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Don't have the attention span to read a book to the end. How do I gain it?

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Start with the lowest reading level you feel confortable with. Or even better, just consistantly try to read hard shit. HARD shit. That's the stuff like textbooks, self-teaching, classics, philosophical works.

Here, try reading some short English written works; They'll get consistently harder
>Margaret Wise Brown - Goodnight Moon
>Dr. Seuss - Works
>Beatrix Potter - Tales Of Peter Rabbit
>Emily Dickenson - Whatever poetry of hers you want dude
>E.B White -Chalets Web
>Kipling - The Jungle Book
>Lewis Carol - Alice In Wonderland
>Hemmingway - Old Man And The Sea
>Kurt Vonegut - Slaughterhouse Five
There. Now you've extended your attention span, most likely.

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