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Where do I start, besides reading the Bible, to learn all that is about Catholicism and the Papacy? What books, prayers and catcheisms must I read?

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you should avoid reading the Bible if you want a good knowledge of Catholicism

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What should I read instead anon?

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Start here:

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You could read this theologian or that theologian, but it's really better to just start with the Catechism. When the time comes for you to start reading theologians, you'll want to especially pay attention to the ones that the Church has designated "Doctors of the Church."

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You could devote your entire life, and still not have an "encyclopedic knowledge" of Catholicism. It's fucking 2000 years of history.

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>The Bible (Douy-Rheims)
>Catechism of the Catholic Church
>Parts of the Summa Theologica (Specifically Part 1 and Part 3).

>Handbook of Catholic Apologetics-Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli
>The Everlasting Man-Chesterton
>Catholicism-Journey Into the Heart of the Faith- Robert Barron

>Summa Theologica-St. Thomas Aquinas
>City of God-Augustine
>The Works of St. Anselm
>On the Incarnation-St. Athanasius
>Defense Against the Arians-St. Athanasius
>The Consolation of Philosophy-Boethius
>Introduction to Christianity and Jesus of Nazareth Series by Joseph Ratzinger

Biography/Conversion works:
>The Confessions-St. Augustine
>Apologia Pro Vita Sua-John Henry Newman
>The Seven Storey Mountain-Thomas Merton

Historical/Sociological works:
>The Formation of Christendom-Christopher Dawson
>The Dividing of Christendom-Christopher Dawson
>History of the Catholic Church-James Hitchcock
>Keepers of the Keys of Heaven: A History of the Papacy

> Shusaku Endo- Silence
>The Divine Comedy-Dante Alighieri
>The Works of Flannery O'Connor-Flannery O'Connor
>The Power and the Glory-Graham Greene
>Diary of a Country Priest-Georges Bernanos
>The Works of G.K. Chesterton
>The Moviegoer-Walker Percy
>Lancelot-Walker Percy
>The Lord of the Rings-J.R.R. Tolkien
>The Book of the New Sun-Gene Wolfe
>Brideshead Revisited-Evelyn Waugh
>The Canterbury Tales-Chaucer
>A Canticle for Liebowitz-Walter M. Miller
>Tears of the Prodigal Son- Ivan Gundilic

>Collected writings of Meister Eckhart
>The Dark Night of the Soul-St. John of the Cross
>Collected Writings- St. John of the Cross
>The Interior Castle- St. Teresa of Avila
>Revelations of Divine Love- Julian of Norwich
>New Seeds of Contemplation- Thomas Merton
>No Man is an Island-Thomas Merton
>Thoughts in Solitude-Thomas Merton

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Holy Bible
Apologia prima: Justin Martyr
Apologia secunda: Justin Martyr
Epistle to Diognetus: Unknown
The Apology to Autolycus: Theophilus
Octavius: Felix
Apologeticus: Tertullian
De Carne Christi: Tertullian
Contra Celsum: Origen
De viris illustribus: Jerome
Apologia contra Rufinum: Jerome
Summa Theologica: Aquinas
De Arte Cabbalistica: Reuchlin
Pensées: Pascal
Alciphron (or The Minute Philosopher): Berkeley
Observations on the Conversion and Apostleship of St. Paul: Lyttelton
Observations on the History and Evidences of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Gilbert West
Génie du christianisme: de Chateaubriand
Testimony of the Evangelists: Greenleaf
Apologia Pro Vita Sua: Newman
Catechism of the Catholic CHurch
Philothea: de Sales
Life of Christ: Sheen
The Imitation of Christ: Kempis
Orthodoxy: Chesterton
Selected Writings: Eckhart
Interior Castle: Teresa
Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius
The Divine Comedy: Dante
True Devotion to Mary: de Montfort
Introduction to Christianity: Ratzinger
The Works of Joseph de Maistre
Dark Night of the Soul: John of the Cross
The Cloud of Unknowing
Confessions: Augustine
City of God: Augustine
Six Books on the Priesthood: Chrysostom
Writings: John of Damascus
The Sayings of the Desert Fathers
The Rule of St. Benedict in English
On the Incarnation: Athanasius
On the Holy Spirit: Basil
On the Unity of Christ: Cyril
Tome of Leo: Leo
Disputations with Pyrrhus: Maximus
On the Divine Images: John of Damscus
The First Seven Ecumenical Councils: Davis
The Everlasting Man: Chesterton
On the Marks of the Church: Bellarmine
The Major Works: Anselm
Fear and Trembling: Kierkegaard
The Didache
The Path to Salvation: Theophan
Unseen Warfare: Scupoli
The Way of a Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Continues His Way
The Philokalia
Ladder of Divine Ascent: John CLimacus
The Church History: Eusebius
Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi: Ugolino
The Golden Legend: de Voragine
Early Christian Lives
The Crusades: Riley-Smith
A History of Christianity: MacCulloch
The Popes: Norwich

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Monologion and Proslogion: Anselm
The Praise of Folly: Erasmus
Ockham: Philosophical Writings
Scholasticism: Pieper
On Christian Doctrine: Augustine
Summulae de dialectica: Buridan
Scotus: Philosophical Writings
Little Book of Eternal Wisdom: Suso
Practice of the Presence of God: Lawrence
Writings: Ambrose
Enchiridion Symbolorum: Denzinger*
Catechism of the Catholic Church: John Paul II
On the Holy Mass: Gueranger
Catena Aurea: Aquinas
Commentary: Lapide
Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma: Ott
Catechism of the Summa Theologica: Pegues
Provinciales: Pascal
The Seven Storey Mountain: Merton
After Virtue: MacIntyre
God, Philosophy, Universities: MacIntyre
Life of Christ: Papini
In the Beginning: Benedict XVI
Story of a Soul: Therese
Summa Contra Gentiles: Aquinas
The Consolation of Philosophy: Boethius
Journey of the Mind to God: Bonaventure
Scala Claustralium: Guigo

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Recommended Catholic Bibles
NAB - This is the Bible read during Mass in America
Doauy-Rhiems - A favorite among Tradcats
RSV2ndCE - Probably the best starting Bible for most folks. it's simple, readable, and accurate as can be.
The New Jerusalem Bible - Solid, translated directly from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

Bible commentaries and study aids
Catena Aurea - St. Thomas Aquinas commentary on the Gospels
A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament - Brant Pitre
Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary - Brant Pitre
The Bible Compass: A Catholic's Guide to Navigating the Scriptures - Edward Sri
You Can Understand The Bible - Peter Kreeft
Catholic Bible Dictionary - Scott Hahn

Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict XVI
The Life of Christ - Fulton Sheen
The Lord - Romano Guardini
The Incarnate Lord: A Thomistic Study in Christology - Thomas Joseph White O.P.

Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God - Scott Hahn
Behold Your Mother - Tim Staples
Introduction to Mary - Dr. Mark Miravalle
The Life of Mary As Seen By the Mystics - Raphael Brown

Introductions to Catholicism
Catholicism for Dummies
Catholicism - Bishop Barron
Spirit of Catholicism - Karl Adam
The Light of Christ - Thomas Joseph White O.P.

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Catechism of the Catholic Church - start here
Catechism of the Council of Trent - Tradcat favorite
The Baltimore Catechism - great American Catechism
The Catechism of the Council of Trent
The Catechism of St. Pope Pious X
The Catechism of St. Robert Bellarmine
The Aquinas Catechism
Catholic Christianity by Peter Kreeft

Spiritual classics
The Imitation of Christ - Thomas Kempis
The Imitation of Mary - Thomas Kempis
In Sinu Jesu by Anonymous Benedictine Monk
The Secret of the Rosary - St. Louis de Montfort
True Devotion to Mary - St. Louis de Montfort
Introduction to the Devout Life - St. Francis de Sales
The Way of Perfection - St. Teresa of Avila
The Interior Castle - St. Teresa of Avila
Dark night of the Soul - St. John of the Cross
The Seven Story Mountain -Thomas Merton
The Way - St. Josemaria Escriva

Timeless - Steve Weidenkopf
The Real Story of Catholic History: Answering Twenty Centuries of Anti-Catholic Myths - Steve
Those Terrible Middle Ages - Regine Pernoud
The Crusaders: The Struggle for the Holy Land - Regine Pernoud
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization - Thomas E. Woods
The Great Heresies - Hilaire Belloc
How The Reformation Happened - Hilaire Belloc
Survivals and New Arrivals - Hilaire Belloc

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A couple dollars will get you about 40,000 pages worth of church fathers.


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Every single one (and everything else, too) obviously.

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Here, this is all that is Canon and why.
Sola Schriptura is disproved by the Bible.

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>you should avoid reading the Bible if you want a good knowledge of Catholicism
Yes don't read the Bible goy. Just go to mass and eat the wafer.

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new catholic encyclopedia. download all the volumes. very comfy reading

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Why would anyone want to learn anything about Catholicism? You'll go nowhere.

Learn about business.

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Basically ignore everything written before 1950. I'm not saying there isn't anything good after that, but the overwhelming majority is completely heretical (from a Catholic perspective) and disconnected from traditional Catholicism, so you are better off staying away from it. You should know that the Catholic Church became, de facto, a mainline Protestant denomination in 1962 (they even replaced their old liturgy with a copy of the Anglican liturgy).

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>Basically ignore everything written before 1950.
I meant after 1950 of course.

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It's actually 3500 years of history. Moses and all Old Testament prophets were Catholic.

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You forgot biography of St Francis by Chesterton

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Thanks, Shlomo

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Thanks, Luther

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learn both, unless you have a vocation that is. Then you'll go somewhere transcendentally and immanently.

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The Path of Christianity:The First Thousand Years

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Ironic considering the catholic bible is the one without missing books from it.

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>The idling of children is called trifles. The idling of men is called "business".
Augustine proved that all the plans and ambitions of man, all the work, all the buying and selling, contracts, even affairs of state are worthless.

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Just read 2000s Atheist tripe, it has all the bestial misanthropy, Chrisophobia, agnosticism, moral nihilism, hysteria, irrationality, etc. that is essential to Catholicism, minus the turgid prose.

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Books to read to get an encyclopedic knowledge of Business? Seems like a lot of common sense stuff. What are some valuable things to read?

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St. Louis Marie De Montfort The Secret Of The Rosary. Pray the Rosary. Ideally all 15
DO NOT underestimate the Rosary. DO NOT


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This going to teach me to use the rosary? Redpill me on the rosary

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this. it's a pretty good read, too. did you know that you don't have to be an ordained priest to baptize somebody? the church considers it valid as long as you dip three times

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do it in your spare time instead of mindlessly scrolling on your smartphone and not only cut down on your future time in purgatory but also have the general spiritual improvement that comes with not being on your phone all the goddamn time

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i highly recommend the rosary of 7 sorrows

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Good rec, thanks

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Rosary is idolatry

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According to the Orthodox Church the Catholic Bible /is/ missing books.

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They were Muslim, brother. Inshallah.

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For what purpose? Do you intend to be a professor or a priest? Oh and become fluent in Latin and familiar with Greek

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The absolute best way to learn about Catholicism is to read up on the Saints, and attend traditional Latin masses.

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Aquinas' Summa (or the IEP article on St. Thomas Aquinas + Wikipedia article on Roman Catholic Church history if you just wanna LARP)

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>learning the language of the people whom Jesus was meant to free the Jews from

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Books for reading the Saints?

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I can never articulate just how much I hate Protestants. Books for this feel?

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And look how appreciative of jesus the jews were

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God is not a woman. Stop worshiping the vagina.
Salvation can not be bought by reciting a couple words every day. Any visions had by attention seeking, schizo nuns - are simply not valid, heretical.

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Or just visit:

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Jesus was not meant to free the jews from the Romans he was meant to free Everyone from death. He did.

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Which ones, lets hear it.

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This is especially true if the person is in danger of death. If an infant looks like it's going to die, the Church allows anyone in the vicinity to baptize the infant and it will be valid.

This actually led to an infamous scandal during the papacy of Blessed Pius IX. If you're curious, look up "The Mortara Incident."

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No It's not. We pray With Mary not TO Mary or anyone else But God.
>Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen
She has no power for herself and is asked to pray for you by the simple reasoning that everyone listens to Mom.
She is also the Protector from Heresy.
I'm tired of doing This every thread learn to discuss things in way different from ad hominem.

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No one asked you to comment faggot. Now begone with your spooks

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when society held up a virgin as the Holiest Woman, Woman were virgins

when society turn their back on the Virgin Mary (Protestantism and atheism) women are now whores.

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God asked for my comment. He Said "Anon, these anons are offendi gli my Mother and My Church! Testify against their lies!"
And so I Did.

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Many of the letters have longer and shorter versions which aren't available on that site.

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