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>they thought real life was like Lord of the Rings

Why does anyone take these idiots seriously?

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Because normal human existence before the Kali Yuga and the descent of materiality really was like the lord of the rings

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Butterfly comes on here for me to chase her, then she gets her fix, starts masturbating, then proceeds to not give a fuck about me anymore ;_;

I feel used.

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it says quite clearly at the beginning of lord of the rings that the story is real it just happened a long time ago

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so where are the elves?

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Have you ever seen an ethnic Swede or Finn?

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they went to the undying lands

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people want real life to be like Lord of the Rings

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>dude where are the orcs lmao

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Can you elaborate on that point?

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because their books are based and red-pilled

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>implying it isn't

you're an animal caught in a trap

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But he’s my favorite sportsballer

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Lmfao brilliant

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some of these are eerily familiar

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>someone is orcposting
>my time to shine

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the irony is most /pol/acks look like the orcs because they're mutts

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Can someone sum up Guenon for me?

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Buddhist boomer takes in highfalutin French, with an unpleasant gauze of baseless mysticism.

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How will self hating whites ever recover from this annihilation

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>It's cringe when Redditors compare current politics with Harry Potter and Star Wars
>it's fine and funny when 4channers do the same but with Lord of the Rings

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>lefty lacks self-awareness so much that he doesn't realize he's being mocked
What is it the kids say these days? "Big oof"?

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I'm not a leftist and I'm well-aware who its mocking. Now try to tell me what's the difference between "Drumpf is the fucking Emperor!" and "These Arabic immigrants are totally like the Orcs!"

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There isn't a difference, both are unironically true

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that's because Rowling sucks and Tolkien is a complete Chad

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>most of them are americans
>amerimutts are actually the orcs
>they think themselves to be elves and humans lol

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Maybe reality is more interesting than your dismissive, reductionistic, cynical worldview leads you to believe.

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Orcs weren’t a natural race, but some technological aberration. None of you alt-right brainlets are traditionalists

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I imagine the average dirt farmer in LotR would find their reality banal and uninteresting

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>He still hasn't decrypted the esoteric significance of Tom Bombadil, the Elves departing Middle Earth and the destruction of the Ring of Power and how it is correlates with the inherited wisdom of the Rishis of Aryan India.
what a pseud. Bet you haven't even met the fisher king in the Gral castle.

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>tfw he wasn't actually fishing, just exposing his fetid genitals to the soothing winds

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