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It's actually his best book since The Stand & The Shining, I recommend everyone into horror fiction to pick it up.

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Nah bro

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Way Too many classic works of fiction that have stood the test of time to read to spend time reading contemporary fiction

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What a retarded statement, why not give both a shot, fucking weak work ethic autist

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>It's actually his best book since The Stand & The Shining

They say that about every new book he's written. Stop falling for the marketing. Stephen King is mediocre.

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Absolutely based and informedpilled

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I love Kubrick's The Shining, so I decided to give Doctor Sleep a try. What a travesty

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because then he would actually have to use his brain to figure out whether the book was good or not instead of deferring to established opinions.

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>he misses on reading Georgi Gospodinov
>he misses on reading Sergei Lebedev
>he misses on reading Varujan Vosganian
>he misses on reading Peter Nadas
>he misses on reading Mircea Cartarescu
A resounding yikes from me.

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Lit-trilly whomst

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Exactly my point, I like you, we should be frens

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Literally the only King worth reading are his short stories. He's got interesting ideas but dogshit delivery and zero stamina

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