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It's always fascinating to me the fact that French people could write great literature in this god-forsaken horrible tongue. Seriously, while the written form looks and feels cool, the spoken form is absolute DOGSHIT. All the cool looking words (e.g. Bordeaux) sound totally nibber tier when spoken. And then only 40% of what you see is actually pronounced. If French was a type of food it'd be a bag of Lays: half nothing, half content. French writers write in spite of their subhuman tongue, not thanks to it. Make no mistake. A total waste of a language. I'm glad it's on its way to the grave. Good riddance!

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tldr; French is a disgusting faggot orc tongue and its death is a good thing

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Few Persons were ever more familiarly acquainted with the <i>Æneis</i>, had a truer Gust, and Relish of it's Beauties, or enter'd more deeply into the Sentiments, into the very Souls and Spirit of it's Author, than Monsieur <i>Segrais</i>. His Preface is altogether admirable; and his Translation perhaps almost as good as the <i>French</i> Language will allow; which is just as fit for an Epic Poem, as an ambling Nag is for a War-Horse. It is indeed my Opinion of the <i>French</i>; that non write better <i>of</i> Poetry, and few (as to <i>Meter</i>) worse <i>in</i> it. Their Language is excellent for Prose; but quite otherwise for Verse, especially Heroic. And therefore tho’ the Translating of Poems into Prose is a strange, modern Invention; yet the <i>French</i> Transposers are in the right; because their Language will not bear Verse.

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French is peng mate

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Bouffe-moi les couilles vieux chien de la casse d'amerloque sidaïque. Napoléon, Charlemagne et Clovis te pissent à la raie, raclure de chiotte.

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Then why does my peeper get hard when French girls talk?

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Based. It’s that guttural r that absolutely disgusts me

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cringe. nothing hotter than a french girl saying literally anything

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Tell that to your women lel.

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any language/ accent sounds good if it's a hot girl speaking

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Not american english lel.

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