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It's almost autumn. That means brewing a nice cup of coffee, grabbing my warm, fluffy blanket, and curling up with a nice book. What are some comfy books that I could read when wrapped up in this position?

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My personal rec is pic related. Calvino is super comfy.

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Never heard of this one and looks pretty interesting. Thanks for the rec, anon.

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Schopenhauer, Cioran, Ligotti, gloomers in general.

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I think I read the dark stuff in winter when I get very depressed. Something about autumn makes me want to read things that are comfy and nostalgic.

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>tfw another fall on the horizon, still no gf

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That's why we read. If we had gfs, we'd be busy cuddling.

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you can cuddle and read at the same time

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I just want a lit arthoe

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The fault in our stars

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same. give me an arthoe gf or give me death.

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I'd rather have a qt /lit/ bf

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I once cuddled with my gf while reading in bed.

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Yeah well, at least I don't like Gay-On.

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Damn that sounds comfy. I just want a lil love, know I'm saying? Someone to cuddle with and talk about lit with.

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a sick faggot could never comprehend the purity and beauty of the light music club.

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You’re welcome :]

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I can't comprehend the appeal. It's too boring.

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Yes u can

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its cause your gay. thats why you don't get it.

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Yeah I'd rather get you.

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Ngl ending of s2 when the girls start crying together, I might've dropped a tear.

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is /lit/ a no-normie zone? There are plenty of normies who can appreciate good literature.

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Good luck trying to cuddle them while they complain that it's uncomfortable or beam light from their huge Iphones, while they scroll infinitely on twitter and instagram.

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What a pity, derailed again by lonely college students.
Anything by Kawabata/Mishima/Murakami OP, the Japanese have a good way at writing Comfy core

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Murakami might not be a brilliant writer, but super comfy for airplane flights and cold foggy days.

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Mira Gonzalez's works.

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>tfw live in tropics
>tfw never can feel comfy no matter how much I try
>tfw books mold

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No he is a brilliant writer, it's just he has no imagination kek

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>blaming the weather for your subhuman genetics
nice cope nigger.

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i'm not concerned with reality, only the ideal.

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I’m 39.7% Iberian retard

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but at least he has sex.

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shut up nigger

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Please no hate, frens

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“Some of the Falangists in Spain had supported racialism and racialist policies, viewing races as both real and existing with differing strengths, weaknesses and accompanying cultures inextricably obtained with them. However, unlike other racialists such as the National Socialists, Falangism is unconcerned about racial purity and does not denounce other races for being inferior, claiming "that every race has a particular cultural significance" and claiming that the intermixing of the Spanish race and other races has produced a "Hispanic supercaste" that is "ethically improved, morally robust, spiritually vigorous".[16] It was less concerned about biological Spanish racial regeneration than it was in advocating the necessity of Spanish Catholic spiritual regeneration.[17]”

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>"Hispanic supercaste" that is "ethically improved, morally robust, spiritually vigorous".

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>It’s 87 degrees outside right now
>it’s night

>it’s going to be like this at least until halfway through October
Fuck this shit every day this week has been 95-100 degrees I want my cozy vibes for reading

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we've had a couple of 7C mornings this past week and the temperature drops really fast in the evening. feels good man.

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I hate southern California for it's lack of seasonal characteristics

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I don't know why you have to be a faggot about it. You can replace the blanket with a flannel suit and sit in the leather chair in your study without "curling up" like some kind of fucking woman.

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All seasons are melancholy when wholly considered in their cyclicality and in one's active comprehension thereof, rather than passive observation of individual seasons' relation to each other. A Demiurgic nightmare.

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max comfo

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On my re-read list for this winter. Would also recommend for OP

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