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So, now that the dust has settled, was he write? Should I just have sex instead of studying him or what?

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The dust never settles, pleb

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Study him, don’t be a cumbrain

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Where do I start with Kieregaard?

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get off this board

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I used to be so devoted to philosophy, lol. I'm glad I have sex now, because these guys might as well be thots.
Aesthetic freedom is bad, but ethical freedom is good because appeal to sky daddy's love. As if the void could be filled. You guys are a joke.

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Two of the most famous and influential philosophers of the 20th century were just direct continuations (if not plagiarisms) of his work. Start with Either/Or. Only use the Hong translations published by Princeton.

What are you trying to say with this pic? Obviously, Kierk believed in a final "turning-inward" beyond the ethical/universal.

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I had sex and it would distract me, now I’m a 30 year old boomer posting on /lit/, don’t be like me

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>appeal to sky daddy's love
You just don’t get it

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I never really got this “have sex” meme, can someone explain the reasoning to me?

I have sex with my gf regularly but still feel a pull to literature, sometimes even stronger than the desire for sex. If I haven’t had the time to sit down and read a little bit each day, I will get frustrated and upset within a couple of days and start reading books on my phone when my gf goes to sleep or in line at the grocery store.

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>I never really got this “have sex” meme, can someone explain the reasoning to me?
It’s so trans white boys who listen to chapo can feel better about themselves by picking on the most pathetic demographic of 4chan, the incel

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He assumes sacrificing your life to God's plan will lead to happiness, because the passions are temporary and God's plan is not. It is a big glorious Plymoth Rock to a weary, lime diseased sailor who hasn't seen land in months.
Thread now

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Fight me irl online, incels


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Want to cease talking like a fucking faggot?, stop using the abbreviation "lol" in your sentence structure, grow the fuck up Edwin

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The have sex meme is a cancer. Reminder that Kierkegaard had access to it all and walked away. He’s immortal and everyone who had sex then is dead.

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>He assumes sacrificing your life to God's plan will lead to happiness
And you assume following the most animalistic desires from your reptilian brain leads to happiness.

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My fucking sides, based

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Subhuman specimen, both of you

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Cope faggot

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Ya, one of those assumptions makes the best of a shit situation, the other is a cucked mentality of daddy worship that wastes your life.
I'm actually here to help sabrina

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>the most pathetic demographic of 4chan, the incel


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Edwin that’s why people don’t take you seriously, that’s why you’re here

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You got it backwards

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>one of those assumptions makes the best of a shit situation
>shit situation
So stop consuming, desecrating, and destroying. Rather, you can build, enlighten, and improve this ‘situation’.

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Yes. Statistically people who believe in a deity figure are much happier than those who don't

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Oh, to be 17
Reported faggot

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>Following your passions leads invariably to despair
Bullshit. Emo breakup tier philosophy.

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Exactly. They all just, just, just
I'd rather anything
N=only redeemable one

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“Passions” in this context refers to jacking off to tranny porn as opposed to building a geodesic dome, for example.

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Tell yourself what ever you need to loser

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he's wrong, the unironic trumptards are worse.
not that the incels deserve anything other than scorn

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Get a life. Get married and have kids.

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I have a full time job and a gf. I'd say I'm doing alright

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>full time job
wow. congratulations on meeting the absolute minimum of participation in society!

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Now I know you are 17.
This is life dude. Their is no maximum.

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Dump your gf (ironically), (ironically) shitpost on /adv/ and /ck/, find christ (unironically), go to church (post-ironically) and just generally love everyone (even if you hate them).

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Go home, Diogenes, you're drunk.

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I am home, silly

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Kierkegaard was right about everything
Kierkegaard rejected both aesthetic and ethical freedom, retard

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Don't believe, just do what you are told irreguardless.

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The author is saying the opposite about Kierkegaard’s philosophy, idiot

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You don't have a chance

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But why?

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I have already decided. You, by contrast, are the one who sits without making a decision as evidenced by your adolescent participation in this thread.

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You are right dad. You understand the world and what it takes to be great. I on the other hand am a good for nothing simpleton. Good talk

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fpbp, btfo, /thread. but nah cap kierk is the intoduction to the yogic lifestyle as correction for the judeochristian litter and dead ends. hes pointing to a more subtle passion other than the ascetic and hedonistic divide. you can customize his portrayal of eros which compliments both.

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what book.

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I’m glad you recognize that, son. Remember, the sooner you decide to become a man, the better.

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I'm a lost cause dad. Remember me fondly

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Just started reading

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