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Are women truly the unaesthetic sex?

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Where does he say the brain may be regarded as a kind of parasite?

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meme guy edits are cringey and gay

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Women live in the aesthetic phase of existence.

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Yeah I would say they are about pure aesthetics, though with bad taste. Maybe that goes hand in hand.

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>we forfeit three quarters of our freedoms to be like other people
what are these freedoms?

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finally, one of these gay wojack "age -oomer" memes made me laugh

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I will say that what we refer to taste trascends the aesthethic per se, as we attribute extra-sensorial values.

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Yes, take the twinkpill

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>shamelessly stealing feminine aesthetic

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>the female aesthetic wasn’t created by man

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Only the dumbest parts

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God damn it what a faggot. How and why does this happen? Stop pretending this isn't weird in a not positive or neutral way. Can someone explain this degeneracy, too much plastic, too much jewish BBC porn, too little exercise, anime, pathological oppositionalism, OD of leftist mainstream propaganda, no male role models, burden of manliness too high and unreachable in Clown World, wtf is this and how?

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You share this world with people that are not exactly your clones. We, who are not you, all are made up of a vast variety of differences.
Why this bothers you so much is actually a tick in your head. A weird flaw, but you can correct it

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Neck yourself, modernist.

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maybe if you're a raging homo

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Ever seen a Rubens painting?

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Meanwhile the Jena Romantic Chads couldn't stop fucking other mens wives.

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Yes. They are ugly inside and out.

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