharma are all very good. The single best short intro book about it is probably Deutsch's 'Advaita Vedanta: A Philosophical Reconstruction'

>> No.13909261

don't read richards translation, not that it's not good. it does the work but i personally prefer swamy nityaswarupananda.

>> No.13909268

wasn't this guy a pedo and he marry a 15 year old in egypt

>> No.13909274

and he was like 45 at the time

>> No.13909287

gross, guénon disgusts me even more now

>> No.13909297

Thanks, I'm copypasting your comment straight into my notes for later reading.

>> No.13909327

I had read 4 translations of it already but had never heard of that one, after seeing your post and reading it a bit I would say that I agree it's better, thank you for mentioning it.

Here is another translation of the same text, which is similar to but still a little better than the one already posted

with notes

without notes

>> No.13909334

You're welcome, I made an update to my original post here btw >>13909327

>> No.13909341
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>implying you wouldn't

>> No.13909362

Thanks for the additional information, I"m copying that as well. Though for translations I'll probably just search one in French since that's my native language.

>> No.13909373

Why do accurate descriptions of Arctic star and solar/lunar patterns show up repeatedly in the Aryan Vedas and Avestas and in various associated ancient literature like the Mahabharata then?

>> No.13909383
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what the fuck is your problem you damn crazy ass communist tranny. are you schizo? do you even have a job? what the fuck are you doing with your life. you're almost 50 and you're posting photos of microcephalic people to argue with 18 year old nazis on an anime forum. sort yourself out. gotdamn

>> No.13909388

I once saw a French anon in another thread recommend the French translation of it by Yves Baudron


>> No.13909398

Yes! I was precisely thinking of that one but didn't know where to seach for it. Mighty thanks anon.

>> No.13909465

is that a face reveal butt hurt fly?

>> No.13909491

>All OT is basically the chosenites wandering through Arabian deserts destroying neighboring tribes because muh YHVH said so
>not nomadic
Are you pretending to be retarded?

>> No.13909509

/pol/ is here to stay my friend and you might as well deal with it.
There's a massive exodus going on from /pol/ since your commie tranny friends took over the board.
You only have yourself to blame

>> No.13909606

literally wouldn't since 50 AD

>> No.13909640

>people who conquer cities and settle in them are nomadic
>people who have become a sedentary part of almost every single country on Earth but who have no records of ever durably mingling with nomadic tribes are nomadic
>people whose rites entirely revolve around agricultural seasons and agricultural products and spend half their time mourning a lost Holy Land are nomadic
>if something is in the OT then it must be an accurate description of what the Jews have been those past 3000 years
I'm compelled to return you the question. But instead I'll ask this: have you ever talked to a Jew about his faith or culture or assisted to any Jewish ritual? Because if you had you'd understand that calling Jews nomadic is profoundly misunderstanding them. The Jewish are exiles, not nomads, that's what the word diaspora means.

>> No.13909666

I've not officially converted to a traditional form of Christianity but will in the near future. He has a part in Crisis of the Modern World where he totally dispelled any belief I had in any Protestant feelology.

>> No.13909679

those trips tell everything, lost satanist

>> No.13909702

>God is changing the random numbers on a cambodian hentai forum to display His pleasure or displeasure

>> No.13909739
File: 254 KB, 785x1000, 1567642733972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/pol/ is here to stay my friend and you might as well deal with it.
>There's a massive exodus going on from /pol/ since your commie tranny friends took over the board.
>You only have yourself to blame

>> No.13909745

>blaspheming by mocking holy signs
never gonna see the light

>> No.13909753

Except Guénon has nothing to share with a pol-tard who worships Tarrant and other lunatic mass murderers.

Guénon converted to Islam, married Egyptian muslim woman as his wife etc. It's not like your typical /pol/ reader could even comprehend the difference between Traditionalism in a sense of adhering to a tradition and perennial philosophy that Guénon was part of.

>> No.13909781

Bloody mutts.
People all over Europe and even far beyond were thinking in terms of whiteness long before the US were a thing.

>> No.13909792

I think if most /pol/tards actually knew what being a Traditionalist required of them they'd call it retarded just like the trannies on this board.

>> No.13909813

Wow, you read a whole book?

>> No.13909824

>Destroyed your great great grandmas puss
Granma you old slut bag!

>> No.13909851

>Rene Guenon in his book The Lord of the World says: Almost every tradition has its name for this mountain, such as the Hindu Meru, the Persian Alborj, and the Montsalvat of Western Grail legend. There is also the Arab mountain Qaf and the Greek Olympus, which has in many ways the same significance. This consists of a region that, like the Terrestrial Paradise, has become inaccessible to ordinary humanity, and that is beyond the reach of those cataclysms which upset the human world at the end of certain cyclic periods. This region is the authentic ‘supreme country’ which, according to certain Vedic and Avestan texts, was originally sited towards the North Pole, even in the literal sense of the word. Although it may change its localisation according to the different phases of human history, it still remains polar in a symbolic sense because essentially it represents the fixed axis around which everything revolves.

Why are Guenon fanatics irked by the fact that their idol was an inspiration for Naziboos for generations to come? Its so amusing seeing their cognitive dissonance in action

>hurrr fuck /pol/ fuck racism
>haha based caste system, based hyperborea
>'n-nothing in common!!'

>> No.13909855

>Guénonfags now fantasize about Guénon pounding their own grandmas
That is FUCKED. You guys are a cult.

>> No.13909882

wow you are actually illiterate

>> No.13909894
File: 40 KB, 333x499, 51pME4GPLQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Naziboos for generations to come? Its so amusing seeing their cognitive dissonance in action

Such Hyperborean considerations were the work of Himmler and his right-man hand Wiligut, who designed the SS-rune symbolism, rings and Wevelsburg castle symbolism of the black sun.

He was an ex-mental patient who had been institutionalized for years for megalomania and schizophrenia.

Stephen E. Flowers has written a book about his runic system, his "Secret King" symbolism and ancient past of Hyperborean Germany, it is all neo-theosophy pseudo-science. Nazis were influenced by total lunatics like Wiligut, nothing to do with a metaphysical north of Guénon or the Vedas, which most probably was never a geographic place to begin with for the World Axis may reside in every spiritual center, even when located in the southern hemisphere, as also symbolized by the Islamic Qutb or 'Pole'


Wiligut was a madman and most likely a Jesuit Masonic infiltrator.

>> No.13909903

sure thing Segura64

>> No.13909916

so where to start with him?

>> No.13909942

general introduction to the study of hindu doctrines
man and his becoming according to the vedanta
multiple states of being
symbolism of the cross

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