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So, does the soul exist?

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Where else would free will come from?

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The soul exists, but some people are soulless like OP pic.

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I've seen two people in my lifetime and I'd say yes. One died violently and the other about as peacefully as you can go with an unexpected heart attack. But you can't mistake a dead body for someone sleeping. There is an intangible quality that isn't there anymore. You may not be able to measure it but you can see it.

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How can anyone know? We’re talking about something we don’t understand

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Yes it does because if it didn't I'd be very sad

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Empiric reasoning has no value

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t. scientist and / or philosopher

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>Does X exist?
>Never define what X is
>Contradictory opinions follow accompanied by arguments against strawmans which no one holds

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Shut the fuck up Plato

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Souls exist but free will doesn't exist. Souls can't interact with the physical world. We are ghostly apiritions living in parallel with a meat husk we are deluded in thinking we control.

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Empiric reasoning is the value of natural order, it's beauty.

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No, but it doesn't matter because we're already woven directly into the fabric of god.

Our bodies in this reality ARE our souls for all intents and purposes.

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Depends on what is meant by soul really.

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How many definitions could there be?

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"Soul" as a word is so tied into Christianity that it's basically useless as a philosophical term.

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Yes. But there's only one soul and it is the person that currently experiences subjectivity at this moment.

Everyone else is soulless. Biological robots. Sad but true.

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>it's useless because it's Christian

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Don't go down this road OP, turn back while you still can. I took the materialism pill and it's destroyed my entire notion of 'self'. I no longer believe in any political ethos or any prescriptive morality because I know no one is actually a 'person', instead I see everything as merely the summation of a million different chemical reactions. As such, I find it hard to find value in anything I do because I know it could never have happened any other way. My experience is merely an interface for me to view the sum of the chemical reactions in my body.

I wish I believed in a soul or dumb shit like "soul mates", having such a materialistic view tends to lead to soul-crushing nihilism.

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At least learn English because speaking it.

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read aristotle you cunt

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> Christcuck cope
no thanks

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Soul-crushing nihilism is your choice.

So nothing matters? Then it doesn't matter what you believe, even if it's "untrue". Think about a game, chess, tennis, cards, whatever, you play it against an opponent, both of you know this game means nothing, it's just a game and yet you take it seriously, you hate to lose and you love to win. It doesn't matter though, it's just a game, so why did you get so invested in it as if it was real?

The fact you can do that with a game means you can do it with reality too. Yeah it would be cool to genuinely believe in something but you just have to accept it and it doesn't mean you have to resign to depression. In the end we don't KNOW what is true, maybe there really is something more to it all, so that mystery is still there.

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But when you play chess you respect the rules of the game in order to be able to play and have fun. If you don't think life has any rules then it reduces to absurdity

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But the rules are made up in chess, are they not?

Then you can choose which of lifes' rules you want to abide by, be it your local culture or something you came up with on your own.

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>everything is meaningless void
>if you don't (((believe))) that
>it's cope

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I define soul as a category of properties contained in both body (material, observable) and spirit (conciousness, observing), basically a bridge between them. Feelings are the most obvious and agreed part of soul in most views.

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>Feelings are the most obvious and agreed part of soul in most views.
How does unconsciouness ties in this body-soul conflict?

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ITT: schizos

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Where is it, is the question.
Since no one has found it yet, I suppose it's safe to say that the devil took them all away, right?

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the soul exists, but you dont have possession of it.
The soul is not your psychophysical mind, it is not the body. What can it be?

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Interesting thought, please explain

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>It's in another castle Mario

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Your self awareness

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>self awareness
One has self awareness, so no, it can not be this, as having something means to possess it.

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>if it is
>it has to be found somewhere in space
Pinpoint me to the nearest stop of being chill in dangerous situations.

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Rick? is that you?

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If you don't follow certain rules in the game you get disqualified or penalized, according to the legislation itself. However you can decide to accept the rules and to play by them; at this point you can start to create your own set of rules, which are circumscribed to the former: those are your own personal moral, ideological and political views.

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Imagine being a grown adult and believing in souls

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>my presupposition of a soul needs to hinge on something
>I know, let's use another presupposition

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>why u must be from that website i was trained like a dog to get angry about

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More like this desu.

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no, and this will only become more apparent as technology advances

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This is about as backwards as you can get.

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oh the ironing

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More like liberating and bliss-inducing. After being redpilled about insubstantiality of the world and yourself you should go deeper and further into this, until realization of Nibbana

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>t. Actual redditor

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