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This has more soul than anything you'll ever write

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Imagine meeting this psychopath

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>Not Misunderstood genius

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What kind of name is Nael anyway?

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Hit the Nael on the head

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Fill me in on this meme

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>another shitty thread about a child writing a poem better than typical poems by other kids of their age

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it's also better than poems by kids our age

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t. retard

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A 6 year old writes a surprising and humorous short poem; could have easily come from a 37-year-old substance-abusing coffee-shop-dwelling writer.

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Made-up, modern, Americano, rootless, urbanite.

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fucking fight me, you faggot

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Woah, man. It's about the oppression of the people. Deep, bro.

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it's not just humorous, it expresses excitement and exaltation for freedom and liberation, for fierce primal nature being released

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It's so fucking good. Jesus Christ.

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>it expresses excitement and exaltation for freedom and liberation
who the fuck expresses excitement for a tiger breaking out of its cage

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yes, you're right, it's not just humorous

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the tiger doesnt have to be a literal tiger, niglet. a being is trapped inside of a cage and he finally breaks free, sounds pretty exciting to me bro

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a child or an adult who hasn't put his soul in a box and buried it
you're literally an npc if you don't understand Nael's masterpiece

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so it could be an alien trapped in the cage?
what if he starts zapping everybody with his laser gun?

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Remember when /lit/ overanalysed this?

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>y-yeah bro i would be excited if a tiger ripped out of its cage and started running towards me, unlike those boring npcs
yeah you're probably right i am a brainlet

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still pretty exciting

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wow a kid gets excited on the idea that a tiger, who he thinks is a friendly and amazing animal since his brain is filled with shitty anthropomorphic cartoons, gets out and gets excited on the idea that something amazing is gonna follow. Well, too bad, he will likely get gunned down after slicing off several people's neck.

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The more I read it the better it is. Not only it sounds good, it is also full of symbolism. Both the tiger and the cage can represent powerful concepts.

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shut da fuck up nerd

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I wish I could appreciate poetry.

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Same here. I just don't get it. It's always hidden meanings that you're supposed to be able to figure out
>Gossamer strands like stars tracing the night sky

I really, really don't understand poetry fags, but I will say that Nael's poem is pretty neat.

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Why does /lit/ love this poem written by a six year old, but if the same words had been put together by some 'poetry writing AI program' most would dismiss it?

This reminds me of 'art' created by trained apes or elephants; is it even possible to enjoy these novelties beyond the notion that 'it was created in a non-traditional way'?

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I generally enjoy fun use of language like that in fiction but poetry always leaves me unsatisfied. Maybe one day it'll click.

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What a load of shit lmao. That poem has genuine soul behind it that is impossible to fake unless you have some libraryofbabel type bullshit going on.

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>Misunderstood genius
>Not Widely-Recognized genius

Nael is on another level and we all know it.

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No poetry writing AI program (or even any '/lit/ writes a poem thread) has every produced anything as good as what Nael wrote.

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>Zero pretension
>All passion

This is poetry

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neck yourself retardo

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Kids are the best poets because they're 100% sincere, faggot.

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i love kids (not in a pedo way) because of this.
I'm so jealous of their pure minds.

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Don't remind me

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It's French actually you brainlets

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>First, at the conceptual level, there is the choice to express numbers in written language. This reduces haiku to its simplest possible formula, excising ego, narrative, image, representation, or any other of the classical poetic modalities and leaving behind form, sound, and the materiality as letters. This is a move with poetic precedent, it turns out. Kenneth Goldsmith in Uncreative Writing, for instance, lists several examples of the artistic value of seemingly arbirtray letters or numbers including Mallarme’s “letteristic materiality”, Ezra Pound’s impenatrable linguistic collisions from his Cantos, or Joyce’s “thunder words” in Finnegans Wake. Goldsmith also discusses Neil Mills’ “Seven Number Poems”, an example of sound poetry where the absence of semantic meaning simply makes more clear the expressive presence of rhythm and intonation, not to mention the role that the concrete presentation of these lines plays in their performance.

>This kid is literally channeling Joyce
Will plebs like us ever be able to get on his level?

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It reads more like sampled "lyrics" of dance music.
Sure it's about impact using reduced symbolic vocabulary, doesn't mean that alone can be used as a sole carrier of merit.

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Nael can't compete with Zen

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Does anyone have the Shakespeare version?

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that reads entirely random to me

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these could easily be Sufjan lyrics
not a compliment btw

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Implying 6 year olds aren’t psychos by default

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it makes me feel a little of what I felt when the last bell rung at school

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The cage are the walls of bone and flesh
The tiger the inherent chaos that must be known
Surrounding him the infinite procession of cages eating the universe

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kek just heard it in the whisper sing with a chorus and reverb and it could be

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for me, the whole thing hinges on the fact that Nael was 6 when he wrote this. if it didn't have his age in there I think it wouldn't be nearly as powerful. you can feel, vicariously, the excitement and anticipation in a 6 year old's imagination of what could happen if a tiger got loose

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Always have a copy of this poem somewhere.

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Don't see anything humorous about it.
I can agree on the excitement and I would say it's the dark kind.

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>excitement over the prospect of freedom and emancipation is dark

found the anglo

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AI can't even make the best robot poem

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read this, slightly over a hundred pages, it will grant you appreciation for poetry

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that poem is awesome

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I'm skeptical about this one. It's a little too imagist and rhythmic to have come from the mind of an unread child.

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Teacher probably helped a lot by suggesting imagery, structure etc

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You only feel that way because 1. it was officially published, 2. there's a line about Nael being six years old, and 3. it achieved meme status. Someone could have posted this exact piece in a poetry thread on this very board, and you'd have literally, instantly dismissed it as tryhard edgelord bullshit. Disagree with me nigger, I dare you.

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based demoralization poster

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These child poems are shit. I don't get the hype. None of them go anywhere. Great poems, even minimalist ones, are a kind of transformation. Look at the iconic early Imagist works, and/or the many thousands of masterful haiku. They're simple poems that deal with their objects directly, and yet we walk away with a different sense of the object than we had when we approached it. A transformation took place. Neither Nael nor Zen has achieved this.

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Who gives a shit? Dane Cook might as well be dead but I'll refer to Burger King as the BK Lounge for the rest of my life

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People only boost this shit because they're amused by the idea and corresponding imagery of Nael being some cute, precociously edgy and dark little Holden Caulfield minimalist genius. Like >>13133689 posted, without the explicit mentioning of his age, its very likely that no one would find anything appealing or charming about the poem. This phenomenon is the same reason why youtube videos of Chinese kids who've probably been tortured into being able to perfectly perform pieces by Mozart are exponentially more popular than some rando adult playing.

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That's your prerogative as a brainlet whose every taste and idea and opinion is directly shaped by the caprices of the herd.

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>time and place isn't everything
Okay kiddo back to >>>/mu/

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>time and place is everything
Enjoy the cud, you bovine fuck.

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The cocksuckers of /mu/ are par exemplars of my point. Nine out of ten of the sorts of albums they worship are overrated, mediocre pieces of crap famous only because of some dumb technical or stylistic gimmick/conceit ultimately divorced from the music itself.

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I'm sorry that you're not very good at guitar bro. it's not a big deal, don't stress it.

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>He thinks becoming memetic has anything to do with skilll or competence

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It has nothing to do with being edgy and dark, find Christ.

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Unlike Nael, that's copiable

Self-potrait poem

I want to describe myself
Like thunderous cumolonimbus,
Like a cup of tea on a tiring day,
Like a crescent, like moon, a lake.

When i'm by myself. I'm windy calm, remarkable life,
i'm fright, i'm night.

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The anon
He wrecked his opponent
The anon is based

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Nael fully realizes the Nietzschean will to power, as embodied by the eponymous tiger. The hyper masculine imagery compounds this with worship of the human body as divine or close to it, hearkening back to Grecian hero worship as he masterfully incorporates the rich eastern metaphysical symbology behind the tiger to branch western philosophical tradition with that of eastern spirituality. The famous yes/YES line is the epitome of the human struggle, wherein raw emotion ultimately sanctifies the individual and breaks the chains of over-conceptualized thought as developed in a high or post-industrial society.
On the other hand, Galko makes a pessimistic return to nature, wherein man falls into self destructive and cyclical sin (I blow on the lead/ And it hits me back). His egoist stance rejects the traditional family structure, and embraces absurdist reality by acknowledging true knowledge or meaning is ultimately beyond our comprehension (kids don't know everything). Ultimately, his Gothic, anti-transcendentalist stance was already covered comprehensively in the late 19th century, and doesn't do much to rival the revelatory synthesis of his contemporary Nael. If Galko can reorganize his thoughts in a more emotive and powerful form, perhaps he can create a post-gothic school behind him, but I doubt he will become a legitimate match for Nael even then.

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