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Hey fast frenz.

Are you all on your way to the Nick Land Bookfair Blockchain Exchange Conference Futurism Lit Discussion Forum?

I'm here already speculating on when you'll all arrive hehe

What books are you bringing? And what forums are you attending?

Look forward to sharing my epub stacks with you over the blockchain.

This is really the Nick Land futurist book exchange event of our time frenz.

Okay see all my fast frenz soon.

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>have a femdom fetish
>start reading fanged noumena
>get to the part of the intro where the editors say that accelerationism is militantly feminist because femininity has no ties to the male dominated, created, and perpetuated cycles of Capitalism and colonialism
>imagining the future which we must collapse into as a giant dominatrix forcing the present to destroy itself and the singularity as finally being able to cum after a very long edging session
>every time I read accelerationist theory now I get insanely horny and have to jack off afterwards

Tl;Dr if you have a femdom fetish don't read Nick Land

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Fact: Accelerationism is crypto-sissy-hypnosis.

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stfu with your babytalk retard shit. what do those literally whos have to do with landian thought?
this is for the pseuds who didnt bother with delouse and guitars breakaway from freud

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That's terrifying

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>those speakers
it's a conference to shill blockchain to big investors who gives a fuck

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Whass wrong fren?

Can't go fast?

Don worry, were here to help.





Have fass fun frenzos!

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i'm a recovering sissy hypnosis addict and i need you to explain this.

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no wonder. lol

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>reddit spacing
>reddit links
Shut up sissy

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I can never tell if this guy is just trying to make accelerationists look like downies or if he is actually handicapped in some capacity

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We can clearly observe the disproportional amount of MtF's and women in accelerationism. This should be the first indication that something is wrong.

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Reddit is pure accelerationism.

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its post-post-ironic

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And that's a good thing.

g/acc is the fastest

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accelerate your suicide, which is inevitably coming, tranny

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Time to update your social intelligence algos, r/acc.

Getting slow with all the boomer worms.

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this is turning into a race, who can get the most cringe on their side: cringe/acc

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〔〔 〕〕 r(etard)/acc has a place for you as a sissy pozed fake-larper-schizo transsexual compulsive masturbator with a semi-popular twitter following and a midwit but above average IQ.

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>who will outspeedrun the speedrunners
It says a lot actually.

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fucking vitalik lmao

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Is this accelerationism?

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is this real? The last sentence is hilarious

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No, this is.

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>disproportional amount of MtF's and women in accelerationism
>that's a good thing.
>transhumanism = transexualism
This has to be bait.

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Remember that Nick Land is pro CCP now

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Accelerationism is doing your dishes in the toilet.

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>We have been robbed of our anuses, just so they can turn them into parts for their ignominious machine which produces Capital, exploitation, and the Family. Reduced to its most practical biological functions the anus is becoming fortress—impenetrable, singular, productive. Our very excrement is assigned commercial value—so many nutrients per cubic foot, average moisture content, cost of processing.

>To reject the commodity logic of shit, we embrace the anus becoming flower—pleasurable, penetrable, commune. The anus has five muscles; the flower, five petals; the fist, five fingers. The anus is the common sexual nexus, an enclosure in the commons of pleasure. We refuse the mediation of our anuses under the logic of biopower, instead unveiling their insurgence by elaborating a logic of scat. In other words, the anuses of our revolt are scatological rather than biological.

>The human strike blossoms at every point of rupture; which is to say, at every point of emergence. Let us speak of the anal rupture, the emergence of fecal matter from our bodies. The human scatological strike will produce nothing in the act of defecation; while leaving nothing behind but an empty rectum. In the space of this void, we become whatever singularities. Our feces, freed from the logic of capital, take lines of flight toward police, while our anuses, no longer mere appendages of flesh upon a machine of nitrate circulation, are filled with found objects. Our anuses becoming… cumming glitter, shit, whatever.


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transhumanism is cringe af bro, g/acc at least makes sense

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g/acc is just meta hipster transhumanism

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> Everything I don't like is bait
> t. retard

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it's too nihilistic and anti-human to be transhumanist

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You're criticizing the overly optimistic branch of transhumanism not the central ideas. g/acc is a subset of transhumanism.

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do you have any citations for that?

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N1x surpassed Nick long ago.

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Is Nick Land even alive

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I can't tell is this satire or just your regular "Baiesian rationality"

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he's been sold to uighur butchers for meat

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Has /oursperg/ really been arrested?

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Well if 4chan says so it must be true.

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I bet 100% this post was made by The Transgender Dragon Alephwyr

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>Bataille gets a role in HOI Red Flood mod
>Land vanishes

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Nick isn't a transhumanist either; where do you people come up with this shit?

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what's his role in the mod?

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>N1x surpassed anything
You're legitimately a retard with sub 120 IQ

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>Nick not a xeno
Imagine falseflagging this hard.

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>r/acc can't read

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He's buddies with Artaud, who is now Patron of France. It all seems wonderfully demented. Go here for more:

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scenario here

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Artaud of Somme is going to cuck the King of England and theres nothing Anglos can do about it lmao

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Meanwhile in Germany...

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Accelerationism is intrinsically capitalist.

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To what degree? Marx was the first real accelerationist. What does this have to do with transhumanism?

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It actually wasn't lmao, I do shitpost here but that wasn't me

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Why is Marx considered the first accelerator?

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Alt-Artaud as demagogue makes weird sense t b h

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I know tranny. Return to discord

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