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I spend a large portion of my free time playing different romantic scenarios in my head. My social media activity mostly consists of browsing through wholesome romantic memes, and I feel strange, intense happiness when I see particularly good ones.
Are these normal for a man? I always had the idea that obsession as these are feminine traits.
Like a lot of you, I too hold writing ambitions that are yet to go anywhere.
But if they ever do, however, is it a fair assumption that I'll be good at writing romance having this 'feminine' side in me as a leverage?

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I love romance as well. Started with Wuthering Heights. Have you seen Before Sunrise? You should watch, if not.

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this is barely /lit/

that said I do listen to GFE ASMR as I fall asleep every night

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Yes I watched the whole series. 1>3>2 for me. I repeat Roman holiday and Gone With The Wind occasionally.

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