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I like this one. Early Samurai 200-1500 AD.
It looks at something else than the done to death sengoku period, which is quite interesting.

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George Bailey Sansom

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ahaha imagine being caught that would be so terrible hehe

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I hate women so much. Seeing them acting in some cute way to appeal to males just makes me hate them more.

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You hate them because they aren't trying to appeal to you.

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That's some idol group isn't it? They're trying to sell merchandise. It hasn't nothing to do with appealing to me personally.

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But in general, women try to appeal to males they find attractive. You will enjoy it once you become part of their target audience and bad feels will go away desu.

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Has anybody read The Crysanthemum and the Sword? I assumed due to its age it would be wildly inaccurate, but according to Wikipedia its pretty well regarded amongst the Japanese themselves.

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I won't. I've experienced female affection before, believe it or not.

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Learn the Japanese language. It will open the doors for you.

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Well, 99% of contempt towards females maximizing their appeal is basically sour grapes. If you're not an incel, good for you. Although in such case I don't know what is your very personal reason to dislike it.

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Is there any good book about catholicism in Japan?

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god i wish that were me

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Just kill yourself before you do something stupid

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I want to waterboard them with a bucket of my cum.

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See >>13637266 and stop being an incel

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>The only reason anyone could possibly dislike women is that they can't get pussy.

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If you hate children for being children then you are a child yourself.

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If women were actually just walking pussies I would probably not hate them.

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They actually are though. You're giving them credit for being more than that by actually validating them with whatever insipid feelings of "hate" you have. Man up.

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How early are you considering "early"? Prior to what era?

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Everything is well regarded among the Japanese themselves. If you showed them a picture of a wartime propaganda poster of a Japanese who looks like a bat drawn by Big Daddy Roth bayoneting blonde babies they'd say it's a very nice depiction and the background is lovely.

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I really enjoyed "the world of the shining prince" about heian era court life.

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How early can we go?

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The confessions of Lady Nijo is quite interesting, gives a view into Japanese life in the thirteenth century.

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Either the Kojiki or the Nihongi, both completed in the early 8th century, would be essential. Do Kojiki if you want a taster, Nihongi if you want the whole hog, because Nihongi's a goddamn brick if I ever saw one. I enjoyed it but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is not deeply into that subject matter.

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I'd also caution that they're not the most factual of texts in the conventional sense, but they're both important historical documents from a Japanese perspective, so take it all with a brick of salt. The later parts of Nihongi are the most sound bits of the whole bunch as far as actual historical documentation goes.

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I have a girlfriend.

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Read Endo.

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Yakuza games

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Good info. Thank you.

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not early enough. i am talking wakoku/ yayoi times


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