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>There are unironic Christians on this board RIGHT NOW

EMBARRASSING. ITT We post logical atheist literature instead of believing fairy tales. I'll start.

Some good atheist stuff:

they all btfo'd retarded christianshit. post more atheist books

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I'll unironically pray for you anon

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>not realizing that only theologians can be the true atheists
Oh anon read zizek

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HAHA! CHRISTIANS!!!! FAITH?????? HOPE???? I WILL PROVE REALITY IS MEANINGLESS WITH REASONING AND LOGIC! which inherently imply your entire being is useless, you wonder why shits so fucked, idk maybe because we look at ourselves as evolutionary monkeys?? and glorify science and technology making us even more meaningless, gee i wonder, you really showed the Christians!

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>listening to anything marx said about religion
>fucking zizek

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even if you dont believe in christianity or anything like that, marx, hitchens and freud are 100 times more ridiculous and embarassing to believe in
marx was supported by a major industrialist his whole life and all his predictions turned out false, was a fierce racist engaging in pseudoscience, born before 90% of mdoern technology and societal development was real and therefore made wildly incorrect claims about it
freud was an unironic jewish supremacist whose theories have no empiric merit and are rejected by virtually every reputable philosopher
hitchens is a 21st century minor celebrity who got popular by creating strawmans about an already ridiculous religious group (evangelical fundamentalists)

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I forgive you anon

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no, only after going through Christ's death on the cross disavowing Eli can you enter the community of the Holy Spirit which is completely devoid of God and thus be a real atheist communist.

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pick one
pick one

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Kant and Hegel aren't fucking atheists you illiterate fuck
tell your mommy to stop writing out this autism for you on boardsDOT4channelDOTorg/lit/

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Didnt hegel say christianity was the perfect religion or some shit

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atheists on suicidewatch

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yes, and that his system is compatible with Christianity

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The best atheists are deeply spiritual and desperate, like Schopenhauer, Jacques Brel ou Léo Ferré.

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b-but Kant was a-an a-a-atheist

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as a Christian, I deeply respect Schopenhauer

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>logical atheist literature
>posts Freud

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Kant and Hegel both believed in God my man. Marx was a sociologist, and Hitchens was nothing.

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>being Atheist
nothing more pathetic

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sure hegel and kant might've not been atheists, maybe... but I, an human of the 21st century, with much more knowledge of science than those g*rmans had at their time, am an atheist, and that means a lot more, since I'm an antheist

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We don't need to BTFO of theists, they're perfectly capable of doing that themselves.

By the way, you should always remember that the whole of theism serves two functions:
1. Gaining more worldly power
2. Destracting theists from their own inevitable deaths

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Poor bait

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