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Does a happy person have any reason to read and explore philosophy?

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define "happy"

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Smart people aren't happy

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Striving for happiness is for sheep.

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No one is 100% happy all the time.
In fact, most people are sad most of the time.

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No you're literally the first person to think this. You solved philosophy, congrats anon

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The possibility of happiness on earth is a literal myth
History is in a constant state of flux and people are always chasing this vague idea of happiness
All ideas that are utopian immediately go in the trash

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>In fact, most people are sad most of the time.

No, that's what sad people tell themselves to not feel so sad. Most normies are happy most of the time.

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People are neither happy or sad most of the time, because those are descriptions of relative emotional states. Most people are "neutral" or at an emotional equilibrium most of the time.

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>self-aware people aren't happy.

being smart isn't a precondition for actually having to think about the human condition. Pilots and surgeons are usually the most extravagant hedonists you will ever meet.

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I thought this too until i found out that a lot of the normie girls I knew were on antidepressants and saw one of them break down crying. I know it is hard to accept but the age we live in is defined by alienation, depression, and boredom.

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The unexamined life isn't worth living.

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i'm sad and a philosophy grad so no

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They get bored. Boredom is a type of suffering.
Btw, I shouldn't have used the word "sad". "Suffering" is a better word. When you read philosophy, you can read yourself and reflect upon your flaws and etc.

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A downy who finds great pleasure in every small thing is better off dead?

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No one is happy.

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>t. Hanz Fritter

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The fact that I once was shows me that some people are.

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You were temporarily forgetful of your trauma, nothing more.

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define happy

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The positive emotions I feel in a day being at a level that justifies going through the suffering I had to endure.

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Thats just elation and relief, not happiness.

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There is no lasting happiness. Everyone must be tested.

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How would you define happiness?

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A feeling of pure bliss with no negative emotions present

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Burden of proof is up to you
Prove it

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i still did philosophy when i was happy
misery just makes me procrastinate

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People who have sex still read philosophy.

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shit definition

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A life philosophy could give deeper significance to their happiness.
For instance, existentialism.
In my opinion, I see happiness as permanent joy. Joy is produced by fulfillment of desires and happiness would be an enduring state of fulfillment.
I think happiness comes from 4 major sources : confidence, pride, contentment and prestige.
All the sources have something in common : a concept of self.

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Have sex

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>implying Epicurus wasn’t a chad who was banging broads and being popular in hippie commune or whatever
>implying Diogenes wasn’t content in his barrel and menacing people with his public masturbation

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Everyone has a sex, retard.

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nope, you already got it.

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Impending sickness, death, loss and the impermanence of all worldly particularities which so sustain the brightness of his present days...?

One only has to be around the block once or twice to see where this is going...

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I'm happy, but I want to understand. I'm happy but I'm discontent maybe. Happiness is a state, not an explanation, not even the salve of one.

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Boredom doesn't refute truth. However, it implies that you have grown a resistance to the statement and go by that resistance instead.

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t. Alain de Botton

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No because happy = stupid

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Im a very happy person
My advice towards obtaining happiness is to stop giving a shit
Problems cant cause suffering if you dont care

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Unless you think that every intellectual endeavor is a form of cope, yes.

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Just accept your lot in life. I think deep down you’d rather hole up in a library reading books than going clubbing or whatever. It’s just how some people are, how you are. If you like the romantic idea of ‘examined life’ then there’s no point making yourself depressed about the fact you’re in a minority, with all that that entails, use it to your advantage.

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Also the poet maudit and by extension the idea that intelligence leads to unsatisfaction is a modern myth.
>Impending sickness, death, loss and the impermanence of all worldly particularities which so sustain the brightness of his present days.
These are only cause for sadness if you have realized them recently desu
shit definition [2]

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If it's true that the unexamined life is not worth living and morality is the key to happiness then yeah, philosophy is going to make you happier, more grounded, and prepared to die peacefully. Normies are often happy, but a real happily ever after is rare in modern life. Everyone suffers, but some people numb the pain with drugs, distractions, and passivity. Lacking a philosophy, these people are evading life and putting on a pleasant appearance rather than truly living. True happiness doesn't come without it's inverse, the capacity to feel truly miserable. Without that there's little on which to base a perspective of one's happiness, and you can become numb to life. Such people will take good things for granted and feel unhappy by judging themselves against more fortunate others. Read philosophy to learn how fleeting happiness is, and to maximize it by learning how to deal with the inevitable suffering.

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