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Women are subhuman, all the good writers and philosophers agree

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No. Subhumans are subhuman, like you

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>m'lady, I hath defended thine honour on the internet

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I don't care about females but you're also subhuman.

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>I don't care about females
No, of course. You just defend them on the internet for no reason.

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No one is defending femals, retard. Your low IQ subhuman is showing. We are offending you. First because you post degenerate cumbrain images such as the OP, in a board dedicated to literary discussion. You should absolutely kill yourself just for that alone. But you also care about females enough that you come here to complain about them, as if they are an important feature of the world, important enough, to be complained about. Kill yourself.

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Everybody in history agrees on this, there is no need to post it.

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I love incels

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More like

hey girl, don’t trip, I got you

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>All that text
Women won't fuck you for sticking up for them on the internet. Grow a scrotum.

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Leave, you’re embarrassing yourself

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>I'm a superior lifeform because I like Predator and Chinese cartoons

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It's my thread idiot, go defend m'maam on reddit

No, you dumb thot. That's not the point of that image. Try again.

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>weeb makes terrible post
and the sky is blue

>inb4 literature is anime

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Kek the guy's idea of greatness is Silver Stallone arm wrestling a guy, Cowboy Bebop and ps2 metal gear

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It's at least seems deeper than thinking about getting deep throated.

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Try to look beyond the obvious in your face images and think about what they stand for, simpleton. Honour, brotherhood, loyalty, sacrifice.

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The other side represents his idea of women. The video game and anime side represents his ideal self and it is absolutely embarrassing.

How can you be any of those things if you don't think of your partner (not to mention half of your community) as human beings worthy of respect.

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>How can you be any of those things if you don't think of your partner (not to mention half of your community) as human beings worthy of respect.
Because things like honour, brotherhood and loyalty are only understood between men. Women are incapable of these acts. They're subhuman.

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Read up on the Madonna-Whore complex that men develop when they're sexually rejected

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>The other side represents his idea of women
Can you prove that his view of what women think about is incorrect? Judging by their actions women seem to conform to his "stereotype".

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This concept was actually initially introduced by Freud to explain why married men had a strong sex drive for literal whores while not being capable of getting hard with their own virgin wifes.

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The original pseud

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Stop with the same low quality spam bait you fucking retarded faggot.

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Yes, it is easy to stand for honor, brotherhood, loyalty and sacrifice when you're a fictional character in fictional setting.

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No excuses thot.

Men in everyday life exercise those virtues every day.

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Only men express such ideals irl
Those concepts are alien to the female psyche

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Holy moly. You're based, my fren.

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Embarassing, just stop.

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It's ironic how the ones who hate women the most are the ones who spend the most thinking about them. Like, find a gf or shut the fuck up and stop jerking off cause that's ruining your brain

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You can regard women as subhuman while holding no hate for them.

Do you hate a dog for shitting on the rug? It just doesn't know any better, it's a dog.

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This image is so stupid.

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Because the person who created it thinks that the height of intellect is to think about pop culture symbols and characters, he lives in a fantasy world as bad as the constructed fantasy world he imagines that women have. This person needs to get outdoors more, experience the real world, not something thought up by studio executives and screenwriters.

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>Because the person who created it thinks that the height of intellect is to think about pop culture symbols and characters

Try to actually read a thread before you reply with your simpleton thoughts.

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