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How can a country be so devoid of artistic talent?

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Western sanctions

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haha I get it

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What decadent Westerners take for artistic talent is really the rippling, blubbery fat of capitalism. Pig dogs have no taste for nectar. Old ambergris cannot compare to the pure white lily growing wild in the red rose bed. The properly fasted comrade blushes at the filigree of Proust as much as he winces at the staccato pop of Carver. Films are another matter, to be decided on a case by case basis as useful potent glimpses of hell. The pure musical virtuosity of the Kims cannot be approached, only echoed in the sound of a smile.

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Hard to invest energy into creativity when you are starving to death.

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their music is good

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source? yeah thats what I thought you ass
now you look like an ass, ass, because you cannot provide a credible source which in turn means that your claims are probably made up and wrong
shouldve had a source

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didn't seem to stop Russians

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Industrialism - Not even once

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>Lim Hwa-won's short story "The Fifth Photograph" is told from the perspective of a North Korean woman who visits post-Soviet Russia in the early 1990s, and finds a country in a state of moral turmoil for having turned its back on socialism. The narrator blames insidious American influence for Russia's woes, and emphasises the need for strong ideological commitment in North Korea.

She's not wrong.

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>North Korean fiction provides insights into how foreigners, in particular Russians are viewed. During the 1940s and 1950s Soviet Russians were portrayed as ideological guides of Koreans. In literature from the 2000s, the tables have turned and now Russians look up to Koreans as the interpreters of socialist values and initiative. For instance, Rim Hwawon's representative short story, "The Fifth Photo" follows the ordeal of a Russian girl in a post-Soviet world. The protagonist with a revolutionary family history enters university, where she is exposed to "dangerous ideas". She is seduced by an American student, who, it turns out, is in fact a Russian whose ancestors were anti-communist landlords. The Russian man had lured the protagonist in a ploy to regain the formerly nationalized lands back to his capitalist family. The protagonist is lost in the West and ends up being a prostitute. According to Andrei Lankov, the girl protagonist symbolizes modern Russia after the end of the Cold War: "Fooled into selling her heritage, she ends up a pitiful prostitute at the bottom of the merciless capitalist heap", a path that the author warns North Korea should not follow.

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