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books about semen retention?

passed several weeks now and Im really astonished about the results so far

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What kind of results are you getting? My problem with semen retention are the constant sexual thoughts that fill my head when I am trying to sleep or focus on something productive. I literally lay in my bed for hours fantasizing about sex if I don't masturbate daily, so how the hell can I fix this? Also in the subway, when I see a beautiful girl, I instantly become perplexed and feel blood rush in to my penis which never happens if I have masturbated that day or the one before. My dreams also become more lucid and they are usually very stressful, for example I dream about killing someone close to me and then for the rest of the dream I try to cover up the murder so I don't have to go to jail, and also once I had a dream about having sex with my little sister (what the fuck?).

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lol that's what you get for buying into this new age horseshit. instant descent into degeneracy.

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Get over the hump. Masturbating is s release valve for your vigor, and energy. Your spirit isn't used to having all this pent up sexual energy, and the only release you know is masturbating

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Semen retention doesn't work, because the body removes old, excess semen via wet dreams.
All the benefits you're experiencing is just the result of cutting down on excess porn and masturbation.

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significantly reduced brain fog and the mentioned sexual energy which makes me feel a lot more awake and aware

I used to pleasure myself often before going to bed and the next two days were always dreadful - I felt tired and timid

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Just masturbate dude

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>for buying into
I didn't, I just tried it and when I was doing my military service and not masturbating daily due to sleeping with 13 other dudes in the same room I had the same effects. I am masturbating daily but I was just wondering how exactly does it work for someone, or rather, how come the negative effects don't top the supposed positive ones.

I do.

>Get over the hump
but how?

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How often were you jerking it, or watching porn, before your semen retention experiement?

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Once a day, both porn and masturbation (though I have always, due to the effects of not masturbating, regarded it as more like a chore than pleasure, and thus the time I spend masturbating or watching porn almost never exceeds 5 minutes).

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