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How many books at a time do you read?

Ideal is
>1 Non-Fiction while reading 1 Fiction

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1 book 1 manga

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Agreed that’s what I do. 1 fiction, 1 non-fiction.

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>1 non-fiction
>1 fiction
>Self-learning a language at the same time

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You guys don't actually keep rules for how much you can read at once, do you? That's very funny.

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1 bed 1 toilet 1 commute 1 other

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7 books a day. 60 mins each

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however many I want

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I read a book until it becomes a chore, then I pick it up again when I feel like i'm ready to commit to it. Maybe 4 or 5 at max.

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I have only read a couple novels in my life, but I am writing one so I thought i’d /lit/ more.

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This is kino.

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>1 Non-Fiction while reading 1 Fiction
I do this

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>1 manga
how? do you only read completed series?

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I'm working through five presently, I'll do a burst at a time of each. I've always done at least five books at a time, is that uncommon? What are your thoughts on this approach, /lit/?
Here's my current reading list if that helps
A Game of Thrones - never read GRRM so I thought I'd give it a shot with the show being over. Entertaining so far.
Meditations, Aurelius - reread.
The Haunting, Shirley Jackson - first of her work I've read. There's a feeling of dread that's pervasive and unlike most in-your-face horror. Genuinely loveable characters add to the spooky, like reading an old English ghost story.
When we were orphans, Ishiguro - loved Never Let Me Go. This is great so far.
Blindsight, Watts - dark, creepy, hopeless, really creative scifi. Well-written and tackles some awfully complex concepts for what the premise is.

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