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Which book dramatically changed your life for the better?
Which book gave you a huge insight in this life?

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Unironically The History of Sexuality by Foucault. It helped me realize that even in spite of our inherent biological limitations and compulsions, societal systems of power are still enormously capable of influencing and manipulating and repressing our behaviors. Foucault would probably be pleased to know that his work was ironically among many that contributed to my personal acceptance of fascistic national socialism as the ideal social structure.

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Moby Dick

It didn't really give me an insight or teach me how to live better, but it sure is nice to live in a world where such a book exists

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What's your favorite chapter? I have mine bookmarked for use in situations like this kek

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i'll support you if it allows for gay harems or warrior homosexuality

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Harrari gives insight on the lack of any true authority

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I don't see why it wouldn't tbqdesu. Warrior homosexuality has a precedent in classical ancient Greek culture, not only one of the greatest white civilizations to ever exist on this planet, but one of the greatest civilizations, period. On the flipside, gay harems may not have any historical precedent, but the fact is that homosexuality has, in part, a distinct genetic basis and some males invariably will, even in spite of society's best efforts to persuade them otherwise, become reproductive dead ends. For all intents and purposes, such failures of masculinity might as well be allowed to form degenerate faggot harems as long as they stay in their fucking lane and refrain from attempting to actively induct new members into their lifestyle of genetic failure.

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Faggots aren’t human, human degeneracy

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Faggots are also an inevitable, inescapable part of life. You either find a way to deal with them and pragmatically minimize the level of damage they inflict on your society or you ignore the problem and basically let them run amok.
Fuck off

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The book that changed the direction of my life/thinking the most was Beyond Good and Evil. Before reading this book I was a rationalist liberal, but it made me realize rationalism is a non-starter position full of tautology and is antithetical to our organic core.
For example, at the time I was listening to a lot of black metal. How does one rationally justify the utility of black metal? I was deeply touched by tragic heroic archetypes and Dionysian energy the music invoked, but it was reaching me in a pre-rational way. I didn't have words to describe what it was pulling at inside me, and when I realized what it was pulling at wasn't at all rational, I moved further away from rationalism-as-ideology.

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Mein Kampf, it's comfy af and taught me how to keep my chill.

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this is a very innocent opinion and it made me feel sympathy towards you, even though I heavily disagree.

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the only right answer to this question. not moby dick i mean but that any good book makes your life better in this way

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Sun and Steel made me start exercising and I lost 35kg.

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good, rationalism is a spook

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The poem of Parmenides is still the basis for my ontology.

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