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I'm going to read this. What am I in for?

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Is that hume shushing Ben Shapiro?

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I think so.

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yep lol

Ben Burgis is a legit academic and a smart guy, but he certainly doesn't strike me as a genius. So I'm guessing it's going to be a good, smooth intro for what it is, but when you're reading it, you should probably think about what more advanced, authoritative texts you could go to next.

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I honestly like left wing thinkers like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao and so on, but the modern left is a joke. You either have autistic tankies, or radlibs. Life is suffering.

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>ben burgis

wasn't this guy btfo'd by destiny?

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>wasn't this guy btfo'd by destiny?
yep; and twisty and misty and slippy and bippy and deep and gorgeous.

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Yeah, pretty much what I was talking about. How do we make the left "cool" again?

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I somewhat like the general layout of the book, but the image actually is contra to the title in two ways.

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Anglos can't into prose

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>modern left
*western left

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this go to nepal or naxalite controlled india

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My god, this is the cringiest fucking thing. I'm left-leaning because I'm for worker's rights, personal freedoms, etc.,but I wish you could get these fucking emotional retards to just go off into their own little corner where they could be safely ignored by serious people. This is a repulsive fucking joke. Goddamn. If I was giving a speech there I'd literally tell them not to interrupt me at the beginning because I'm ADHD and derailing me is triggering, so they could insert all their comments at the end. Then I'd just leave immediately after my speech.

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Leftists won't be cool until they have the balls to tell freaks and weirdos that they're freaks and weirdos.

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Unironically this

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I have this vision of a left that would basically ignore the sensitivity stuff, the identity stuff, authoritarian/censorship policies, the grandstanding, the hipster elitism and insults, all that shit. Just basically have a pragmatic group that would push for democratization and ecological issues, and leave all this whiny freak bullshit out. Because these DSA tools are not serious people. They're losers.

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When will leftists drop the revolutionary act and confess that they are supporters of the status-quo? You all eventually show how deep your trust for current institutions goes

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White Juche

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It's literally the opposite, you moron. The right by definition supports hierarchy, usually the current one. The left is about reorganizing society. Nice projection.

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They will never drop it, the ability to reason with these people has long past. You can fight them, and you can win (quite easily in fact), but they will only find a new low to sink to

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both the left and right are for status quo, any revolutionary projection is larping. its all housed securely within the domain of liberalism you fags

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The left is egalitarian the right is hierarchical. Modern elites are a result of dialectics between these polar opposites, which is ironically why they have to be destroyed by both egalitarian and hierarchical reactionaries.

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Yeah dude the establishment loves the Left that is why it's contributed innumerable taxpayer dollars to destroying it whenever possible

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>The left is egalitarian the right is hierarchical. Modern elites are a result of dialectics between these polar opposites, which is ironically why they have to be destroyed by both egalitarian and hierarchical reactionaries.
Lol what the fuck are you talking about

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I'll agree with that. I'm on the left, but there's a type of leftist I like - the type that focuses on economic exploitation, and pushing things in the right direction with organizing people, pushing for environmental rights, etc., and there's a type of leftist I hate, which is the whiny, resentful losers who offer no real solutions, and make everything about guilt, pushing for regulations, and making everything "safe." Similarly, I really like right wingers who focus on personal development, building a good family, and making society strong. I dislike the kind that again complains, tears down people from the wrong religion, or for trying to organize, and supports corporate greed.

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>How do we make the left "cool" again?

kill the borgies

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It’s the left that doesn’t want the right to organize

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idpol is a distraction. I honestly don't think about identity politics until I see shit like that DSA video, and I'm horribly disappointed that they're a joke.

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Eliminate the weak

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Aren't you larpers cool.
>hurr porky loves idpol
>hurr porky hates idpol
why can't leftoids every stay consistent with their conspiracy theories?

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Stop being insane

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Intersectionality and critical race theory are leftist in nature and practically sponsored by all establishment bodies.

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boomer tier post

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Idpolers almost always end up supporting capitalists who are clever enough to appeal to their anxieties about identity; their love of the Gillette commercial, their support of a huge corporation like Google playing to their feels with the crazy Google guy situation, their love for the corporate Fearless Girl statue even when they know it was by corporate design, their love for any media playing to them even when they won't spend money on it. They're not going to be fighting against capitalism any time soon.

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>Intersectionality and critical race theory are leftist in nature
Liberalism isn't leftism

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Drop the open borders insanity
Drop the insane identity politics
Drop the revolutionary larping
Drop 3rd wave feminism
Drop intersectionality and other post modernist nonsense
Drop cultural relativism and moral relativism
Drop the historical revisionism (Stalin apologia)
Support free speech
Support science
Stop being useful idiots for neoliberals
Stop using the word "reactionary"

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The most powerful institutions in the country are all leftist. Academia, the media, the entertainment industry, and nonprofits/NGOs. The American elites are primarily leftists from New York, DC, or Hollywood.
There is no doubt lots of money on the right, but these entities orbit the fundamentally leftist core.

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i agree with this but science is gay

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> What is Posadism?

fucking brainlets

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When will you realize that it is just an attempt replacing the white male, they don't want to abolish capitalism, they just want to be the white male in our society.
And possibly to inflict on white men the same wrongs that they think were inflicted on them in the past.

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Leftism is a branch of liberalism.

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It's more like the opposite, but ok.

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shut up liberal

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Left liberalism is leftism. And most forms of leftism are liberal in one way or another.

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Christopher Lasch might be up your alley

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I'm talking about the left being closed minded to the idea that there could be biological differences between different subgroups (races) of humans, denying biological differences between genders and bashing white male science.

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They could be the tiniest bit curious about what other people believe and why they believe it.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check him out

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>Zer0 Books
Nothing intersting

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Why would you want that? Left has been winning for a century by now, and it's resulted in this garbage pile.

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>left winning
The DNC is not the left

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citation needed

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A fascist is just an anarchist who isnt willing to let the freedom of the weak get in the way of his freedom. If you think about it fascism is the ultimate stage of anarchism. More freedom for the weak means less freedom for the strong, if leftists win, we will witness the wholesale leveling of humanity into a homogenous mass of panicky consumers. Why do you think leftists denounce the literary cannon and all pre woke culture but at the same time they are unanimously obsessed with corporate culture? Being right wing now a days is an existential choice, fuck you i wont do what you tell me

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This is possibly the dumbest post I've ever seen on YouTube, and I've been on here for 10 years.

Anarchists don't denounce "pre-woke" material.

Anarchism is ultimately about direct democracy and voluntary collaboration. Ideally, in an anarchist society you literally have a democratic say over things in proportion to how much they affect you. It's the literal opposite of fascism. Jesus fucking Christ you're stupid. You're also a nihilist and a postmodernist to a retarded degree. Wow. In your world nothing means anything.

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lol that was a slip, but it's even stupid by YouTube standards

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Anti idpol marxists are the trannies, spergs and self hating white betas who lack the even the basic interpersonal abilities needed to social climb leftist institutions.Chapos dont differ from liberals in terms of beliefs or values, they are merely more likely to be atomised and downwardly mobile, marked by the same violent pathologies of the right.(see the ohio shooter) The truth is, All politics is identity politics, all previous socialist regimes mobilised the worker as an identity through mass propaganda and education, the worker had to be created, the nuclear family promoted by social workers. The endgame of liberalism is total atomisation and eventually the transhuman erasure of all that is human.

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Grammatical errors and misinterpretations of the appeal to authority fallacy. The only thing of value in the big are the insights he shares from his time as a professor and how his students responded to his instruction, though even in that he falls short in his analyses, which are hardly even that. The book is poorly structured and very, very surface level. It's not worth consuming unless you share the exact same worldview or internet level as the author. He hardly gives context for anything and presupposes countless variables that he would benefit from analyzing. The book is effectively a guide to internet meme debates, if I were to put it at its best. At the worst, it's just a mess of ideas that are never properly grounded even within the book. It's a real mess to read.

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Debate is impossible without significant overlap. If you do not share most of your presuppositions with your "opponent" (as is surely the case with ideologically disparate wonks) then you're just yelling at each other.

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Drop the political criterion and learn actual debate stuff. You're looking for textbooks, particularly those favored by homeschoolers or Catholic private schools, which mention forensics or rhetoric in the title, and especially if they mention a grounding in Classical rhetoric. That will take you much further and serve you better than a feel-good issue paperback no one will remember twenty years from now.

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So why is the left (I guess center left liberals) the one that loves to build non-profits and beurarcies and universities, and loves to tell us how great all of our systems are working?

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Imagine watching this and still thinking democracitization is a good thing.
>if only we could remove all these people, then we could have real democracy.

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Why do commies always say this?

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It's not an attempt to replace white males, because white males are a loud part of that. It's social climbing, and in my more cynical periods, an effort to keep most minorities weak and dependent on the blessings of middle and upper middle class whites who conveniently don't have to do as much as long as they perform the right lines out loud.

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If I know Burgis, what you'll get is a volume of non-arguments and the conclusion that the only solution to ideas you don't like is to hit someone in the face and riot.

That's the Left's gameplan these days, along with murdering their own children and being raped by Muslims.

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You can't. The Trotskyites won, and turned "The Left" into a haven for mentally ill faggots, pedophiles, transexuals and niggers under the control of Jews.

None of those things are cool, and they won't become cool no matter how hard you try to make them cool. The problem simply is, the people who had the will to actually meaningfully inspire revolutionary potential are all dead. The ones who are left are the pathetic rind left over of International Socialism. You're all pathetic, and the only reason any of the brainded child-aborting normie liberals who make up the huge bulk of the non-conservative white population even tolerates association with leftism is that they THINK it's the cringe DSA stuff IS Leftism.

And because the bulk of the movement thinks that being a Leftist is about slicing their own balls off and injecting their children with hormones, and going to Morocco to get their heads sliced off by sandniggers, and trying to ban airplanes because muh environment, and trying to give banks more money by raising taxes, that is now what being Left-Wing is actually about.

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Reddit tier gruel.

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>It's not an attempt to replace white males
How many children is each group having?

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Here is a related and more scientifically impactful book:


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>The left is egalitarian
This only exists after the hierarchical right builds a civilization you dumb brainwashed tool. Leftism has never built anything. Leftism has always been the death of a civilization. Why won't you accept history? Why do you pretend like you do?

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They can't because leftism post 1960 became a religion. In order to hold the mind of an adherent, a religion must ask of you to believe in the unbelievable.

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But they use the shit out of leftist

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This. Leftists want to believe in blank slate theory even if they know it's false. The fact that white men invented literally everything and their whole life is living proof of that gives them an inferiority complex on the same level as the Middle Eastern people who worship themselves as god's "chosen people" (lol) yet achieved nothing outside of Europe and didn't get their "homeland" back until they became biologically European. This level of pathological envy and triggering is incomprehensible to normal people.

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This is the Goals of Globohomo. The Psychopathic Elite don't care if the destroy the genetic potential of humanity as long as they stay on top. This is the greatest evil humanity has ever faced

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You're angry because you're afraid he might be right. Stop being a coward.

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You got a free pdf?

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The realization that at some point “mug rigorous and refined argumentation” breaks down and politics really does just become a matter of personal investment packed with massive doses of ideology. The difference between an illiterate truck driver voting based off the superficial bottom line he receives monthly and the economic policies of Vladimir Lenin is just a matter of articulation.

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Minorities, to anyone paying attention, sure. Which is irrelevant; the whites with power have been doing what they do in order to maximize their experiences of pleasure, on the one hand, and power, on the other. Having lots of children only amounts to something if they have access to power. French revolutions are brutal, but rare, and the minority racial classes tend to be almost explicitly dependent upon the white classes for support and institutional help.

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I mean, take a look at what happens when you follow through on reparations the way most idpolers want:


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Indeed they do.

In Hollywood, the main idea is to be part of a hierarchical structure that brutalizes the underclass while paying them lipservice.

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crybaby moralist. a fake anarchist

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There’s an eastern left?

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Intellectualism is the means by which anti-hierarchy movements can justify having the hierarchy necessary to function as a movement.

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David "Causality ain't real cuz it don't suit my feelz" Hume? But why?

>> No.13636764

David “Hater of Negroes and Women” Hume

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daily reminder that Zero Books will literally publish anything and that their """crown jewels""" are literally capitalism realism (a glorified blog post), and kill all normies (copy/pasted from wikipedia and reactionary blogs)

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>Just basically have a pragmatic group that would push for democratization and ecological issues
democratization IS that video, and the left has already been trying for a long time to replace the proletariat with global warming with hilarious results

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Capitalist Realism was pretty shit desu. The idea is interesting and the first few chapters were okay if unoriginal; Kurt Cobain killed himself because of comoditized art, okay, tumblr-tier but okay. When Mark starts focusing on psychological themes (that he is blatantly not qualified to talk about) it's a dumpster fire that loses track of the purpose of the book and as you said, goes into straight blog mode. The book ends on the worthless 'I don't know what to do but someone will think of something eventually'. I've read most of Mark's stuff with the exception of Ghosts of my Life and he's never struck me as a particularly interesting or insightful thinker.

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jesus christ lmao

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Degeneration (both mental and physical) is by no means exclusive to people who call themselves "leftists" or "socialists".
It's a deeper issue and we need to approach it with more wisdom and understanding.

>> No.13637201

Focus on freaks and weirdos is ultimately the problem. Leftism used to be about emancipation for the common person, regardless of race or whatever. Now it's so hyperfocused on fringe groups there's no time for actual anti-capitalism and anti-authoritarianism.

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That's because, in general, people are too satisfied with their lives on a basic primal level.
They've been tamed with video games, porn, high doses of sugar etc.
So they invent pseudo issues and pseudo enemies (trannies, "nazis" and whatnot).

With relative material prosperity you need a higher cause to fight for. Screeching on the streets because someone called you a faggot is just not an issue people take seriously. Sure you can get Google and Coca-Cola to fight on your side (because non-discrimination is good business), but deep down everyone, the reddit leftists included, knows that these issues are a joke.

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Please tell me this is fake

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>that pic
lmao, this implies capitalists are just terrified of it, when they either dont care or are passively/actively supportive of it. The left has stopped being a threat to international capital a long time ago.

>> No.13637244

yes it is. If you were a commie you'd despise leftism, you wouldn't say that they arent truly Left. It's one of the few things that Bordiga-fags actually get right.

>> No.13637249

Capitalists are terrified of "idpol".
The problem is that these new "identities" (LGBT...) are powerless and get eaten into the capitalist machine and turned into profits.

Actual identities with power (race/nation or strong traditions) are a threat to capitalism, though.

>> No.13637263

The only idpol they're really terrified of is violent religious idpol and violent ethnic idpol. All else is just a distraction (Gender, feminism, LGBT-whatever, even blatantly capitalist idpol like corporate movie shills), but these two forms of idpol can wield serious political power and are hostile towards the neoliberal status quo.

Also woops i didnt read your last sentence. Serves me right for having ADHD

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>Jordan Peterson is my god

>> No.13637291

too much söy in the water supply at this point, just enjoy the honk-ride

>> No.13637301

> Just basically have a pragmatic group that would push for democratization
You want more power in the hands of capitalists? That's what democracy is. The rich, who are besy equipped to brainwash proles with bread circus, get the most thorough control under democracy.

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Doesn’t really matter when both leftists and liberals agree with each other on every cultural issue. In Sweden there is one commie leader from the 60s (Frank Baude) who stood up against liberal values. He is now persona non grata amongst everybody. Marxists nowadays are either non existent or fused together with liberalism.

>> No.13637343

>zero books
Is there a worse publisher out there?

>> No.13637380

Try actually being a threat to capital instead of their biggest supporters and foot soldiers

>> No.13637382

>faggot has to insert his faggot commentary between each clip
holy hell I hope he chokes to death within 24 hours

>> No.13637386

There's also this Marxist/workers party in Hungary and the leader speaks very clearly against immigration and so on, but Hungary is indeed unique in Europe.

It just shows that these issues aren't always left vs right, but nationalist vs anti-nationalist.

>> No.13637391

but the left cant surrender these as it is these beliefs that have kept relevant, especially after all their economic and utopian claims have failed.

>> No.13637396

What percentage of the people at the top of the pyramid are jewish? Just curious haha

>> No.13637402

Do modern Marxist still try to argue that centralized distribution is more efficient? I think they would get a lot further with the modern right if they would admit their shortcomings. Just say that we know socialism will make us all a little bit poorer since bureaucrats can't know exactly what is needed and where, but on the plus side tradition and social moors are more easily controlled and defended. Something like that. It's the lack of honesty from Marxists that make me not even want to work with them.

>> No.13637411

It kinda becomes left vs "right" since the left usually is bent on communism being international and class being the only important attribute. The "right" is a too broad category at this point and had become nothing but a dumb false dichotomy perpetuated by the left to monopolise certain issues.

>> No.13637416

>minority racial classes tend to be almost explicitly dependent upon the white classes for support and institutional help.
Hm, minorities are dependent on White people you say, almost like they are not able to take care of themselves? Hm hm hm, perhaps we can follow this logic to more conclusions about them...

>> No.13637433

>the left usually is bent on communism being international and class being the only important attribute
That might be true as an abstract ideal.
But there are also leftists with a more pragmatic approach who realize that you can't change the world (any time soon) and that there are strong international powers that will take over if you let them in, so it's best to focus on your own nation first. And to do that it means you need to have a nation, which means having borders and stuff.

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Most Marxists don't like to admit or acknowledge that central is much more inefficient compared to the capitalist system. Whether they like to acknowledge it or not, it is certainly true. Kornai does an excellent job explaining the reasons why it's more inefficient in this book and uses a lot of empirical evidence too. The Marxists who do acknowledge that central planning is inefficient try to circumvent it by advocating for central planning with computers. Paul Cockbutt goes into detail about it in Towards a New Socialism.

>> No.13637471

Marxists are absurdly slippery, they take different positions depending on whether they're attacking or defending and never seem concerned when a comrade is interpreting marx "wrong".
Genuinely seem addicted to the feeling of taking the position of pure critique.

>> No.13637564

because they have been playing for too long the game of Theory vs Propaganda and they got to a point where they can't tell them apart so Theory becomes Propaganda and things are true or not depending on what's tactically convenient to the left, which means they don't even know what direction they are moving anymore even theoretically

like a communist will write a book about equality under communism, but then will quote Marx about how communism is "totally not about equality", which is right, but he can't even tell anymore even when he is doing theory because it's all mere tactics

>> No.13637623

>The Marxists who do acknowledge that central planning is inefficient try to circumvent it by advocating for central planning with computers
This argument doesn't make much sense to me as you could make the exact same argument for capitalism.
>Capitalism may not have been efficient in the past but with the use of super computers we can make it better than before

>> No.13637649

Every leftist I ever met is totally impressed by Chomsky's credentials, the ivy league. They're the people who talk about "serious intellectuals" i.e., people who toe the line and have done so for their entire lives successfully.

The "true leftists" almost exclusively constantly suck the cock of academia. It's true that media worship is restricted mostly to neolibs but when it comes to academia there's almost no leftists that eventually dismiss thought that is really out there because it was written in a blog or the person is anonymous or didn't go to the ivy league

>> No.13637723

Back to your containment board, /pol/ack

>> No.13637748

What does Hume have to do with the left?

>> No.13637775

Have them read Sun and Steel or something and teach them about self discipline. Even Zizek says somewhere that this is not something inherently rightist. That is of course impossible, because according to chapo trannies, bettering yourself is something only bootlickers and jordan peterson fanboys do.

>> No.13637797

Nothing. Hume believes that human passions are the motivation for action and that reason only plays a role as being a tool to that end. Burgis is contrasting that with Shapiro's facts over feels shtick.

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File: 223 KB, 889x394, 1489294767576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true, but those people usually get grouped into the "right" as being natsoc or too authoritarian or what have you.

>> No.13638070

based rocketman daddy

>> No.13638091

Better would have been Bataille shushing him or something.

>> No.13638131

>legit academic
>0 citations according to google scholar
You can go now, Ben

>> No.13638175

Bataille was a pornographer

>> No.13638293

genocide some millions more

>> No.13638695

All politics is identity politics and bringing "class consciousness" to a culture war is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Most leftists are well aware of this. this is why they care more about cultural issues than economics, are you with us or with them? Do you consume the right media and display the right affective dynamics and think the right thoughts? In america leftism is the ideology of the urban proffesional and managerial classes, the 'good whites' and some tokens drawn from periphereal elites. It is in their interest to exacerbate these friend enemy distinctions based on 'sensitivity' as a means of consolidating their authority.technology is upstream from culture which is upstream from politics.

The working class as identity was a product of fordist factory production, just as current day identity politics are a product of social media and post fordist forms of management. Politics has little to do with rational self interest, much like religion, its about coping, community and identity. Civilisation will always have its discontents.

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