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Why do we read?

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To cope

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Nabokov says that the only reason you should read is so you can appreciate the aesthetic qualities of literature. What a heartless cunt.

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To feel worse

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So that at least our intellect won't be judged, as we are judged in all other parts of life. Maybe I'm projecting tho

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I have a general purpose that I aim for.

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We read to boast about what we have read.

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To change boredom into ennui.

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To find pure, heterosexual love? :3

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I read because its usually cheap(ish) entertainment.
I like collecting things so books fit pretty well into that.
I mostly read fantasy/sci fi but i dont necessarily read for a form of escapism i just think its fun.
Why do you read anon?

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To escape from the hell that is reality

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its fun

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Of course not. That would be gross.

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Because anime has become boring.

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I ran out of anime and I want to learn things too.

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I wanted to write down my thoughts. My writing was terrible so I started reading. Now I enjoy books and can't really watch TV anymore

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Because we are incels

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So I don't end up a fucking waffle waitress.

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What're you checking?

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will audiobooks help me write better as long as they're of a certain quality?

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It's only excusable to listen to audiobooks if they're packed with extremely dense sentences and difficult to pronounce words.

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Your literally a faggot stfu

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I wish I could be fucking a waffle waitress.

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>That would be gross.
Holy shit that's cute. That's probably the cutest thing you've said.

I can now see how and why you've masturbated to me :3

Go for it, I give you permission to begin.

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We don't.

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I picked up reading recently because I don't want to be a loner who plays video games in his room all day anymore. I want to be more like a human being ought to be.

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>extremely dense sentences and difficult to pronounce words
That's incredibly relative.
I tell people that I'm partially blind and though that's legally true without my corrective lenses, I can read a book fine, I just have a terrible attention span.
However, I don't do anything else except look up imagery when listening to audiobooks.

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... ... eh fuck, it in the dark anything can be sexy

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... ... eh fuck it, in the dark anything can be sexy

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... ... eh fuck it, in the dark anything can be sexy

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>That's incredibly relative.
Whatever's hard for you, so that you can progressively improve.

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If you wouldn’t fuck anything with a beating heart, you shouldn’t be here.

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