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Do you ever ask your mom for help when you encounter a particularly difficult passage in a book?

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That picture is so beautiful

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Last time I talked to my mother I ignored her opinion on whether I should get the abortion or not.

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It physically hurts me

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No, but I remember when I found the word masturbation and asked my parents what that meant, they didn't answer. I looked at the dictionary and it said something like "friction with genital organ". I ignored the genital part and started scratching my arms, because I just had learned in school that the skin was the largest organ, went to them and I said "look I'm masturbating". I said that for a couple of days until I forgot about it.

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you just know

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Not so much ask for help but I do discuss books I’ve read with her if we’ve both read them and we recommend each other books. I do the same with my dad too. I love my parents bros

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is that darwi on the plate in back?

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This sounds sweet, anon. I love my parents as well but they're immigrants so it's hard to discuss English literature. Maybe one or two japanese novels and some Russian stuff

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My mom did not even finish elementary. But she got me into books from an early age. She could not afford a computer. So whenever I was curious about something she did not know, she would always make time to take to the library to look it up. Good old times

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>remember what they took from you

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i feel you bros

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My mom was an expert at Dr. Mario back in the day. That said, I've never shared with her anything that I've read.

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take your meds

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My Mom's an English professor and probably more intelligent than me, but I still try to avoid asking her because her answers are insanely drawn out.

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You are Delusional
Men LARPing as women can’t get pregnant

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I’m imagining a little kid scratching his arms saying “look I’m masturbating” and cracking up right now

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