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Are there any great thinkers alive and writing today that will still be read in 100 or 200 years time (if humanity is still around by then)?

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pic not related

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bump, as long as nobody mentions lobster man

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Yeah him and Negri. Berardi maybe.

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Nick Land.

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No, philosophy is dead.

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Pope Benedict XVI

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Charles Eisenstein

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Nick Land and Amy Ireland.

They are currently working on a completion of the Anti-Oedipus Trilogy.

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A Spirit of Trust by Robert Brandom which came out this month is a beautiful and insightful book, albeit a poor interpretation of Hegel.

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>Le allergy man.jpg

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>he reads

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The next step is the implementation of consciousness/observer and personal will into areas of human inquiry as different as linguistics, ethics, political philosophy, physics, mathematics, biology etc.. Free will, will be confirmed by a circularity of will->belief->being->will->belief->being...). Materialism, determinism, reductionism, scientism are pretty much dying or already dead.

The universe was made for conscious observers.

We are entering a new epoch. We are not quite there yet, but new land has been sighted at the horizon.

Don't ask me how I know this, but it's coming.

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Genuinely the smartest guy currently in media. How he doesn’t have a TV show just goes to show you the media bias. He actually got me into drugs and MMA. The brain this guy is packing is intense. His thoughts are also unique and throws an interesting perspective.

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Is that Joe Rogan?
If yes, then cringe.

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Give him a chance. There’s a lot going on in there.

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