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how do Christians reconcile the fact that they have abandoned the rich poetry and tales of their own indo-european forefathers, and adopted the culture of some entirely alien and inferior semitic folktales?

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Through mental gymnastics. It's honestly hilarious

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How do you function in daily life with somebody else living rent-free inside your head 24/7.

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I couldn't give two fucks about muh heritage.

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>with somebody else living rent-free inside your head 24/7

I dunno, I'm not a schizophrenic god botherer

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You are nothing but your lineage. Individually you are no one. Join your race.

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We wrote better stuff, is what we did. Dante is better than both Homer and Virgil. The Matter of Britain is better than the Greek heroic tales.

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Shots fucking fired

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>that shop

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But the Juden sure do not like paganism, they much prefer us goyim to be Christians!

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Always do the opposite of what Jews tell you to do.

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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/.

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Sup goyim

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Well Hitler was a retard, so I fail to see your point.

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Read Gmirkin, he just came out with a new book, Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible. Talk about starting with the Greeks!

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Every time i read some Hitler quote i feel the 115 IQ creeping up my nostrils.

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The weak should fear the strong

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Don't kill yourself.

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What an autist

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How does it feel to be temporarily smarter?

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Because they saw it as objective truth and didn't just mindlessly repeat what their forefathers said without knowledge.

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>this article represents all Jews
It's like using American Renaissance to represent all white people

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Jesus wasn't a prophet. Muhammad and Joseph Smith were false prophets.

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But we haven't abandoned the rich poetry and tales of our forefathers. Pagan folk tales, traditions, and so on are prevalent in Romanian culture and (AFAIK) coexist with Orthodox Christianity. Villages have plenty of dances, superstitions, and traditions hailing from pagan times.

>adopted the culture of some entirely alien and inferior semitic folktales
Semites weren't the only contributors. Additionally, I have not adopted their culture, merely the God.

>"God botherer"
Did he try and preach God to you?

>shots fired
This is incorrect because God does not "live" in your head, and the jab itself is just a cope for the anti-Christian's daily rage at God.

No lineage is as pure as you'd like to think. I will not miscegenate, but "joining" the collective delusion of some of my ancient ancestors and their idols (which were just superstitions created to explain natural phenomena, something that pervades folk thinking as well) is not to my tastes. All men die, and race will die as well. I choose to go above what is worldly in this case.

>Judaism does not believe that Jesus Christ is the messiah, a core tenet of Christianity
I guess you think the apple is the same as the apple tree

>going to conclusions that suit your anti-Christian belief based on a mysterious painting whose implications and origin are still a subject of discussion among scholars
Inscriptions were added to the pot by various artists so it's possible that the two horned fellows could've been drawn after the "Yahweh and Asherah" inscription. Even so, what does a drawing on a storage pot really matter? If I doodle two furries and write "God and his wife" on my homework will it be taken as Biblical canon in the far future?

Judaism was influenced by Hellenism but not necessarily produce by it

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Good post friend

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it's incredible how many ways they think up of being repulsive.

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>And when it is said to them, "Follow what Allah has revealed," they say, "Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing." Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided?
Pagan larpers are cringe

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Christianity is as Hellenic as it gets, being basically Neoplatonism taken in a particular direction. Are you retarded or were you raised Protestant (as it was any difference)?

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autism and brainletism, never a good combination.

No, christianity does not "co-exist" with anything. when in a position of absolute power it burns every book and person that challenges its dogmas. historical fact.

>muh archeological evidence of jehovah being the literal tribal goat-fucking god that he is just anti-christian bias

and judaism wasn't "influenced" by Hellenism, it wholesale plagiarized and perverted its knowledge to suit its tribal neuroses.

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