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Life is beautiful

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Life is fucking ugly and miserable

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It's both, my dudes

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Not as beautiful as your sister though.

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the point of life is sex
if you're not having sex
life is not even worth living

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based sex user poster

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I agree phoneposter

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or fapping

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I agree
Procreation is everything

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My sister is very beautiful indeed thank you.

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God is Beauty

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Life is an illusion. Only the experience of our existence and it's conditions exists, which is all tied to our biology. This experience is, the vast majority of the time, suffering and painful. Intelligence and conscientiousness is an aberration and is an enormous "mistake". Any rationalization of this is simply the natural cope and response of intelligence to it's uselessness.

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Thanks anon, I trust you

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beautiful is beautiful. life can be ugly and beautiful or anything in between

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There's glimpses of heaven in every day

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Says my words

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La vida es bella

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yes, i can confirm this.

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Even but one good virtuous life makes all existence, and all the suffering, justified.

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