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Who are some good female philosophers?

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Hildegard of Bingen

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Isabelle Stengers

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kys faggot

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Sadly you can't read any of her stuff because the retarded christcucks killed her and burned all of her works, all in the name of christ's love, of course :-x

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These are the worst schopie quotes all thrown together. Where are the meditations on the sublime? Anyway, Mirabai is maybe not a philosopher as such, but an awesome mystic poet.

>I am mad with love
>And no one understands my plight.
>Only the wounded
>Understand the agonies of the wounded,
>When the fire rages in the heart.
>Only the jeweller knows the value of the jewel,
>Not the one who lets it go.
>In pain I wander from door to door,
>But could not find a doctor.
>Says Mira: Harken, my Master,
>Mira's pain will subside
>When Shyam comes as the doctor.

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> you can't read any of her stuff

So basically you're projecting your personal opinions onto a woman who's been dead for over a millennium. To you Hypatia is essentially a vehicle to make yourself out as a great female philosopher.

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How would you know she’s a great philosopher if you can’t read her works?

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>Great philosopher


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My mom!

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