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i was abused as child and because of this i have shit tons of mental illnesses. it's not that i don't love kids, it's that i love kids more than anything. and that's why i won't be bringing one into this world of terror and pain. and then there's retards coming at me and saying i should still reproduce and pass my mental illnesses into child because of "mUh GeNeS" and "MuH rAcE". do you even realize how egoistic that is?

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>I am a antinatalist

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every time you breathe air into your lungs tens of thousands of bacteria and skin mites die, drowning in the enclosed space of your body. every hour you kill millions.

1. you were not abused as a child,
2. mental illness is not real
3. you don't know what love is
4. the world is neither terrifying nor painful, things simply grow
5. genes and race are social constructs, words humans use to communicate the idea of distinctions between living beings
6. ego is an invention of power hungry humans who wish to control you by installing language switches in your brain, designed to short-circuit thought before it becomes action

why should human beings have children?
1. because they were children once, and a part of a great cycle of continuation that goes back millions of years
2. because they are living creatures with a complex biology not yet reproducible by their machine technology, and until it is, there is a responsibility to continue living, if only to allow for sufficient time until total death and machine transformation to occur
3. because sex, conception and birth are part of the mysteries of creating and life giving, it is the antithesis of murder or violence and should be experienced by all, as it is the closest you can achieve to spiritual elevation
4. because it's the last normal and natural thing humans do, living in artificial places, covered in artificial things, eating artificial products, the era of artifice is upon us all and we are slaves to the manufactured, processed and constructed world that the last form of rebellion left to man and woman is to conceive a life
5. because if you do not, others will, and your inaction is largely irrelevant, take one it's free, take one it's free, take one its free, I WONT TAKE ANY, someone else took two it's okay, take one it's free, take one it's free
6. because life is a gift you were given, and in the balance of things you should return it, since nothing is yours to keep forever and for yourself, coveting it in the darkness of your private heart. you can only exchange life with life, ending a life that began is normal since all living things die, and death does not free you from the obligation of creating new life, not even your own.

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>i am an antinatalist and
literally a problem that solves itself in 1 generation, go do your thing anon

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that's not what antinatalist means, nobody thinks every single person should reproduce. just become a priest or a monk if you want the volcel life

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this guy >>13636840
hes a weirdo

ultimately what i have to tell you is that the consent and asymmetry arguments are flawed. i can demonstrate why if you want

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> i have shit tons of mental illnesses.
yeah nobody wants you to reproduce m8.

>and then there's retards coming at me and saying i should still reproduce
Never happened. What happened is that you made a antinatalist thread and claimed nobody should reproduce, nobody cares about you specifically.

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Read some nietzsche, perhaps that will cure you

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anti-natalism is just the cuck version of this

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If you wanna stop humanity from continuing just go buy as much coal as you can and burn it in a metal barrel outside your place.

Bonus: you can get wasted with your bros around it and maybe BBQ. Make sure to cook a lot of red meat for the highest possible environmental impact.

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>find a girl who will have my child(unlikely)
>it's a boy
>grows up to be a balding dicklet like his father
>has to go through life lonely and undesired by women, developing mental ilnesses
Imma pass on this one lads

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Actually fuck it, you should join a fossil fuel industry PAC instead.

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Based af

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>egoism is bad
All I can say is I’m glad you was abused as a child and you’re suffering in your life. You know what to do, anon. It’s the only way to stop the pain.

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>this world of terror and pain
For those who are inferior.
It's a good thing that such people realize their existence and genes are worthless.
The earth is full of those who should have never been.
Suicide is the next step anon.

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Kill yourself, problem solved.

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>ego is an invention of power hungry humans
>because life is a gift you were given, and in the balance of things you should return
This post is proof that we do need eugenics.

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I'm not antinatalist but I believe ugly people should refrain from reproducing for humanity to achieve peak aesthetic, so I don't reproduce.

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>because ego isn't real you don't exist
>because words are symbolic, and symbols are interchangeable they can mean anything
>we don't already have eugenics

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>children can't be abused
>mental illnesses don't exist
>genes are a social construct

I think you're the one who shouldn't reproduce

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Have kids

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