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What do I read to stop being the guy on the left and instead be the guy on the right?

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use heroin.
nothing will matter

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guy on left is the real nihilist, right is coping nihilist. if you are nihilist you are on the left and by default being a pussy faggot. stop being a nihilist and do something

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Read Camus. He wrote all absurdist books and was still a social piranha.

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The Bible. Nothing in life matters, the only thing that matters is the Kingdom of God.

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Every action done in life is to blind yourself from the truth. The left is the correct course of action. Anything but nonexistence is and always will be a cope. Futile hope is the greatest cope of all, and is the one I personally prescribe to.

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Both of those dudes are queers. Read Nietzsche.

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You have to stop being rational and inject the pleasure chems, if that is possible without dying.

Nihilism is a belief choice that at first eases my sense of goals and identity, frees me from any, and even voluntary, responsibilities, but then it reveals itself to be against anything productive and consistent that I come up with. When you say the Universe is irrational, your rationality becomes your own doom.

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Shitposts on /lit/ by pseuds

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>Every action done in life is to blind yourself from the truth.
>this is the truth, and I'm not blinding myself to it
Why are you still alive, I wonder?

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Pali Canon unironically

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nothing mattering doesn't matter. you should still do no harm since our time on this world is short and painful but also take no shit since niggas shouldnt walk all over you. just try and enjoy your life bc once again it doesnt matter and you have nothing to lose by trying to make things better

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>I have no argument therefore I am what I post

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If nothing really matter, why not create a comfy reality? At least you will have comfort.

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